October 21, 2011

morning "spill" session - part 1

yesterday Isaac of Ninevah and I decided to head out and see what the Holy Spirit would do.  We probably were out about an hour just wandering in and out of different shops.  while in a donut shop, I got a word about a left hand/wrist issue.  neither of the employees working there had that problem and thought it strange I was asking.  when leaving, a Gulf Arab muslim man walks in with a wrist brace on his left wrist!  I returned to the counter and while he was ordering asked the woman if she remembered what I had just asked her about smiling and pointed to the new customer's wrist.  I asked him about the wrist and explained that God had shown us that somebody had a problem with their wrist.  He let me pray for him and took off the brace to test it out.  I don't know how much improvement he got but at the end he said, "In our culture when somebody has blessed us we honor them by kissing them" and proceeded to kiss me on the forehead.  I gave him my number and said goodbye.  I've never received a kiss before for praying for the sick!

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