October 19, 2011

drive-by healing late last night

after spending time talking with a Coptic friend about some of the things God has been doing amongst muslims in and through his Church, Isaac of Ninevah and I were heading back to the car.  we'd had a great time "talking" about what God was doing, but we hadn't been "doing" anything.  As I walked past a group of Filipinos who had just gotten off of work, I "tuned in" and asked the Lord to highlight something He wanted to do.  A word of knowledge came for a back problem in a the center, upper back.  I stopped and turn to the group of 5 or 6 and asked who had this problem.  The man in the middle replies, "I do, are you a pastor"?  At least Filipinos recognize the Kingdom's presence!  I sat down next to him, we prayed quickly and he was healed.  He was a believer and we were all encouraged.

Interestingly, before this yet again we heard about a muslim friend of this Coptic man coming to faith after Jesus visited him.  There was a process involved where he studied the Bible for some months, but in the end, the key factor that brought him to forsake Islam was a personal, supernatural encounter with the Risen Christ.  He also shared a number of exorcism stories where muslims were delivered from their demons in Jesus' Name.

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