June 20, 2008

His presence changed everything

Tonight we gathered and the Lord really suprised me. There has been a real heaviness over a number of us - lots of transition, uncertainties and some trials facing believers. However, in the midst of what for me was not a great week for connecting personally with God or seeing His fruit manifesting in and through my life, God broke in and surprised me completely tonight.

I wasn't that expectant after the kind of week I was having to really sense God or to hear His voice, and yet as we got our focus onto Him, the entire atmosphere changed. God just showed up and began to speak. I received many prophetic words for people. Words of knowledge (some very accurate ones) started to come. I don't really know how to describe what happened other than to say that whereas I felt faithless and distant from the Lord when we started, by the end of the evening I was a totally different person. Passion was restored.

We saw healings, prophetic words were flowing like water - but the biggest miracle to me was the complete change in climate and in me personally.

June 19, 2008

the domino effect amongst muslims - one healing leads to many healings

last night Isaac of Ninevah, Tenacious B and Shing Ding Ding headed out to "spill". We waited on the Lord for some prophetic revelation (words of knowledge, locations, people we'll meet) and headed out together.

One of the "locations" I got was close by so we headed there first. A name that Isaac and Tenacious B got, "Saif", was the name on one of the shops we saw so we headed towards a tailor shop. While passing another shop, I got a word of knowledge for a neck a condition and went into find a shop full of muslim men from Bangladesh. One of them had the condition and we began to pray. What followed was illustrative of how fun "doing the stuff" can be.

One of the guys gets a breakthrough with his neck and one after the other these guys would come forward for prayer. One would have "no problems" when we asked initially, but after seeing his friend's lower back pain leave, he would "volunteer" for our services.

Not only did neck pain (at least 3 men) leave - which was the intial word of knowledge that led us into the shop, but a couple of back conditions, a migraine headache, the effects of a broken arm and one or two other things.

These muslim men knew at the end of the encounter that Christians come to heal the sick - not something they know or experience in Islam. Major seeds were sown.

I should say that not every condition we prayed for in that shop was completely healed - several things got like 80-90% better and that was often after praying 3 or 4 times. It was a bit of a battle at times. We want to tell it like it was!

June 15, 2008

Among His People (Part 2)

Isaac of Ninevah made mention of the service we ministered in already - here are my thoughts.

As is ALWAYS the case, whenever God's kids (us) ask an outrageously good Dad (Him) to do miracles, He doesn't disappoint. We don't even know all the healings that He did during the meeting. A few of our team "compared notes" and discovered that a number of the conditions that were prayed for - back problems, ear problems, an eye problem, shoulder pain and even a mystery condition that may have been some kind of blood infection were all touched in the Name of Jesus.

Even before we ever got to the laying on of hands, a number were healed after words of knowledge were called out. Some who had conditions didn't end up standing. When they came for prayer later, Papa still healed them!

I know that the prophetic ministry was also quite meaningful for people - our team gave a number of prophetic words publically and then privately to individuals. I know that my wife, Desert Princess, said that a number of the words the Lord had given her were very accurate.

A highlight for me personally was to see my son come running up to me (he's 12) testifying of two people he saw healed when he prayed - he told me excitedly that "no one was even praying with me Dad!". His faith greatly increased.

Among His People

At a service this past weekend, we saw numerous healings and accurate prophetic words. I was personally able to pray for a woman who had pain in her knee and numbness in her arm/hand. After the first prayer, her knee was good and after two more swings, the numbness was all gone as well!

I also prayed for a man who had pain in his right ear and after a couple of prayers, it disappeared, too.

If one thing this healing journey has taught me is that you can't stop if you don't see something happen after your first, and, perhaps "best", prayer.

You Just Never Know

I was with my family at a fast food restaurant. I have two small kids so we were in the play area when this cleaner walks in. I'm thinking, "Well, what kind of pain could he have?" As I was thinking this, my left started to hurt. I went over to him and started some chit chat and then asked about his left hand. He smiled and affirmed that it hurt. I asked if I could pray for him, and he agreed. After I prayed, I asked how it felt and he said that it was good-- all the pain was gone! I told him afterwards that we were Christians and Jesus had just healed him.