December 21, 2006

The Simple Logic of Love

God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, decided that a homesick, Catholic Filipino man named Tooti with a toothache who works at a fast food place needed healed and told me to do it.

I did.

God Still Heals and Speaks Because God Still Loves!

This past weekend, DJ and I got to do something we both love doing-- destroying the works of the devil. We were invited to minister at a community nearby. I knew it was going to be a special time because soon after arriving, we were able to pray for two different people in one household. One, the house help, we're still waiting for confirmation about her knees, but the other, a teenage girl received healing for her wrist and testified the next morning that it was still 100 percent. So, that was just dinner.

The next morning, we went to the first service and DJ threw down the challenge of doing what Jesus did. Afterwards, many came for prayer and the Lord touched about 40 or so. In fact, those with left shoulder problems and wrist problems all walked away with healing. Afterwards, DJ went to speak with the youth and fired them all up and I spoke to the second service.

Early that morning, I had asked God some very specific things about what He wanted to do in the services. I asked what conditions did He want to touch and what people did He want to touch-- I asked Him to send me people like me who were a bit skeptical and hungry. I received five names and rheumatoid arthritis as well as kidney problems. After receiving the names, I wrote them down as well as the other words of knowledge. I always seem to get more physical words of knowledge when working with DJ.

After I spoke in the second service, we had the opportunity to call out our words and pray for those who needed a touch from the Lord. Four of the five names I received were right on and once I started praying for these people, the Lord just anointed my tongue and downloaded stuff into my brain. It was as if the more people I prayed for, the more I felt attuned to the Flow. I also prayed for a Muslim man who needed some healing. I asked him if God is stronger than the devil. He agreed. I told him that his sickness is from the devil and that God, being stonger, heals. He nodded his head. So, I prayed for him and as I prayed I noticed unusual heat coming off his shoulder and then he started breaking into a sweat. The Lord was at work. Then the Lord dropped the word "creativity" into my mind and I started to prophesy accordingly. The man's countenance changed and he started smiling really big when I told him that God was going to increase his creativity. Moreover, I prayed that Jesus would appear to this man in a dream and answer his questions. I also prayed for several kidney problems and various other aches and pains. I love it when the Lord heals someone physically, but I also love it when He touches their heart through direct contact or through the prophetic word. The Lord loves all of all of us not just that shelved-for-heaven-Platonic thing we call a "soul." In short, He heals holistically because He loves us holistically, i.e., He keeps His own commandments: love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and your neighbor as yourself. We are truly His neighbors and He truly wants us whole for wholeness is holiness.

The next morning, we met with another man and I was able to give him some Scripture that confirmed some things that the Lord was already telling him. Now, this may seem like a little thing, but for me, it was the capstone for a great weekend where I saw more accuracy in the prophetic than I have in a long time. That I would be able to get this one Scripture from the whole Bible and give it to this guy sitting in a fast food restaurant and that it would be meaningful simply baffles me.

Love. I used to be the sort of person who agreed with the kinds of things this blog writes about, but never practiced any of it. In other words, I didn't know what real love was. The position that God doesn't work this way anymore or only does so in certain places betrays a remarkable absence of an encounter with God's love. All things flow from this. It isn't something peripheral to His being, it is His being. He is Love. Love redeems. Love also implies freely chosen vulnerability. This isn't compatible with the view of God as meticulously in control of all things everywhere. Let us meditate more deeply on the manager and the cross. I think we will come to see that a lot of our "God must be this way because this is the way I'd do it if I were Him" philosophies will vanish away in the presence of the raging fire of the Love of God. You show me the man or woman God doesn't want whole, and I'll show you the one person in all of creation that God doesn't love.

December 20, 2006

"Normal Christianity"

On a recent ministry trip to a neighboring Muslim country, Isaac of Ninevah and I saw several dozen miraculous healings as we prayed for people in the wake of the Church services we were preaching in. The night before the services we saw a teenage girl healed of a wrist problem after we had given a word of knowledge. The following morning this girl testified in the Youth Group where I had the chance to share that God had healed her the night before. I had to run upstairs to pray for the sick with Isaac of Ninevah, but the Youth Pastor told me after the service that I had "poured kerosene on the Youth and that after I left they lit a match". The Holy Spirit fell on this group of young people and many of them couldn't even get off the floor. God released new gifts of the Spirit. People that entered their meeting room also got hit by the Holy Spirit.

Upstairs "Normal Christianity" was also happening as we saw close to 40 people healed of all different kinds of sicknesses and ailments. I had given a couple of words of knowledge for wrists and for upper left arms. Every wrist we prayed for was miraculously healed - 5 in total, including a ganglion cyst! (6 if we count the one from the night before). All the upper left arms we prayed for were healed as well.

Isaac of Ninevah had entered into a whole new level of prophetic flow - with an accuracy he had never seen before. I'll let him write about that.

There was one notable miracle that took place - but I will blog that later as I am waiting for further confirmation before trumpeting what God did. I have one of the pastors following up on this to make sure that a miracle has taken place that the doctors can verify. Stay posted.