December 12, 2009

Bangladeshi muslim security guard healed

while waiting for my family to come out of the bathroom after some shopping, I thought I got a word of knowledge for the security man's neck. He didn't have that problem, but pointed to his knees. Communication was a problem, but healings have a way of speaking for themselves. I kneeled down and put my hand on his knee. I prayed quickly and he his knee was healed. I couldn't really communicate anything else - may God follow this man up and lead him to Christians who can speak to him.

drive-by healing in Starbucks

today I was standing by the counter in Starbucks when a Gulf Arab muslim man walks up to order his coffee. I asked the Lord if there was anything He wanted to say about this man. A word of knowledge came for a shoulder problem. As he walked over to pick up his coffee, I followed him and asked him, "Do you have a problem with your shoulder"? He did. I explained that I was a Christian and that God had revealed it to me. I then just put my hand on his shoulder and began to pray. I asked him to check it out - no change. I swung the bat again and after a 2nd brief prayer he was healed.

I told him where to find me and that I was a follower of Jesus - sowing widely and giving him a way to find me. Now I will pray that he takes the next step to hear more about the Jesus who touched his shoulder.



Hephzibah and Beulah our siblings in the Lord were invited to the Kenya National Day Celebrations dinner in the muslim country we live in hosted by the Ambassador of Kenya the other night and asked us if we (Praise and me) would like to join them.

During the celebration Hephzibah, Beulah and Praise kept moving around asking the Lord to lead them into touching people lives in a supernatural ways… I kept looking around for an ideal spot where we could manifest Gods Kingdom on earth.

The Holy Sprit led me to a corner between the Juice and the water table and said "wait here". Hephzibah, Beulah and Praise came back a testimony of a healing. I started to get a feeling that we are in for a greeeeeaaaat night!

I started getting words of knowledge and kept asking people around me only to get negative replys…I yet asked the Lord what's happning... how come everybody is saying no…to which He replied "get ready".

I saw a waiter and asked him if there was a need for a prayer in his life he said that his right heel hurt badly for quite some time we prayed his pain stopped in his right heel his left heel started to pain we agreed to prayer for his left heel. God touched him he got healed we asked him if any of his colleagues had a need for prayers that we would be right here… I couldnt believe what I saw... he went to all his colleagues and started to point to us... soon we saw a line of waiters wanting prayers (well they would take turns from their work).

At the same time when we prayed for a Kenyan gentleman on getting healed he went to his friends and told them what happned…. from then on they came forth with infirmities and went fort was a free for all… the Holy Sprit was FLOWING we were have a heavenly feast of healings..... soon I dint know who or what I was praying for... but this I knew people just kept saying I am healed couple of guys started jumping around after prayers saying "no pain, no pain".

In the rush 2 guys demanded that I pray for them at the same time (one guy says me another says no its gona be me first) the Holy Sprit asked me to get one to pray for the other… one did other got healed… people had their eyes popping out by then at that time a lady who had been watching us for quite some time came over and asked me if I could spare a few moments in private she said that she wanted to do a confession and desperately wanted to find God…. Hephzibah and Praise led her in the sinners pray with a hug of love and she gave her life to God… I saw peace on her face.

In all this a gentle man came up to us and asked us who we were Hephzibah smiled and said that we are Ambassadors from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Beulah saw gold dust and oil oozing out of a couple of people hands.

It was truly a day of independence for many as they received their freedom in the Lord… couple of people asked where we worship and one did come over yesterday while some are expected next week...we are looking foward to our next invitation....but as DJ says we have no problem gate crashing any where to have a healing service.

just a normal day with more healings and words of knowledge

i knew it was going to be a great day when we just walked into Church the Lord began giving words of knowledge. I didn't think I'd have the opportunity to call them out so I asked the Lord to show me specifically who they were for. A couple of words weren't for the people I approached but SOME were - here's what happened: I had noticed one family during worship and got a word for a specific part of the upper right part of the chest. When I approached them, the wife said that it was in fact for her. We were all a bit shocked - getting those types of words for the specific person NEVER GETS OLD and it always releases so much faith. We prayed the Spirit just came on her in a powerful way. We'll have to wait and see what the result is, but I told her that there was simply no way that she wasn't healed.

Then I noticed this other woman in front of my wife and I and a word of knowledge came for a specific part of the head where I believed she had a headache. When I told my wife about it, she was getting the exact same word (but didn't know who it was for). Sure enough the woman had a headache in that exact area and she was healed. The Holy Spirit ministered to her in a powerful way - she could hardly stay on her feet!

At lunch, a word of knowledge came for a left foot problem for our waiter. He had the problem, he was healed and then he looked at us and said, "you are healers"! We gave the glory to Jesus!

The day just kept getting better as we gathered to share testimonies - the testimony of the week was when some of community decided to go to the National Day Celebration for the country of Kenya (they weren't Kenyans, but so what!) God shows up and starts healing people. It got a bit crazy and one of the Kenyans even joined us in our meeting tonight after see all that God did. Why didn't I ever think of crashing the National Day Celebrations of other countries to have a healing service? Sounds like a God idea to me!

December 09, 2009

see an injured muslim man, gotta pray!

while I was waiting for my lunch to come, a Gulf Arab muslim guy walks up with his arm in a sling. I ask him "what happened?" and he explains that his hand was slammed in a door - his finger was broken. I asked if it hurt right then - it did.

So what do I do? I am not really in an environment where I can pray. So I just put my fingers lightly on the place where he said the break was and where the pain was. I just began to pray silently. I took my hand away and asked him what he felt happening. He told me it was "tingling". I said, "Great, God is healing your hand". I told him where my office was and asked if he would stop by the next day to tell me how it was doing.

That was that - I was in almost an impossible place to pray for someone and yet God made a way. Now I can't wait to tell him about the Jesus who touched his hand!

December 08, 2009

Christian maid in muslim home healed

while visiting the home of a Gulf Arab muslim last night with a friend, their maid came in to offer us something to drink. As she walked into the room, a word of knowledge came indicating that she had a problem in a specific part of her upper back. I asked if she had pain there. She did. When I asked if I could pray for her she was a bit nervous - she didn't think her muslim employer would want that. Since he had gone upstairs, I said I'd just pray quickly. I extended my hand towards her and we prayed once with some improvement. We prayed a second time and she testified that all the pain was gone when we were done.

We'll definitely have a chance to follow up with her because she works for our friends' new landlord!

December 07, 2009

"drive bys"

yesterday we saw a couple of "drive by" healings - O.K, so we weren't in the car, but as we were leaving this bookstore, I asked the manager why she hadn't read any of Bill Johnson's books? she carried a few titles, but hadn't read any. she acted a bit embarrased (probably because I'd talked with her so much about his stuff previously). Anyway, at that moment a word of knowledge comes (lower abdomen on the side). Both she and her friend have pain in that area - my wife laid her hands on each of them and the pain left! I said, "we learned that from Bill Johnson"! Then she asks, "which one of his books should I start with"?