January 06, 2012

turkish muslim man healed and tells of other experience

i met a Turkish muslim man the other day at his workplace.  I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem on the right side.  he told me he had a problem there and that it was actually bothering him at that very time.  he let me pray for him.

after praying quickly, he told me he felt something "strange" - heat.  he began to check it out and all pain had gone.  he goes on to tell me that he had another American friend who had prayed for him before and he had felt strange heat in his hand.  I love it when I discover that I am part of a process where God has been working in a muslim's life.  another "Kingdom Link" in a divine chain of activity.

I gave this man my phone number and told him that I would like to help bring healing to any of his friends or family.  

January 05, 2012

follow up from muslim man healed

i was back down in the Industrial area again of our Arab city and was able to follow up with one of the muslim men whose shoulder was healed.  he told me that his right shoulder was 100% fine but that his left shoulder had gone back to about 1/2 of the pain.  we prayed again AND it was the same as the other shoulder.  I asked him about 1 hour later if it was the same and it was.

his boss is a former muslim and able to follow up with him directing him towards the healer Himself!

January 03, 2012

several muslims healed and one we are still waiting for

today while in the Industrial area of our city, I was able to pray for a few people and see them healed.

one man had a shoulder problem and I prayed for him and he told me all the pain left.  that led to another man with a foot condition - I prayed and all the pain left.  I was with a former Iranian muslim who knew these guys and so he was also explaining to them the Kingdom of God.

a while later I was able to pray for another man's shoulders that were injured in a motorcycle accident.  pain left and he could move with more flexibility.

finally I prayed for an Iranian muslim who was blind in one eye - since his childhood.  I laid hands on his eyes and began to pray for him.  He worked in the shop next to my Iranian Christian friend.  After prayer, I saw no difference in the eye, but I had broken off the shock and trauma from the accident and told him that I was praying an angel would visit him and complete the miracle.  pray with me about this.