September 18, 2010

Bangladeshi muslim man healed on the beach

while waiting for my family to finish riding jet skis, I got a word of knowledge for a back condition. I asked the two muslim men sitting near me (one from India, the other from Bangladesh) if either of them had a back problem. One had a lower back condition (my word was for the upper back) and so I prayed for him and the Lord healed him. I was able to share a bit more about my Christianity with them.

After about 15 minutes, I checked in again and there was still no pain.

September 17, 2010

muslims being called out and healed

while in a mall yesterday, I was with a new friend who was buying some things and the Lord gave a couple of words of knowledge - first was for a left hand condition. I asked the employee who was helping us and she said she would ask around. We never found that person, but another word came for a left knee condition. A Lebanese muslim man who worked there had that problem. I told him in Arabic that God had revealed his condition because He wanted to heal it. I just knelt down, put my hand on his knee and prayed. After prayer, he testified that the pain had gone (as he was testing it out). Then another word of knowledge came for a stomach condition. One of the employees, I believe a Filipino woman who had converted to Islam had that problem. I had another Filipino woman (a Catholic woman) who worked there lay hand on her and we prayed TOGETHER. When this muslim woman looked a bit hesitant before we prayed, I just had her muslim manager (the Lebanese man) testify to his miracle. You've got to love the way the Lord's Kingdom breaks in.

In closing, I gave the Catholic lady some further instructions how to released the Kingdom in praying for her muslim colleague. I love the way that God will break into a situation where there are Christ followers who are "on the job" to follow up what God has just begun!

September 13, 2010

back in the saddle - man healed in supermarket

as we've returned to the Middle East, we saw the Lord move yesterday in the life of an Indian Christian man. as we walked by him, the Lord gave us a word of knowledge that he had a knee problem. He did. I just knelt down and began to pray - he testified that the pain left him. We had no time to talk as he was working and had another customer. It was actually sort of like of "drive by" - however, it reminded us of what the Lord ALWAYS wants to do when we head out - release His Kingdom in LOVE & POWER.