July 19, 2008

healings, prophecies and encounters - a normal Church service!

A team of us were able to minister a few nights ago in a service dedicated to the ministry of the Holy Spirit. A number of different churches were represented - which is key because UNITY always releases more of God's Kingdom. We knew it was going to be a special night, especially when one of the Church members and his wife shared how he was healed that week of cancer!

Our team began with an extended time of prophetic ministry - both personal and corporate words were given. It was just so encouraging for me to actually have to kind of put an end to this part of the ministry time. I remember the day when we were just hoping we got a prophetic word or two. Now I have to put a time limit. Truly a new day. Many words of knowledge had been given and one of our team prayed corporately for them all as those near to the people needing healing extended their hands. When I asked how many were already healed (or being healed and significantly better) something like 10 hands were raised. (I counted).

As we flowed into further ministry time, I had people come forward for a number of things - we wanted to impart spiritual gifts (Rom. 1:11), we wanted to continue the prophetic ministry and also pray for people who wanted to have a fresh new encounter with God because Desert Princess and a number of her friends had just returned from the Lakeland Outpouring and wanted to release that.

We also planned on praying for the sick with the laying on of hands.

What followed was about 2 more hours of just God doing what only God can do. As we prayed for the gift of the word of knowledge to be imparted a number of people received words and then were able to minister healing right then and there to the people with the called out conditions. I cannot say how many were healed at this point, but it was many. A variety of problems and conditions were healed.

I was only one of a ministry team that included about 10 others, so I am really not able to relay all the miraculous things God did, but a few others things included:

-A man with a titanium rod in his foot came for prayer. He WAS in chronic pain - I emphasize "was" because after prayer all the a pain was gone!

-At one point, to demonstrate further to some who were a bit more skeptical (I loved their honesty!), I just called for anybody with a headache. I had no word of knowledge - it is just that I can't remember the last time we didn't see a headache or migraine healed. A guy came forward. One of the skeptical ones prayed - most of the headache left (like 90%). Another quick prayer and it was gone.

-2 of us had gotten a very strong word of knowledge for a left wrist/lower arm condition. A couple of people had that problem but an old friend of mine who was there came up to me and said, "I had the left wrist condition and now I am healed".

-A friend of mine had a major encounter with the presence of God - he literally was shaking under God's power (and he told me later that he always 'doubted' those he saw that did that:). He also received the gift of speaking in tongues. He said it just welled up within him and came forth. (note: we didn't emphasize that gift at all - I never do)

- A man with a chronic nerve problem in his neck and shoulder received prayer and could tell that God was in fact touching him deeply in that place. He needs a day or two to confirm what exactly God did.

I actually could go on but I'll wrap it up now. Basically the Lord did more than we ever expected. There were some people who did not receive their healing and for those we will keep contending. However, God broke into this meeting and touched dozens of people - through healings, through prophetic words, through power encounters with Him. He is just outrageously good, never gets tired and loves to just show us again and again what He's really like.

I just wish you could have been there!

word of knowledge and healing comes to waitress (and a whole lot more)

right before we were scheduled to have a healing service in a church (next blog post), the Lord "interrupts" our dinner in a nearby restaurant by giving me a word of knowledge as we walk in. I ask hostess if she has pain in the specific part of her upper back - she doesn't. I ask her to ask the other employees - which she didn't! That's o.k. because we found our person:).

Our waitress comes up to take our order and I ask her. Initially she explains that she was in car accident which had affected her neck a bit. I had pointed to an area about 4 or 5 inches away from the neck but thought "close enough". Her neck problem wasn't causing her problems at the time. Desert Princess prayed for her and just released God's kingdom into her neck.

A few minutes later comes back and tells us that when she went in the back she "remembered" that she had a condition that affected her in the EXACT SPOT where I received the word of knowledge and that it only hurt when she moved her head in a particular direction. She tested it out and guess what? Her long-term condition was completely gone!! She was actually really surprised. She even began telling other co-workers what had happened.

This wasn't all. We find out that she was raised in the Church but had drifted away from the Lord. The Lord also gave us some prophetic words for her. It was all His way of getting her in his "tractor beam" again. We were able to demonstrate God's power 1st and thus had a credible place from which to talk to her. The Lord had really gotten her attention.

Not a bad dinner!

July 16, 2008

Late Night Word

Late last night, my wife and I stopped in a drug store to get some stuff for our kids and as we walked in, I got a word for a heart condition. As we were checking out, I felt some pain in my leg so I asked the lady at the counter about her legs. She said no and asked why I had asked her. I explained that sometimes I feel other people's pain. I went on to ask her about a heart condition which she also didn't have. It then dawned on me that it was probably emotional. I asked her if she was experiencing any emotional problems and she just let loose with a story about how her alcoholic mother had just moved in with her. My wife and I were able to pray for her and encourage her.

Waiter, I'll have some shooba

Last night, my wife and I were eating in a restaurant and I got a word for our waiter's left shoulder. After dinner, (because, let's face it, you want to give words at the end of the dinner in case you're wrong and then it's not awkward the whole time you're eating) I asked him if he had a left shoulder problem. He looked surprised and then said, "Are you ready to see this?" He then pulled back his shirt and showed us where his left collarbone had been screwed back together. He looked at me and asked how I knew about it. I told him that God told me and that we wanted to pray for him. After he finished up his duties, my wife and I prayed for him and did a little prophesying over his life. We didn't see the screws disappear, but he said that words were on and that he could feel tingling in his shoulder where I had had my hand.