February 06, 2009

egyptian muslim men healed on the streets

we were eating lunch when one of the servers, an Egyptian muslim man comes up and a word of knowledge about a sinus condition in the right side of his nose comes to me. I pull him aside and ask him about it, he says, "yes I have that problem". He let me pray for him. Some friends of mine who frequent his restaurant, will be following him up. I think he was surprised at how the Lord revealed his condition.

about a half hour later, we are walking out of a mall and a strong word of knowledge slams into my right knee as I look over at two Egyptian men sitting on benches. I walk up to them and ask in Arabic, "which one of you has pain in your right knee"? Sure enough one of them immediately says, "I do". I explained that God revealed it to me and that He would heal it. I laid my hands on his knee and the Lord's power came on his knee. The way I knew he was healed, is that he turns to his friend and begins to say, "by God, something has happened in my knee". I said that was the presence of God. My homework assignment for him - find one your Egyptian Christian friends and share with him what Jesus has done for you.

February 03, 2009

Desperate for a Miracle

A group of us had the craziest experience down in the market area of our town this week. I had a word of knowledge for a back pain (I was feeling it strong) and so I was going around asking people if they had any back pain. No response from people. We walked a little further and there were some guys just standing around. I asked if one guy had back pain and he responded readily that he did. So I prayed for him and he was completely healed. He felt no more pain and his face was joyful. So the guys next him start telling us their pains. We pray, and more people come. We keep praying, and more people come. 30, 40, 50 people started to gather around us. It was crazy and in the middle of the day! People were pressing into us calling out their pains in desperation. I was praying for like 4 people at a time. I would pray for one, get him to check it out while I prayed for another. Knees were getting healed, backs, headaches, biceps, and more. One guy in our group was off a little further with his own crowd where he saw a man receive the gift of tears, and another had a gathering of men beside me. Another friend went into a shop and was praying for loads of people in there. So here we are in a public marketplace in a Muslim country with like over 100 men pressed in around us for prayer, and they are blocking the street. I had never seen anything like it. I started to freak out. I'm like - where is DJ right now. People were tugging on a local friend who had never prayed for the sick before and asking him to pray for their knees, shoulders and everything else, so he took off for a short while after having prayed for a few and saw breakthrough. I'm telling you, we were drawing all kinds of attention to ourselves and I felt like our window of grace was quickly evaporating. One in our group began to feel in the spirit that the principality over that market area was raising up so he told us we needed to get out of there before we got into some serious trouble. It was sad to just take off when there was such a need, but we needed to use wisdom so that we could continue the work. It was such a rush though, and we saw so many miracles within a twenty-minute span.

Whoa Jesus, do it again Lord!

encouraged to hit the streets

just hearing a massive testimony from a neighboring country, I got all fired up and Desert Princess and I took a couple of friends out to a local mall to pray for the sick and just see what God would do.

We waited on the Lord before we went and He gave us a few items for our "Treasure Hunt" - conditions we'd find, clothing people would be wearing, etc.

we prayed for so many people I lost count. The women went in one direction, and us men in another. We prayed for muslim after muslim who was in need of a miracle - those with canes, wearing casts, limping. Basically anyone who we could see visually was in pain or in some kind of need. We also got to approach several in wheelchairs - I personally usually don't minister to those confined to wheelchairs in public places, because there is already a lot of shame attached to their conditions, but I was able to share a few testimonies and exchanged numbers with a couple of men who had been in wheelchairs for years - I trust they will be calling soon.

Desert Princess approached one woman in a wheelchair - but when she found out she had no legs (lost due to diabetes), she didn't pursue the praying for healing any further. When someone has no legs, we are asking the Lord to give us some clear revelation that He wants us to pray for that creative miracle.

We saw some people healed - at least they told us that pain had left their bodies. We got a lot of people's phone numbers - it was such a fun night. Kingdom stuff always is!!!!