December 11, 2006

"Do you have a prophetic word for me?"

Last night I needed a ride home having put my car in the shop. I asked a Muslim man if he could give me a ride and he agreed. As is very normal, he asked me if I was a Muslim. I proceeded to tell him that there is really no comparison between our faiths. As a Christian, I am sure I am going to heaven, I have a relationship with God wherein He speaks to me, I can heal the sick, cast out demons and prophesy to others. I shared with him that I have seen deaf ears opened, the blind see, the lame walk and many other miracles.

He proceeds to tell me that he is almost completely deaf in his right ear. I told him that I would like to get together this coming week and pray for God to heal his deaf ear. He asked me, "Do you really think you can heal my ear?" I told him a little bit about faith at that point.

He then asks, "Do you have a prophetic word for me"? I told him that I would ask the Lord and when he dropped me off I would tell him if I did. While we drove the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for his back and I had further revelation that it was related to a skin condition. As we neared the end of our ride, I asked him if he had this problem/condition. Rather shocked he said that he did. I told him that "the Lord had revealed that to me because He wants to heal you". Of course, it helped my faith and his tremendously. He had hoped for some prophetic word about his business in the future, but the Lord instead revealed His priorities in this man's life.

Finally, I encouraged him to call me this next week so we could get together and see some healings. I trust that the word of knowledge for his back and the prospect of receiving his hearing back in his ear will be enough to ensure he calls.

December 10, 2006

The Voice

In the beginning was the Word. . . For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son. . .
In the last few weeks, the Lord has turned up responsiveness to the Kingdom. To begin with, one person complained of an aching shoulder. I explained to them that oftentimes these kinds of pain are connected to emotional difficulties or unforgiveness. A close friend was then able to pray for them and within two days the pain was gone. It should also be noted that this person's shoulder had been hurting for weeks and the doctors only recommended pain-killers.
Another person called the same close friend because they were aware of hatred in their life. My friend was able to pray for them as well and they received more freedom as the Spirit touched their heart.
Yet another person began asking some pentetrating questions about the nature of the Kingdom. Two close friends were able to share very clearly with them. Their openness and hunger was off the charts.
I, too, shared the stage, so to speak, with DJ this past Friday. I presented the keys to hearing God's voice as taught to me by Mark Virkler. I've been practicing these keys more and more. Once we tune into His voice, we can really speak prophetic, life-giving words to others.
So, prior to going to this service, I prayed and tuned into the voice of the Lord. From this flow, I received the name Robert or Roberto. I also received "carpal tunnel syndrome," the name Helena, and pain in the left shoulder. There were some other things I received as well, but for the purposes of this story, I'll limit it to these. Once at the church, I gave these words and it turned out that there was indeed a Robertito and his left shoulder was hurting as well as some other pains. I was able to minister to him for quite some time as the Lord downloaded pieces of his destiny into my mind. I also prayed for some other people who claimed to have felt heat in their bodies. The other two people on our team experieced similar testimonies and one even said that the Lord knocked down three out of four of the people she prayed for. Another visitor to our team, a person from a non-charismatic denomination, testified that one of the people she had prayed for claimed to have felt electricity going through their body.
We need to remember that it was for love that the Lord sent His Son into the world. As theologically sound it may be to articulate His mission to the earth as one that sastisfied Divine justice, we must not lose sight of His present re-sending, re-incarnation through the Church by means of the Spirit for love. It was for love He came, it was for love the Spirit was sent, it is for love we go.