August 17, 2007

Miracles until Midnight

Tonight the Kingdom of God came! After a time of teaching, immediately my friend T. began to prophesy over people and was hitting the mark with accurate revelation. Two weeks in a row, he has gotten into a anointed prophetic flow that has been amazing. Almost immediately the skeptics in the room were forced to deal with the reality of God breaking in. Talk is cheap and my message about the God's power would have simply been a nice 'gospel of words', but then the demonstration began - and what began with prophecy, led into some radical healings.

Several words of knowledge were given - all of which were ultimately claimed as conditions people had. One woman responded to a word of knowledge about foot pain in the right, bottom part of her foot. It turned out that she was struggling far more with a migraine headache which had left her with serious nausea. She had almost left the meeting at several different times. We went after the headache and to her astonishment God completely healed her of the migraine. She began to cry as she pondered the goodness of God in touching in such a tangible and critical way. Next we prayed for the foot problem - in a foot she had recently broken but which hadn't healed properly. As we prayed, the entire foot became extremely cold. It was cold only to her - we couldn't feel it. Interestingly, the woman who was laying hands on her foot was feeling heat in her hand - the very opposite sensation! We don't know the whole story because the Lord was still at work in healing the foot when we turned to minister to others, but she was able to move her toes without pain, which she couldn't do beforehand. I look forward to her full testimony regarding the foot - as we ended, there was still a sensation of coldness which indicated the Lord was still working even after we finished praying.

Next we prayed for a young man who had been hospitalized that very day because of severe back pain. The word of knowledge I received was in the exact location of where the pain had been centered - in the middle upper part of the back. We had to pray a few times, but to his amazement, the Lord took his pain away as well. He too had been in some very serious pain during the meeting and the Lord in His goodness broke in and touched him in his place of need.

Another man who had a condition came to me and as I had asked didn't tell me what it was. I had introduced the ministry time by saying that I wanted to let the Lord show me what people needed prayer for through words of knowledge. I got it wrong twice (Humility lessons!) and then on the 3rd attempt, I heard clearly, getting a word of knowledge about pain in the lower back on the left side - which was exactly where the problem was. We prayed and the Lord took away all of the pain in his lower back.

The next woman we came to had taken issue with some of the things I had said during my teaching time. I was encouraging the group to view God's goodness primarily through the revelation we have of God through Christ ("If you've seen me, you've seen the Father") rather than through OT passages which seem to paint a different picture. We MUST read the OT through the clearer, more complete revelation of the NT (i.e. the Life of Christ). As she came for prayer, the Lord gave me a clear word of knowledge about a problem in her jaws and she just began to weep. It was obvious that the Lord had truly given me a revelation. We prayed and the the Lord began to touch her pain and after several times of prayer, had taken her pain away. He also showed some other things prophetically that He touched in her life as well.

The final woman I was able to minister to came with a clear heaviness on her. As I began to pray, the Lord showed me that there was a problem in the middle, left side of her back. She verified that she in fact had a problem there - a knot in that areas since an automobile accident several months prior. He began to touch that very area and by the time we ended prayer, she could feel that the Lord had in fact ministered to the exact area. It would take some time - a few days - for her to be sure that the healing was/is complete as the problem didn't cause pain constantly - we look forward to the testimony!

Finally, a friend of mine came for one of the final words of knowledge I had given - for a superficial knee problem. As we prayed, the problem left her leg. While praying, the Lord also gave another word of knowledge about an elbow problem she had.

All in all, it was just an incredible night watching God do what ONLY He can do - heal the sick and release prophetic revelation. There was no other place I would have rather been tonight than co-laboring with Jesus to see Him manifest God's Kingdom. More Lord!

August 12, 2007

words of knowledge and healing when you least expect it

Tonight as I went to Church, I went to receive. My cup was empty after a late-night service the previous night. The day didn't go very well. I had a pretty heated argument with my wife in the car before we walked into Church. The last thing I felt like doing was to give and/or minister to anyone.

I positioned myself to receive - I spent the entire worship time flat on my face. It was glorious and the Lord was restoring me and filling me. The message 'had my name on it' as I really felt like the Father was speaking directly to me. I was so ready to run forward to receive extra ministry by the prayer team at the end of the service - but that never happened. It simply wasn't to be.

My friend who had given the message called me up to help minister to people, especially people who needed physical healing. She even handed me the microphone to call out words of knowledge for healing. I knew it was all just a 'God Alone Matters' type of moment. I wasn't feeling like ministering AT ALL. I was still licking my wounds from the day and just wanting others to lay hands on me to release more of God's presence.

What happened next was just so clearly God's miraculous intervention that I am still just shaking my head. No sooner do I have the microphone than the Lord begins to release words of knowledge into my body - the middle of the back, hearing problems, an ankle problem.

As I moved over to the part of the room where people came forward for healing, I just leaned into my Heavenly Father - there are times when we feel like we are "partnering" with God (even though its like 95% God and 5% us), but tonight it was clearly going to be a 100% Him/0% me kind of a night). Firstly He heals the necks of two women. Next I pray for a man with back pain (responding to one of my words of knowledge) and after praying twice He is healed. I come to another man with neck pain and severe lower back pain down into the upper part of his right leg. I got the two women who were healed to share with him their testimony - we prayed for his neck and all the pain leaves. Next we focus upon the lower back/upper right leg problem which has been serious for a couple of months. As I pray, he tells me something "cracked" and all the pain left his lower back/upper leg - He was shocked. So was I - not because God doesn't do that type of thing, but because He did it at a time that I felt like the most unlikely candidate to minister on the planet.

God is truly amazing and "apart from Him we can do nothing". That truth became a whole lot truer to me tonight.

A prophetic evening a couple in a desperate situation

Tonight was a powerful evening for a couple of friends of mine who are facing an insurmountable struggle in the natural. They came with us to Church needing to 'hear from God' and to see the Kingdom break in around their lives. As He so often does, because He is so outrageously GOOD, the Lord 'tailor-made' an evening for my friends. From a time of prophetic ministry before the service, to the message given about "storms", to prophetic words given during the service and ultimately the prophetic ministry that the Lord released to my friends after the service. Some of the prophetic words were so accurate that they were even a bit "spooky" as we say.

The fact is God designed an evening for my friends that I never could have - He gets all the glory!!!

Prophecy, healing and impartations in house group

Last night during a house group meeting, the Lord released a number of different Kingdom manifestations. Several of us received words of knowledge and prayed for people's healing. One interesting word of knowledge came to me for "finger pain on the right side of the room". I wrote it down in my notebook. A minute or so later, a friend of mine said the Lord just came and took away the pain he was having in his fingers. Nobody laid hands on him. The word of knowledge came to me seemingly at the very same time God was healing my friend. Why? I think the Lord just likes to tell His friends what He is doing sometimes!

A real Spirit of Prophecy came and several of the words spoken by the ministry team were incredibly accurate and meaningful.

Gifts of the Spirit were also released through impartation. One woman's hands were burning as she was waiting on the Lord. She prayed for a man's back pain and all the pain left. I really believe she received a gift of healing.

The testimonies are still coming in. One of the other things that was prayed for was for people to encounter God in new ways. That also happened.