January 06, 2012

turkish muslim man healed and tells of other experience

i met a Turkish muslim man the other day at his workplace.  I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem on the right side.  he told me he had a problem there and that it was actually bothering him at that very time.  he let me pray for him.

after praying quickly, he told me he felt something "strange" - heat.  he began to check it out and all pain had gone.  he goes on to tell me that he had another American friend who had prayed for him before and he had felt strange heat in his hand.  I love it when I discover that I am part of a process where God has been working in a muslim's life.  another "Kingdom Link" in a divine chain of activity.

I gave this man my phone number and told him that I would like to help bring healing to any of his friends or family.  

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