April 04, 2008

Belated Shooba

Last Monday night, we went out, as our custom, and we saw some neat things happen, but I didn't get a chance to blog until now. Therefore, because accuracy is something we really value on this blog, I won't go into too many details (I can't remember them.) But here's the outline:
Before heading out, we ask the Lord where He wants us to go and I saw a picture of a fish. Someone else in our group suggested it was a certain restaurant, so we headed that way after making another stop. At the restaurant, we found a man who needed some healing and he allowed Tenacious B and I to pray for him. Guess what? Absolutely NOTHING happened. He didn't feel anything, he didn't feel better-- even after we both prayed a few times. Oh well. So, we went back to the place where Texas Ranger and DJ were.

We found Texas Ranger and DJ engaged in a conversation with five guys. As we joined them, I just started asking the Lord for some words for these guys-- all of them. I feel bad for people who have to sit by and watch while their friend gets all these words and they get nothin'. As I sat there, I kept asking for destiny words. It's great to give a word to someone about a condition in their life or something kind of private, but I'm contending for calling out the gold-- what gifts has the Lord put into their life to bring them into the Kingdom? This is what I was asking the Lord for. As I sat there, I got a word, literally just a word, for each of them-- teacher, comforter, healer, manager, and seer. I asked for some more and the Lord opened my eyes to the shirts they were wearing-- they were all wearing different colors. Jesus told me to prophesy according to the colors they were wearing, so I just started with the guy on the end and went around the group. Several of them really responded to the words, and at times one of the friends would say, "yes, that's him!" or "that's his family, I know them!" even if the person being prophesied to didn't seem to be clicking with what I was saying.

As I sat there with these five friends, I saw a nascent church. I saw a pastor, teacher, and evangelist. I pray all five of these men would come together into the Kingdom.

April 01, 2008

Living Water Flows Again

So, I get this call from my Syrian friend (who bears a resemblance to Sacha Baron Cohen). He tells me that he needs to see me today. This was about 5 PM and I was pretty booked up that evening, but he was serious about getting together soon. I told him the soonest I could see him would be about the 9 o'clock hour and he was agreeable to that. I was running late and it was close to 10 when I finally met him at a Starbuck's. Anyhow, he told me that yesterday morning he woke up with a severe headache and was highly irritable. The slightest thing set him off. He wasn't getting on well with his roommates. Moreover, he was plagued with disturbing dreams the following night. He awoke in the middle of the night from a troubling dream and felt like something was strangling him... Yikes. Now, things seemed to be adding up. Demonic? Ya think? The clincher was when he told me he tried to seek some relief by reading the Qur'an. Talk about the cure being worse the sickness. He said that he also read portions of a New Testament that I gave him. He said he had better success with that.

Anyhow, after briefly establishing the situation, I told him there was nothing left to do, but pray. He said, "Well, that's what I called you for!" Duh. So, anyhow, I put my hand on him and prayed God's peace, presence, and love over him. I broke off the demonic bonds and affliction. And prayed for God to touch him, fill him, and rule in his life." I could tell something was happening. His expression clearly demonstrated that he was feeling the peace of the Lord. I asked him what he felt. He said that he felt like water was pouring over his head, down past his ears, and neck. He said the headache had lifted. I prayed again, that the Lord would finish what he was doing and preserve this freedom.

I was able then to share a great deal with him after that. About God's love for him, and his desire that he walk in his blessings and freedom. I told him that he had tasted of the goodness of the Lord, but that there was much more for him to experience. He asked if it was ok to place the New Testament under his pillow. I told him it was better to turn to the one whom the book speaks of. I gave him a simple prayer to pray and some scriptures to read for comfort.

Good times. Lord finish your work in this young man's heart.

Nepali hindu touched

While in a hotel, Texas Ranger and I approached a couple Nepali men after I asked them if one of them had a shoulder problem. I got that word wrong but they were curious as to why I was asking that. We got to pray for both of these men. The first one had a back problem but since it wasn't hurting at the time we prayed, he couldn't really test it out to confirm if the condition was healed or not. I know I felt a strong sense of God's healing power flowing into his back while I was praying.

The other man then explained a problem he was having in his chest (the sternum area) and we prayed for that. He began to do push ups on the ground - which he couldn't do without pain normally. He jumped up and said there was no pain. He tested it out as thoroughly as he could and didn't find any of his "tests" produced any pain.

The first man we prayed for had a strange reaction when we offered prayer - he said, "I've never seen anything like this in my entire life". How sad that no Christian has ever demonstrated to him a supernatural Gospel! (interesting side note: neither have any muslims, buddhists or hindus either)

prophecy and healing amongst Egyptian muslims

tonight we had a bit of a "prophecy party" with a group of Egyptian muslims we met in a coffee shop. I had a pretty clear word of knowledge for a problem on the lower right arm - I thought it might be accompanied by a sensation of burning. I approached a group of Egyptian men to ask and none of them said they had the problem I described.

As we were getting up to leave, I asked again and they asked us to sit down wanting to know more about the way I "know" that people have certain health conditions. It opened up a massive discussion about the Kingdom of God and they wanted us to prophesy over them. Texas Ranger and myself began to give them some prophetic words. Texas Ranger saw that one was experiencing profound sadness and heaviness. One of them, Muhammad, said he was the one. The Lord then showed me that it was related to being apart from the girl he loved. It turns out that he had just been married 3 days earlier but she was in Egypt. At this point, Isaac of Ninevah and Tenacious B joined us and Isaac just began to unleash prophetic words for all of them - I'll let him blog about that. It was amazing!!

Finally, I found my right arm problem. One guy had been BURNED (remember the "sensation of burning") on his right wrist earlier today. I asked if it still hurt and he said yes. I prayed for the pain to leave and all pain left during prayer. He turned to his friend and swore that he was healed!

The discussion we had was simply amazing - after we had demonstrated the Kingdom through prophecy and healing, they were hungry to know "how do you move in these miraculous ways". We prayed and imparted a dream to the one Muhammad who was in so much sadness. I basically told him what I felt would happen in the dream and the timing of the dream (these will have to be confirmed when he calls me after the night I told him it would come).

God's Kingdom was expanding tonight - and so was our faith!!!