August 10, 2011

dental miracle in restaurant

I gave a wrong word of knowledge to our waiter last night in the restaurant (I asked about his foot). I then "broadened" it a bit and asked if he had any pain in his body (Rev. 21:4 says there is "no pain" in God's Kingdom - so we are to establish "pain-free zones" in people's bodies!). He had a tooth that was killing him. He said it especially hurt when he ate/drank cold things.

So I had him put his hand on his mouth where the pain was. We quickly released the Kingdom and commanded the pain to leave. Then we gave him a task - to go eat/drink something cold and come back to tell us what happened. After about 10 minutes, he comes back looking really puzzled (which we knew was GOOD). I asked what happened. He said he drank something cold and there wasn't a problem, but he didn't believe it could be possible so he had to then go and eat something cold to really test it out. No more pain! He was seriously touched - it was awesome to just tell him about the Power of the Holy Spirit and the nature of God's Kingdom.

iranian muslim man healed

I heard a group of Iranians speaking Persian and introduced myself as "a healer". I asked if anybody needed healing. 2 of the women did so I ran to get my wife - she came and prayed for them. One of them felt about 50% better. Then the oldest man, named "Mahdi", asked for me to "do healing" on his neck and back. I started with his lower back. I prayed in Arabic (which he understood) - his back was healed after praying once. Then I prayed for his neck - it was healed immediately. He walked away thanking me in his broken English. I love Iranian muslims - they have to be the most open muslims we've ever encountered.