September 01, 2010

an appointment with destiny for young new age mystic

we were tired as it was the end of about 5 hours of ministering on the streets. we were ready to leave, waiting for the rest of our team to regroup, and God highlighted a young man sitting close to us. First the Lord revealed lower back pain, which was the open door I walked through. that was healed. then something on the left side of the head - God came and brought healing there (the effects of a recent seizure). Interestingly, he began to speak about the "peace" he was feeling after the Kingdom began to come. then it was problems in the feet - another word of knowledge. God healed his feet a two of us prayed.

what was happening? this young man was a new age mystic who himself was learning about "healing" and wanted to bring healing to people. Jesus Christ was not one of the options he was currently considering, and so I explained to him that his desire to see people 'healed' was a desire that God had put within him. I also said that it was on that afternoon that God wanted him to be clear about which method of healing really worked by sending us to him and seeing him healed of 4 different conditions. he agreed! he was so ready to take a step. I explained how he could invite the Living God to come and reside within him.

God showed us a number of other things prophetically about his life. numbers/emails were exchanged. he plans on joining the group in a few days. can't wait to hear about what happens.

i am so gripped by the fact that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of young new agers just like this man. hungry for encounter, interested in changing the world, and totally unaware of the fact that it is God's power through the indwelling Holy Spirit that is in fact the fulfillment of all that is in their hearts. all that was needed was a couple of people like us who came in with a "demonstration of the Spirit's power" to convince him that Jesus is the answer to every question that they have.

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