November 03, 2007

"Your prayers have not been in vain"

One doesn't always get instant feedback when one prays for another person. Today I visited a Pakistani Muslim home. The last time I'd been there, about 6 weeks earlier, I had prayed for some needs that the father had, but to be honest I no longer remember exactly what I'd prayed for. In fact, I'd quite forgotten all about this prayer. But the first thing the father said when I entered the house was “Your prayers have not been in vain!”, and then he proceeded to describe some healings that he'd experienced as a result of this prayer. Wow – talk about an unexpected greeting! I was quick to ascribe honor to the Lord. I was also reminded that we must be faithful to pray, regardless of whether results are instantly apparent or not.

October 30, 2007

lebanese boy experiences a "pain-free" zone

Last night, our family went to visit a Lebanese family whose son was suffering with a severe sinus infection. The pain medication had been ineffective. However, the 'Kingdom pain medication' had yet-to-be administered!

I shared with them the testimony of my pastor friend who was totally delivered last week from the pain in his face/nose/head (posted on October 24th). They were encouraged and so we proceeded to pray.

The Spirit of the Lord was present (afterwards Desert Princess said it was a very 'heavy' presence). After praying, I took my hand away and all the pain had left! The family was noticably shocked but so thankful.

What followed was a mutually edifying talk about God's Kingdom and the things that happen in it! Several words of knowledge came during our visit - at one point, the father said, "you are scaring me now"! I don't think they had ever seen God's healing touch come.

We prayed several more times for the boy before we left - that the Lord would destroy the infection, for spiritual protection, and for him to have a pain-free night (just like my pastor friend had last week).

Update: Following morning - the boy was able to sleep comfortably and woke up with only slight pain.

God is so good and our Lebanese friends were blessed and encouraged in their faith.