April 19, 2008

"anyone who wears a hat like that deserves prayer"

While sending off our team of radical revivalists (who were returning to N. America after having destroyed the works of the devil here in the Middle East for nearly two weeks), I saw an African man with one of the craziest hats I've ever seen.

I approached him and said, "anyone who wears a hat like that deserves prayer". He was from Nigeria and we began to talk about the power of God. He said he was a professional runner.

At that point, I declared, "you run the 400 meters and your fastest time is 47 seconds". He said, "47 flat". No doubt one of the strangest prophetic words/declarations I have ever made.

I left the group of Holy Ghost wildmen and women to minister to our new friend as I had to go meet someone at the arrival lounge. I can't wait to hear what happened.

Needless to say, God opens the strangest doors in the most unusual ways!!!

another day with dozens of miracles (including a deaf ear!)

As a team of us spread out over the city to take a total of 9 church meetings, we saw God move powerfully - in healing, with accurate prophetic words and people having encounters with Jesus.

Again we lost count, but there were OVER 100 miracles of healing that we were able to count - including a deaf ear opening. I wasn't able to hear all the stories but in the two church services that I was in, we saw knees, feet, shoulders, migraine headaches and chronic back pain healed. Some were healed as words of knowledge were released, others when we laid our hands on people and some when we just released "waves of healing" into the fellowships. God heals in so many different ways!

As for the deaf ear, I was standing right next to a radical Canadian Joel 2 Generation forerunner as he ministered healing to a man completely deaf in one of his ears. By the time he stopped, the completely deaf ear had opened to about 60% - we know God is faithful to complete the work He began.

The bottom line is that we worshipped, we preached, people gave their lives to Jesus AND miracles were happening all throughout the services. This is just normal Christian church-life (or at least it should be).

syrian muslim man has vision

We had been invited to come and minister healing to a Syrian muslim man - his relative had encountered the Lord when we ministered to him and so it took a few weeks, but finally we were able to get to his uncle's house.

After praying for several things he needed healing from - including a blocked nasal cavity, we contended for him to enter into an encounter with the Lord. As we worshipped around him and released the Kingdom, he began to have a vision - a very detailed vision that really helped unlock a spirit of fear upon His life which was causing a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty about his future.

A group of us were there and the Lord began to give us the interpretation of the vision - which went all the way back to a traumatic childhood experience.

What was the most incredible thing was that he initially had the vision and then came out of it. We would give some interpretation and pray for him. He would then enter back into the same vision and pick up EXACTLY WHERE HE HAD LEFT OFF. However, the things that were negative and creating fear in the vision would now be gone (after prayer!!). This happened several times.

Also during the same ministry time, a man's knee was healed - the change in mobility was pronounced after prayer. A young boy was also ministered to. Actually the Lord opened a massive door for ministry to this family. We were only cut short by the fact that is was almost 3AM in the morning when we left.

I can't wait to hear about the dream this man will have as the vision ended with him still not meeting the final person in the vision who will lead him to freedom - that we believe will come in the next few days.

Encounter 1st - Talk 2nd. This is what I believe all muslims need. God blew our minds again.

April 16, 2008

How many of you know that.....

1. when you heal the owners of restaurants, you get offered free food & drinks?

2. when a manager get healed, you get to pray for all the other sick/injured employees?

3. when you see a Iranian muslim restaurant owner healed, he takes a huge amount off your final bill? (like 30%)

4. when you see a Greek restaurant owner healed, you get to enjoy a free bottle of wine together?

5. when you prophesy over Sudanese muslim camel herders, you get free camel rides?


restaurant miracles

Yesterday seemed to be the day of restaurant healings. At lunch, after seeing God break into a souvenir shop with some words of knowledge and prophetic words for some muslim women, we headed over to get an ice cream at a nearby restaurant AND to see what God would do.

Wanting to get off to a good start, I asked who the manager was. I explained that I was with a group of "miracle workers" and offered to help any of his employees who might need healing or something. To demonstrate, I grabbed his hand and asked the Lord to give me a word of knowledge for him personally. Almost immediately, the Lord revealed that he had a neck problem - which he confirmed to be the case. Actually it was a problem in the lymph nodes and he was scheduled for surgery.

Interestingly, his surgery had already been cancelled/postponed twice. We of course told him why that was!!! We prayed and the Lord began to come upon him and the swelling began to go down. Pain left his neck area. I don't know if when he got up it was completely healed (a test/scan would be needed to confirm that), but he was so touched that he began to send out his employees who needed healed. We ended up with a line of employees who we prayed for their healing and prophesied over them. In the end, ALL of them were healed of the conditions they had - migraine headache, foot pain, back pain and I don't remember the others.

That would have been a GREAT day - but we had to eat dinner. The Iranian restaurant became our little healing/prophecy center for most of the evening. First off was the Iranian muslim owner - we got a word of knowledge for a neck/shoulder problem he had - which he did and that opened a door for us to pray for his chronic knee problems. After 2 or 3 prayer sessions, he was healed!

From there we began to minister to a group of Nepali hindus - one woman had a headache. I laid hands on her and she was healed! Later we gave them some prophetic words.

Another muslim man (maybe from India) received prayer when one of our team went over to minister to him. He felt God's presence come on him.

That would have been a great night - BUT the Lord had more stuff for us to do. We went to minister to an Iraqi friend of mine who is nearly completely deaf. He has received prayer on numerous occasions yet with no breakthrough. Today is a new day and so we went after the deaf ears again. We didn't see the miracle we wanted, BUT the Lord revealed some very accurate (spooky accurate!!!) prophetic words for both he and his wife. The Kingdom broke into his home - we keep praying for the deafness.

The night ended when an Egyptian Coptic Christian man with a headache was also healed. I also heard from another Iraqi muslim friend of mine that when I prayed for a leg injury he had, he had been healed. He told all of his muslim friends right in front of us after the Coptic man was healed.

Just another day and night IN THE KINGDOM - go and do likewise!!!

healings everywhere

Since my last post, we have seen dozens of miracles of healing. I can't even remember all of them, but I will try to summarize a few more of them here.

- Tibetan Buddhist family - prophesied over the mother, a word of knowledge for her son's wrist - HEALED!

- 3 muslim men healed in a Fish & Chips shop - knee (after a word of knowledge), neck(after another word of knowledge) and a back problem.

- Iraqi muslim man - we prophesied over him. he confirmed the accurate words. will bring friends who need physical healing.

- Eritrean woman - Lord highlighted them indicating one of them needed healing. She came to the church and had an encounter with God and was healed of a couple of things.

- Greek "atheist" - actually more of an agnostic. healed of chronic back pain. His first words after being healed, "JESUS CHRIST" (my friend said to him, "EXACTLY"). After that, we were able to pray for and see one of his Croatian employees healed.

- during church services - we saw many different healings. Often the Lord would reveal the person's condition by word of knowledge (I'd ask them NOT to tell me what they needed) and the Lord would then confirm His Word miraculously. I don't even know all the conditions that we saw healed. I am still waiting to hear some of the testimonies come in - especially for those where a blood test or some kind of a scan will be able to confirm what the Lord has done.

I will continue in yet another post...

April 15, 2008

A sweet God in a sweet shop

While in a neighboring country I approached a local man in an Arabic sweet shop to ask for directions to a juice bar. While in his shop I got a word of knowledge for an ankle. I asked him if he was the one with the ankle problem, but he wasn’t. He did however have a massive skin disease that seemed to cover his whole body. I asked him through a translator I happened to have with me if I could pray for him to be healed of his condition right their in the shop. He looked at me kind of strange with a nervous smile on his face, but he let me put my hands on him to pray. After I prayed the man said he could not tell any difference right then, but I assured him that something had been set into motion when I prayed and that he would begin to notice in the next few days the skin begin to clear up. I then began to prophesy over him and his business. The man was extremely touched by the prophetic, so much so that he felt compelled to bless me with a traditional Arabic sweet bowl. I noticed on a few different occasions this past week that when we step out in boldness in signs and wonders, God looks after our natural needs and blesses us back. It’s not that we ever require anything in return when praying for peoples healing, but it is always a blessing and a reminder to me that God takes care of us when we have a heart to see his kingdom established on the earth in greater measure. I really felt a heart of compassion for this man in the sweet shop, and I know that God is even now continuing to stretch out his hand to heal.

April 14, 2008

Kiosk revival

This past week we have seen God break out in signs and wonders all over the place. We have a group of revivalists from America in our region and they are passionate about seeing the works of the devil destroyed and people transformed by the love of God. I will be posting in a series of blogs in the next couple of days that kind of cover just some of the breakthroughs we have seen, as there have truly been hundreds. Today I got the opportunity to go with the team into a neighboring nation to pray for the sick and prophesy destiny over the people there. I walked up to the window of a kiosk we were at on the roadside and asked the man behind the counter if he had a problem with his back. The man looked at me startled and immediately pointed to his back. I asked if i could pray and he motioned anxiously or me to come around and come inside his kitchen. So my wife and I went around the side and met the man. He pulled down his pants slightly and pointed to his lower back and tail bone. He said he had the problem for four years and he was constantly in pain. We laid hands on him and prayed that he would be healed in Jesus name. We interviewed him about 5 times, getting him to check it out and test it out to see if it was any better. Every time we prayed we saw a slight increase until finally all the pain in his back was gone! The guy had a big smile on his face and kept bending over to touch his toes, PAIN FREE!!! I was super excited. We then had opportunity to lay hands on some of the other guys in there and release the kingdom into there situations. They were highly appreciative and insisted that I have a free coke. I felt like personally stepped into a new level of boldness in stepping out and offering Gods kingdom to people as I go. As we make ourselves available, God shows up in power and does the work. Yay God!

There are many many more testimonies like this that we have seen happen in the last few days. I will be posting them in soon, so stay tuned!