April 10, 2010

healing confirmed from over month ago

I had gotten a word that somebody had a sensitive personal problem in Church a few weeks back. A man came to me after the service requesting prayer for some problem related to his 'backside' (not hemorrhoids, but similar).

Anyway, yesterday he came up to me and testified that he was completely healed almost immediately after prayer and could run a 1/2 marathon without pain.

We don't always get to hear what happens, but it is fun when we do.

knees, arms and other things healed

last night, we had a host of nations represented in our weekly encounter God meeting - at one point, we began to pray for healing - a Lebanese couple had their knees healed, a Gulf Arab former muslim's arm was healed. Another Lebanese man (formerly from the druze religion) was delivered from a long-term demonic oppression - which he physically felt leave him during prayer. there was such a heavy Presence of God. These are the things that happen when the Kingdom comes!

legs growing out - shocking muslim women!

last night I listened to women in our community sharing 3 or 4 testimonies of people's legs growing out and the resulting back problems being healed. one particularly interesting testimony was about a Gulf Arab woman who had back pain. when they checked the length of her legs, one was clearly about 1 inch shorter than the other. having just seen a baby healed, the women had incredible faith to see this muslim woman healed. they commanded her leg to grow in Jesus' Name and it grew out right before their eyes. The back pain was gone. the other Gulf Arab muslim woman with her had the same pain and same problem (one leg shorter) - they prayed for her and she was healed too!

They then went to another group of muslim women and this group was mocking them at first. then they had the same miracle happen a 4th time!! this woman's back pain left and guess what? the mocking stopped!

much has been said to somehow discredit the issue of legs growing out (I used to listen very skeptically when I heard people claiming such things). I guess what I would say to anybody who doubts these things to see if someone with back/hip pain has a leg that is significantly shorter than the other. Command the short one to grow. If if grows out, then see if the pain has left. If it does, your skepticism will probably evaporate much like mine did.