September 01, 2010

an appointment with destiny for young new age mystic

we were tired as it was the end of about 5 hours of ministering on the streets. we were ready to leave, waiting for the rest of our team to regroup, and God highlighted a young man sitting close to us. First the Lord revealed lower back pain, which was the open door I walked through. that was healed. then something on the left side of the head - God came and brought healing there (the effects of a recent seizure). Interestingly, he began to speak about the "peace" he was feeling after the Kingdom began to come. then it was problems in the feet - another word of knowledge. God healed his feet a two of us prayed.

what was happening? this young man was a new age mystic who himself was learning about "healing" and wanted to bring healing to people. Jesus Christ was not one of the options he was currently considering, and so I explained to him that his desire to see people 'healed' was a desire that God had put within him. I also said that it was on that afternoon that God wanted him to be clear about which method of healing really worked by sending us to him and seeing him healed of 4 different conditions. he agreed! he was so ready to take a step. I explained how he could invite the Living God to come and reside within him.

God showed us a number of other things prophetically about his life. numbers/emails were exchanged. he plans on joining the group in a few days. can't wait to hear about what happens.

i am so gripped by the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of young new agers just like this man. hungry for encounter, interested in changing the world, and totally unaware of the fact that it is God's power through the indwelling Holy Spirit that is in fact the fulfillment of all that is in their hearts. all that was needed was a couple of people like us who came in with a "demonstration of the Spirit's power" to convince him that Jesus is the answer to every question that they have.

words of knowledge revealing pain, God's power healing it.

as we spents a number of hours on the streets, a number of words of knowledge came that identified problems we didn't know. here's a summary of a few of those encounters.

- while standing on a corner, the Lord highlighted a man and showed me he had next and shoulder pain. I approached him, he had the problem and let me pray. God healed him. We pointed him gently to the Healer Himself.

- walking behind a couple of Iranian women, a word of knowledge indicated that one of them had back pain. we asked and one of them had the exact problem we described. they were really shocked by what was happening. I had one of the women in our group pray for her and she felt "power" come through her hands. the woman was healed instantly! her friend wanted to know what else we cold heal! a number was given and follow up will hopefully happen very soon.

- while waiting in a shop, I got two words of knowledge for a saleswoman. both were correct and she let me pray for her. pain in her neck and shoulder started to leave - she testified that it was "much better". however, it was the internal pain that God was more interested in healing. I pointed her to the Healer Himself.

in short, over a 2 day period, with teams on the streets, we saw a large number of people healed after words of knowledge revealed the pains/problems of the strangers we met. there of course were many words that didn't seem to be accurate, but often those still led to opportunities to pray for other pain. just one of God's tools to express His love.

broken thumbs and hand collide with God's Kingdom

while out on the streets, we had the opportunity to minister to several with broken bones. one young man had a broken hand. as we again asked who needed a miracle, we were able to pray for him and most of the pain left his hand. another young man suffering from the effects of two broken thumbs (which he couldn't bend) was surprised when another teenager who was with us, prayed for his thumbs and all movement was restored.

Christ the HEALER in their midst drawing this group of runaways to Himself. just watching His Love poured out through a demonstration of His power left us all so grateful.

buddhist healed & heroin addict encounter

with a group of young people joining me who were hungry to see God's power released on the streets, we approached a 'rough looking' group of youth and asked if they needed a miracle. one girl, who professed being a buddhist, had an ankle injury that was painful. full of skepticism, she humored us and let one of the teenage guys with me pray for her. when all the pain left, it was interesting to hear the language she used to express her shock and awe at what just happened (using multiple times a word beginning with "F"!).

next to her a young man seemed to want or need something but was hesitant. once a couple of the "scoffers" left, he opened up that he had wandered away from Christ and had become a heroin addict. he wanted to be free. i tried to set up a time for him to come and get some ministry in a more conductive setting (i didn't want to simply pray a quick prayer). however, he challenged me. he basically wanted to know if God could come 5 minutes earlier and completely heal his buddhist friend, why couldn't me also release His power and deliver him?! Out of the mouth of babes! I began to pray and release God's Kingdom and then he just began to cry. I had specifically released God's love into him and he said it was when I did that, that he began to feel something happening.

one an agnostic buddhist, the other a wandering, addicted Christian. God's Kingdom is indiscriminate. able to point one to Christ and the other back to Christ.

the greatest of these is LOVE

a familiar quote from the Apostle Paul. a truth we saw again and again on the streets this past weekend. as we approached people with the single agenda of "loving them", almost nobody refused us. we didn't have any arguments (and when people tried to start them, we refused to go there).

love can look like a lot of things - we bought some meals for hungry people, we donated to some random charities and even listened intently to some of the most painful stories you could imagine. but the one thing we longed to do more than anything, was to see the love of God manifesting into the lives of those we prayed for. many were physically healed which was one of the primary ways Jesus demonstrated His love. many received prophetic words that accurately described their pasts, presents and even futures. such prophetic ministry is another way God loves people and brings hope and encouragment to desperate, and often hopeless lives. sometimes it was just that people would feel His love and weep (some wept so deeply that we began to tear up).

it was our heart NOT to preach and we discovered that those on the streets had not only heard the Gospel message incessantly (which was painfully reminded by some street preachers standing nearby), but they were grateful that we came in "another way". we weren't "selling" anything. it was all 'no strings attached'. however, in the end, it was often them asking us for more. them wanting to know where we went to Church (many cards were given to let them know where they can come to encounter more). for us to love meant that an encounter with His Love should precede any verbal message about it. God's love being demonstrated with power disarmed even the hardest of street drug addicts. It reminded many prodigals that they were truly welcome to come home whenever they were ready. they hadn't been forgotten, they weren't outside of the scope of His Love and concern.

and in it all, maybe I was as touched as any of them. what I saw God do, what I felt as my heart looked into the empty eyes of teens (one of them the age of my own son) caused this father's heart to break. when some of them couldn't look me in the eyes, I knew it was because of the pain they saw in the eyes of their own parents who were praying for them to come home. if you are even reading this, PRAY for these prodigals to awaken and return to loving families who don't even know where many of them are or even if they are alive.