April 23, 2010

going after blindness in a muslim man - actually, with no eye!

this morning we saw a man with NO EYE! He was a Gulf Arab muslim and let us pray. I told him a quick testimony of God re-creating an eye (not our testimony, but one I'd heard first-hand). He let us pray. We didn't see anything happen at that time - but we went for it anyway!

sometimes we just need to go after things we've never seen before! how else will we ever see the breakthroughs if we don't take the risk to pray and release the Kingdom!

miracles, mcdonalds & the middle east

this morning at McDonalds, in the Middle East we saw a couple of Miracles

while getting our food, a word of knowledge for a lower back problem comes. I ask the manager - it was accurate. we prayed quickly - God take away the pain! another employee watching, asks, "what about me, I also have a back problem"? I get the manager, whose just been healed (and who loves Jesus) to lay her hands on the other employees back. she repeats after me - the other back is healed too! then the manager asks, "what, are you a healer"??

it turns out she knew the worship leader at our Church!!! small world.

April 21, 2010

the 'miracle-back guaranteed' is alive and well

last night, 'The Rock' and I headed out to do some treasure hunting/power spilling. we prayed for one Gulf Arab muslim man - who didn't seem to notice a difference. We pressed on. Approached few others asking about words of knowledge - nothing seemed to fit! Our commitment is always that "we don't go home, until we see a miracle of some kind (something supernatural)". The 'miracle-back guarantee - we don't go BACK until we see a miracle.

finally, while walking by the 2 Egyptian muslim men, I got a word about a problem in the left hand/wrist/thumb. We finally got one right! This man actually worked serving ice cream and had some condition due to overuse in his job. We prayed and the Holy Spirit began to do something in his hand that he couldn't explain. He was really excited as he was obviously encountering the Presence of God in a special way - he was anxious to know all about what was happening - we told him:). He knew some Christians and asked, "Can any Christian pray for me and this happens"? Challenging question to answer - especially if the Christians he knows are Christian "by name" mostly!

He's going to call me in a few days (after a hard weekend of work) to let me know what has happened.

So in the end, we had seen God come upon someone in a miraculous way and could therefore head home (as it was getting late).