July 17, 2007

Doing the Stuff in Nazareth

My family and I have returned to my hometown of 15,000 in the middle of the Bible Belt. I must admit, I was a little nervous about coming home and trying to walk out some of the things the Lord has done in my life over the past year since we were last here. But, He has proven Himself faithful by giving me a great community here and by giving me boldness to do the stuff even here in Nazareth.

The other day, I was walking with some friends out of a restaurant and we saw a little boy with a cast on his leg. I took it as a visual word of knowledge and although it made me uncomfortable, I went up to his mother and asked what was wrong with him. She told me that he had broken his growth plate. I told her that we had seen some things like this healed before and I would like to pray for him. She said that would be fine, but didn't have the time right then. I was a little bummed because we didn't get to go after it right there, but I was encouraged that I had the grace to go through with the asking.

We were also sitting in Starbucks today and I noticed a man with a shaking condition. Then, the name "Robert" came into my mind. I told the Lord, "If this guy's name is Robert, then I'll go after the shaking." So, I asked him his name and it was Scott. Oh well. I blessed him nonetheless.

Last night, I went to a Bible study of some really hungry guys. One prophesied a very accurate word over me. The funny thing about this story is that this man of God now had been a bully in my junior high. I hadn't seen him in over a decade. I also got the chance to impart and pray for all the guys there and share with them some of the stories from this blog. They're looking to start going on treasure hunts as well. The Lord is really on the move all over the world. The supernatural is breaking in.

Later that same night, I was talking to one of my friends and in the course of the conversation, I had a picture of a Hot Wheels car with flames down the side of it. I didn't think much of it and then my friend said, "I haven't gotten any really specific prophetic words." I instantly prayed then that the Lord would give me something specific and He said, "I already did. Ask him about the Hot Wheels." So, I said, "Does a Hot Wheels car with flames down the side mean anything to you?" He said that he really liked Hot Wheels growing up. I know that it's nothing earth shattering like a phone number, etc., but it was really the timing AND the word that made an impact. We weren't praying for anything or soaking; we were just talking and the Lord had dropped the picture in my mind two minutes BEFORE the conversation led to talking about specific prophetic words.

The Lord is showing me that we must move beyond listening to His voice when the conditions are just right, i.e., we've been praising and worshiping for an hour. We must learn to hear His voice and do what we see the Father doing as we're going in the world. It's also imperative we have friends to goad us on in the faith. Otherwise, a lot of our visions will just remain in our head. Thank God for my brothers and sisters!

July 15, 2007

Coffee and Revelation - God speaks at Starbucks

While ordering my morning coffee at Starbucks, I got a fairly clear word of knowledge for a problem in the right side of my neck. Since it came at the time when a particular Starbuck employee was taking my order, I thought it must be for him.

I walked over to my seat and asked the Lord to give me the right opportunity to approach the man.

It is during this time that I am always the most tempted to not give a word - I was thinking, "Was it really a word of knowledge"? "Maybe the guy is too busy right now" (you know what the morning rush-hour traffic at Starbucks can be like).

Faith however is always spelled 'RISK' and so I waited for there to be a bit of a lull in the stream of customers and finally had an opportunity.

I approached all three of the employees and asked, "Does one of you have a neck problem on the right-side of the neck"? I gave a quick explanation of who I was and what I was doing - to help deal with the surprised look on all of their faces.

Then the man who had been serving me said that in fact he had had an ongoing, long-term problem with his neck in the very spot I had pointed to. (By the way, this is the moment when you always breath the hardest sign of relief, knowing "It was you God, thanks".) I told them at that point, that I had felt when I got the word that it was for this very man.

I told the guys that if he would come sit down with me for just a few moments that God was going to heal him of this condition. He was hesitant. He fellow employees seemed to encourage him to go give it a shot, but somehow his fear of man got the best of him. He declined the offer. I was able to give him the card of a near-by Church and told him to come if he ever wanted prayer for his healing.

We don't always get the chance to pray even after a clear word from Heaven. The Lord spoke to me - How could I have possibly known about a 20 year-olds chronic pain? I offered the Kingdom at that point but the man declined the offer. I didn't push it - I never want a person who I am ministering to in public to feel pressured. It is uncomfortable enough for a complete stranger to have approached them in the first place with knowledge about them that they haven't supplied.

I walked out of Starbucks not discouraged but rather encouraged that I had heard from heaven and taken the risk to approach the man God intended to touch.

May we be faithful to step out and keep taking such risks - it is always an adventure.