May 08, 2009

healing a 4 year wrist problem

while at Church this morning, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a wrist problem. I wrote it down and even wrote the date next to it. During the sermon, the pastor had asked anybody who wanted to talk about healing to see my wife and I after the service. So afterwards we had the chance to talk with and pray for several people who needed healing.

After such a dismal night of missing words of knowledge, it was so encouraging when a father and mother brought their teenage daughter for prayer who had a WRIST PROBLEM. The word of knowledge was right!! I told you that if you swing the bat, you will eventually get hits! Before I prayed, I pulled out my notebook and to their shock, I showed them what I had written down just about an hour earlier. Needless to say, we all had incredible faith. We prayed and ALL THE PAIN left her wrist. She was shocked. So were her parents. They tested it out really well and it was completely sound and pain-free. There was still a clicking sound when she moved it. I said, "I don't have clear Biblical support for this, but I don't believe there are any 'clicking wrists' in God's Kingdom. So we prayed again. Guess what? We were right. The clicking stopped when the Kingdom came! (who knew?)

The father next asked for prayer for gradual hearing loss that he was experiencing. I had the daughter lay her hands on his ear (I laid my hand on the other one) and she prayed (I told her to just ask God to bring/release His peace). We felt the Holy Spirit come powerfully and he will let us know in the next few days what happens. He needed to test it out in some of the contexts where he could notice his hearing going.

This was just a great Church service - it always is when the Kingdom comes!!!

praying for Gulf Arab muslim WITHOUT ASKING

sometimes we have to be creative in how we pray for people, especially in public places. I try to approach as many people as I can who I see in wheel chairs. It isn't always possible to get a chance to pray at that time, but at least we can offer to pray and give them our phone numbers. In all honesty, I haven't see very many healings of people in wheel chairs (a few over the last 5 years) but if we don't keep praying, we will never see the breakthroughs.

last night while in the mall, I saw a group of young men, and one of them was in a wheel chair. they were headed into a sporting goods store and so I followed them in. I casually asked the guy in the chair (first in English) what had happened, and asked if it was a car accident. It was (as it usually is in this country). He didn't speak much English and so I switched into Arabic and asked a few more questions. Then I walked away from them.

About 5 minutes later, I walked up again and started to ask a few more detailed questions - did he have metal pins in the leg? etc. He showed me the scars. I asked if there was still any pain associated. There was. At this point, they must have thought I was a doctor. I just put man hand on the area where he pointed to there being pain and just began to pray without even asking. It was just a natural prayer flowing right out of our conversation.

Afterwards, he asked, "are you a muslim?" I said, "no, I am a Christian". I just blessed him again and declared that he would not only walk again, but run! Didn't know I would begin prophesying too! I turned to his friends and said, "Doctors can do alot, but he needs a miracle"! They both agreed and I said goodbye and left.

Funny thing was, another group that was with us approached these same guys a while later and prayed for him again. Not only had this guy NEVER received prayer before in his life from Christians, but then he did TWICE in about a 15 minute period.

How sad that we Christians, who've been given AUTHORITY and have been COMMANDED to pray for the sick, for the most part do not do it!!! Wake us up Lord - show us the Kingdom!

praying for people in a mall in a muslim country

last night we headed out with a group of people to see God's miraculous Kingdom break out in a popular mall. i can't say that the words of knowledge were coming very accurately - I think I got about 5 wrong words before getting one right. Desert Princess was gracious in approaching people to discover that I had missed it again. Finally, we were in a watch shop and I got a clear word for a problem in the upper left leg. I thought for sure it was for the muslim woman standing next to us watch shopping. Desert Princess checked it out to discover I had missed it again! (gotta be honest). I then asked the shop manager, a muslim man from Syria, and sure enough the word of knowledge was for him! (the truth is, if we keep swinging the bat, we eventually will get a hit!). I prayed for him and ALL the pain left his leg. The other employee in the shop was a Christian. Instead of answering his questions, I told him that his co-worker would tell him all about what had happened to him and who it was that had touched his leg - nothing like facilitating a new discipleship relationship!

We did get the chance to pray for several others - and other groups got to see other healings. It's amazing what you can get away with in public in a muslim country - what's your excuse if you're not praying for people in public??

healings break out in a restaurant

while out to lunch yesterday, I got a word of knowledge for a woman with a stomach problem. I asked our server if it was for her (it wasn't) and asked if she would check with the other staff. I asked her to feel free to check with her manager first. A few minutes later the manager has come up to ask what we wanted/needed. We explained to her about the way God speaks and she asked for prayer. She sat down and my wife began to pray for her. After that she brought another employee, who needed prayer for a foot problem. She was healed. Next she brought a one of the men who works for her to receive prayer. He wanted prayer for his mother (which we prayed for), but the Lord gave me another word of knowledge about a shoulder/arm problem he was having. He had that specific problem. We prayed and the Lord healed him. Finally, the manager brought another employee and she was the one with the stomach problem (the original word of knowledge). She also had a foot problem that she wanted prayer for. We prayed for her stomach and the Lord took away all the pain. When Desert Princess asked if she could pray now for the foot, she replied, "oh it is already healed". We didn't even have to pray for it.

Talk about a GREAT lunch. We should eat out more often.

May 06, 2009

doctor says "your baby will die today", Jesus says something else!!!

we were asked to come and minister to a woman who personally is fighting for her own life as she battles cancer and also for the life of her prematurely born daughter who is still in the intensive care unit. the timing of our visit was incredible. even as we are finishing a time of ministering healing prayer for the cancer, the phone rings and the woman is being summoned to the hospital because the words of the doctor were that "your baby will die today". Desert Princess and her friend made arrangements to go to the hospital with the woman and all the while we are declaring "your baby will LIVE and NOT DIE". They went and had the chance to pray for a long time for the baby in the hospital.

needless to say, it has been a week now and the baby is still alive!

So often people hear the pronouncement of a doctor and they treat it like it is a prophetic word from the Lord. I have seen this so many times. At a time when God would have us fight, would have us contend in prayer for a victory, Christians practically have a person in grave because a doctor has made a pronouncement. We MUST agree with heaven - when God says somebody will die, then we can change gears - but until that time, the Divine Command remains unchanged - "heal the sick" (Matt. 10).

"drive-by" word of knowledge for Gulf Arab muslim woman

you've heard of "drive-by" shootings but what about "drive-by" words of knowledge? you are walking past a stranger and then God releases a word of knowledge for a person. It is the easiest of course when it is a single person walking by you (instead of a group) and this is what happened the other day.

we were walking in a mall with some friends and a fully-veiled muslim woman walks past us and a clear word of knowledge comes to me about a problem in the left arm.

I tell my wife and see if she wants to follow-it up (note: I get a lot of these words of knowledge wrong and so I ask her nicely to see if she wants to take the risk to see if I might have gotten it right)

The woman was walking pretty quickly and Desert Princess caught up with her in a shop. Tells her the situation and she asks this golden question, "Did you come after me and follow me all the way into this shop to tell me that God wants to heal me"? Of course the answer was yes, and she did have the problem that the Lord revealed in the word of knowledge (yes, I finally got one right!!!)

While they are talking, a Sudanese muslim woman just jumps into the conversation and asks Desert Princess, "Can you heal anything"? (that was after she assured her that she wasn't a doctor!) My wife got to pray for this woman - however, she said the pain only came at night and so she'd have to wait and see what had happened. As for the other woman, she took Desert Princess' number and said she'd call to arrange a time for healing prayer.

We just have to use these "tools God has given to express God's love" (Jack Deere's definition of the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit) and doors will open, EVEN AMONGST muslims!

May 03, 2009

freedom from demonic oppression

a friend of ours has suffered from seizures for years. there is no medical explanation and they are sure it is a purely demonic affliction. the gift of the discerning of spirits is so important in these days. we have to know what we are dealing with - be it when we are praying for the sick, counseling someone, etc. if it was so simple to discern what is and isn't demonic, then why in the world would the Lord have given His Church this gift.

we set up an appointment to pray and he and his wife came over. since we had prayed before, I wasn't sure what to expect - especially as well because we were having a truly apostolic visitor who I knew we would have pray for him a few days later (which happened last night). However, the Lord showed up and began to give us revelation. I sensed the seizures had their root in a demonic affliction from the "python spirit" (Acts 16:16-19). I had a word of knowledge (or was it the operation of the discerning of spirits?) about something wrapped around the lower spine. My wife also had the same sense. We began to pray and rather than pray for healing, we focused on deliverance prayer. Something began to loosen and leave his body. It moved down his leg and ultimately out of his leg and foot. (why? who knows. that is just how it happened)

This seems to be something that he is being delivered from in stages as a slight seizure was suffered a couple of days later, BUT it was less severe and wasn't accompanied by some of the symptoms that normally accompany them. We prayed again last night.

You know, critics of deliverance ministry point to the way Jesus was able to "heal them with a word" - why do we sometimes see people set free in stages? these same critics would also be the ones who argue that growth in the Christian life comes slowly and gradually as we walk with Christ and practice the Christian disciplines. No argument there. Of course, we long to reach that place in ministry where we too can minister with the same kind of authority and power that Christ had. That's our goal - pray we keep moving in that direction. Until then, we'll take freedom and deliverance however it comes!!!