July 09, 2009

healings after word of knowledge in church meeting

while ministering this past week in a church, the Lord gave me a clear word of knowledge that He wanted specifically to heal shoulder problems. Before we proceeded into the ministry, a woman spoke up during the Q & A time and said, "I had come in here this morning asking the Lord to give you a word for me DJ and she had problems with both of her shoulders. The Lord however showed up in great power and delivered this woman from all her pain. It was just a powerful encounter that the Lord gave this precious sister.

Others were also healed during that prayer time - some even sent us emails to let us know specifically what the Lord had done for them. Here is what one wrote to us the next day:

"This morning I have less difficulty stretching my fingers of my right hand! Prior to your prayers I was unable to stretch them without a constricting pain. The joints that are fused in my ring and little finger seem to be slightly changed, and the palm of my hand is more normalized. There is a visual change, and the pulling of my fingers into the palm is less of a problem. I believe God has shown me that He is about the healing of these areas, and I am taking His word of knowledge, as spoken through you two, as His will for a healthy and whole right hand. The sensation of cool refreshing water as you prayed, from my elbow to my right hand, was both calming and soothing. (I hadn't realized my elbow was involved until you mentioned it.) It was a feeling I have never experienced prior to your hands-on prayers. Thank you for using your gifts from Him to enable others to know His healing touch!!"