September 01, 2010

buddhist healed & heroin addict encounter

with a group of young people joining me who were hungry to see God's power released on the streets, we approached a 'rough looking' group of youth and asked if they needed a miracle. one girl, who professed being a buddhist, had an ankle injury that was painful. full of skepticism, she humored us and let one of the teenage guys with me pray for her. when all the pain left, it was interesting to hear the language she used to express her shock and awe at what just happened (using multiple times a word beginning with "F"!).

next to her a young man seemed to want or need something but was hesitant. once a couple of the "scoffers" left, he opened up that he had wandered away from Christ and had become a heroin addict. he wanted to be free. i tried to set up a time for him to come and get some ministry in a more conductive setting (i didn't want to simply pray a quick prayer). however, he challenged me. he basically wanted to know if God could come 5 minutes earlier and completely heal his buddhist friend, why couldn't me also release His power and deliver him?! Out of the mouth of babes! I began to pray and release God's Kingdom and then he just began to cry. I had specifically released God's love into him and he said it was when I did that, that he began to feel something happening.

one an agnostic buddhist, the other a wandering, addicted Christian. God's Kingdom is indiscriminate. able to point one to Christ and the other back to Christ.

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