October 22, 2011

morning "spill" session - part 2

after leaving the donut shop we walked past a couple of Muslim guys and a Filipino woman and overheard them say to her, "you need to take medication for your back".  we stopped and inquired.  Isaac of Ninevah prayed for her - both her back and her stomach were hurting.  God began to touch her - we prayed again for her and then Isaac gave her his wife's number to follow up.  I don't know if she was completely healed because she needed to check it out over a period of day.

then while praying for her, I got a word of knowledge for one of the Arab muslim guys' left shoulder.  he was from Lebanon.  he let me pray for him.  it wasn't hurting at the time, but only when he worked out.  he said he would test it out later that day.  I told him it wouldn't be a problem anymore because what "God reveals, God heals".

finally we followed a Sudanese muslim guy into a shop as I thought I had a word of knowledge for a problem in his bicep.  he didn't BUT he had a shoulder problem.  I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed.  I prayed and asked him if he did a push-up would it have hurt before.  He said it would have so he then was willing to get down and do a push-up for us in the shop.  NO PAIN.

so in the course of about an hour, we approached many and ended up getting to pray for 4 people openly - 3 muslims and a Filipino woman.  all of this in a muslim country.  love to see the Kingdom come!

October 21, 2011

morning "spill" session - part 1

yesterday Isaac of Ninevah and I decided to head out and see what the Holy Spirit would do.  We probably were out about an hour just wandering in and out of different shops.  while in a donut shop, I got a word about a left hand/wrist issue.  neither of the employees working there had that problem and thought it strange I was asking.  when leaving, a Gulf Arab muslim man walks in with a wrist brace on his left wrist!  I returned to the counter and while he was ordering asked the woman if she remembered what I had just asked her about smiling and pointed to the new customer's wrist.  I asked him about the wrist and explained that God had shown us that somebody had a problem with their wrist.  He let me pray for him and took off the brace to test it out.  I don't know how much improvement he got but at the end he said, "In our culture when somebody has blessed us we honor them by kissing them" and proceeded to kiss me on the forehead.  I gave him my number and said goodbye.  I've never received a kiss before for praying for the sick!

October 19, 2011

drive-by healing late last night

after spending time talking with a Coptic friend about some of the things God has been doing amongst muslims in and through his Church, Isaac of Ninevah and I were heading back to the car.  we'd had a great time "talking" about what God was doing, but we hadn't been "doing" anything.  As I walked past a group of Filipinos who had just gotten off of work, I "tuned in" and asked the Lord to highlight something He wanted to do.  A word of knowledge came for a back problem in a the center, upper back.  I stopped and turn to the group of 5 or 6 and asked who had this problem.  The man in the middle replies, "I do, are you a pastor"?  At least Filipinos recognize the Kingdom's presence!  I sat down next to him, we prayed quickly and he was healed.  He was a believer and we were all encouraged.

Interestingly, before this yet again we heard about a muslim friend of this Coptic man coming to faith after Jesus visited him.  There was a process involved where he studied the Bible for some months, but in the end, the key factor that brought him to forsake Islam was a personal, supernatural encounter with the Risen Christ.  He also shared a number of exorcism stories where muslims were delivered from their demons in Jesus' Name.