January 03, 2012

several muslims healed and one we are still waiting for

today while in the Industrial area of our city, I was able to pray for a few people and see them healed.

one man had a shoulder problem and I prayed for him and he told me all the pain left.  that led to another man with a foot condition - I prayed and all the pain left.  I was with a former Iranian muslim who knew these guys and so he was also explaining to them the Kingdom of God.

a while later I was able to pray for another man's shoulders that were injured in a motorcycle accident.  pain left and he could move with more flexibility.

finally I prayed for an Iranian muslim who was blind in one eye - since his childhood.  I laid hands on his eyes and began to pray for him.  He worked in the shop next to my Iranian Christian friend.  After prayer, I saw no difference in the eye, but I had broken off the shock and trauma from the accident and told him that I was praying an angel would visit him and complete the miracle.  pray with me about this.

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