January 20, 2007

(Part I) Syrian Muslim hungry to be healed

Walked up to the counter at an Arab food restaurant, and the Lord gives me a word of knowledge for a right ear problem. I ask the man who is taking my order, but it wasn't for him. When I asked the group of men working there, they brought forward one of the employees who had the problem in his right ear. I told them that God had given me a word that He wanted to heal the man's ear. I didn't feel it was right to pray for him there. I knew it was a bit conspicuous and he may have felt a bit uncomfortable - as they were all Muslims and it was a public setting.

The men were all interested to know, how I knew about the problem. I quickly explained to them that God had indicated to me what He wanted to do for this man. I gave the man my business card to call me to set a time where I could "treat" his ear. I also made it clear that this "treatment" would be free-of-charge. This is an important point to make with Muslims because their Islamic 'healers' require money for any healing prayer/treatment.

No sooner had we gotten in the car, than my phone rings. It is this man and he wants to know more about what had just happened. I gave him a further explanation about the Gifts of the Spirit that Christians have been given. We set up an appointment to meet two days later.

This man is so hungry for a touch - it is very unusual for a person to call me that quickly. He even wanted to meet the following morning but I had to schedule it for the following day.

This is definitely a story that is "to be continued..." check the blog in two days for the outcome. I think we all know what God is going to do!!

January 19, 2007

Getting it wrong, then God gets it right!

This afternoon, I approached a group of Indian waiters in a restaurant because I had earlier gotten a word of knowledge for a right leg problem below the knee. None of them said they had any problems. I then asked one of them to give me his hand - for some reason he agreed. I just took a moment to turn my thoughts towards heaven and tune into what the Lord would be saying - after a few moments, a word of knowledge came to me that this man had pain in his stomach. When I asked him, somewhat surprised, he said, "Yes I do" and pointed right to the spot where I received the word of knowledge. I then was able to pray for this Hindu man for healing in Jesus' Name.

I went in with a wrong word, but in the end, God got it right! What a God we serve!!

January 16, 2007

Dreams and Visions are Alive and Well!

Queen Esther will soon be giving her testimony of how the Lord has used visitors, mysterious gifts, dreams, and knock-off shampoo to win for Himself the heart of a woman.

Following the Ghost

You never know where you'll end up when you're following the Ghost. Last night, we first headed out, according to a prophetic vision, out to an embassy. We didn't really know why we were going out there other than we had received a picture of this country's flag. As it turns out, it took awhile to find, but when we finally did, the security guard was really nervous and didn't have any of the words of knowledge that we had written down. So, we thanked him and headed out. Imagine briefly three guys pulling in front of an embassy at 10PM and asking if anyone there had a problem with their right knee. On the way back to town, we were able to pray for an Asian man and a problem of his.

After the embassy, we went to a gas station/restaurant/bakery/car store/car wash/juice stall where another one of us had received a vision to go-- it just happened to be on the same street as the embassy (though about 3 miles away). Moreover, in the prayer time before going out, we saw a cedar of Lebanon. Near this locale was a sign with a picture of one of these one it. We were expecting some big things at this place. As our custom, we planted ourselves in the juice stall after hitting the bakery and praying for the worker there (they said that they felt heat). In the juice stall, we were able to minister to a man with some vision trouble and a leg problem. DJ busted some stuff out with some other patrons and we prayed for another waiter for his arm pain. Didn't see a lot of breakthrough there, but we still had one more place to go.
By now it's after 11PM and most places are closing down. Nonetheless, we decided to head on downtown and see what was going on at this complex the Lord showed us in our prayer time. We get to the complex and most of the lights are out and the doors are locked. As we're walking back to our car, we see a man walking on the street. He motions us to try the back door. We wave in thanks and head around to the back. The doors slid open and there were two security guards and two elevators. We greeted them and asked about what was open in the building at this time of night. They said the penthouse restaurant was still open if we wanted to look around. We caught the elevator and went up.

Once in the restaurant, we were amazed at the fact they were still open and no one was there except a few of the workers there. One waiter greeted us and started showing us around. As we spied out the environs, I asked him about his brother. Didn't really know why, but I did and he said that he was fine. I then went from asking to telling: You have an older brother and he lives here in this city with you. The waiter smiled, a little off-guard. I then asked if there was a problem with his brother. He said, "no." DJ steps up and starts chatting, too and it turns out that his little brother back in his home country is partially deaf. I then got a word of knowledge in my left arm, so I asked him about it and at this point he started laughing nervously like he had just been shown a good magic trick. All three of us started praying for him at that point-- for his arm, for his brother (who lives near a community of people like us who can help him out), for his shoulder (another word) and for his hip. We were also able to minister prophetically to him and encouraged him to be brave and learn to listen to his future wife (not something that people in this area are oft encouraged to do, I imagine, but I felt like the Lord wanted this guy to know this.) I also got the word that he was business minded and he agreed, but he said he never could really get on top of things financially. I felt led to break of the curse of working in vain and never seeing increase-- which is odd because I've never prayed for something like this for someone in his position. In fact, I've never really thought about that being a curse. We wanted to call his family and see if healing could be ministered through the cell-phone conversation, but he agreed that it was perhaps a little too late for a six-year-old (and definitely out of our box even, but why not?) It also struck me how close to home our words were for him. At one point, he sat down and had tears in his eyes. Before we left, DJ prayed for him to have an angelic visitation and revelatory dreams and I noticed that his phone's screen saver was a cedar of Lebanon.

You just never know where you're going to end up when you're following the Ghost.

"Reading the mail" of a Lebanese Druze man

Last night three of us headed out after the Lord had given Isaac of Ninevah and Tenacious B, some prophetic pictures about who we would meet, the problems they would have and where exactly in the city we should go.

Our first stop was a bakery and the restaurant next door - we got to pray for the woman who was working the counter. In the restaurant, we got to pray for several Muslim men, including two Arab men who were quite "interested" in what we were doing - they were watching us lay hands on the restaurant workers. To be honest, I'd "wonder" myself what was going on if I didn't know. Many Christians would "wonder" too for that matter.

I just explained to them that God had led us to come here by giving us a vision and showing us things He wanted to heal. I got to pray for one guy who had an elbow and shoulder problem. I felt like the Lord was going to come on him at some time during the night - I told him it would be intense heat. I said he needed to just say "Thank you Lord" and receive healing. I gave him my number and told him to call if that happened.

Next we were off to another location that the Lord had shown us - it was getting late, but then again, most of the "fun" we have seems to happen after 11PM at night.
As we walked into the building, I got a word of knowledge for a problem in the upper chest. I thought it might be for the security guard at the elevator but decided to wait.

As we got upstairs, we found ourselves in a Lebanese Restaurant - during our time of waiting before the Lord, He had given Isaac, a picture of the Lebanese flag. Here we were and did God have an appointment for us.

Pretty much nobody was in the restaurant, and as we were getting shown around by one of the Lebanese waiters, we discovered that he was our "divine appointment" that night. The upper chest word was for him. Isaac had gotten some prophetic words about his brother in Lebanon - who we discovered had hearing problems. More words of knowledge came for this man that were accurate. It was just a powerful time with this man who happened to be from the Druze religion (a mixture of Islam and Christianity with a few other things mixed in).

It sure it fun to be those who are 'led by the Spirit' - it is fun when through prophetic revelation we get to 'read someone's mail'. More Lord