March 03, 2007

Healings in the Himalayas

On my recent trip to the Himalayas, I saw numerous miracles of healing amongst Kashmiri Muslims. After discovering that I had authority to heal the sick, one after another would come to me for healing in their bodies. Many words of knowledge came to reveal what their sickness and/or ailments were - in fact, I told them NOT to tell me up front what was wrong, but to allow God to reveal to me what it was.

All I can say is that I could have never imagined the things God would do on this short trip. I will post a number of the stories in subsequent blog postings.

May God's Kingdom keep coming to the Kashmiri Muslims!

March 01, 2007

Lump in breast disappears

On February 24 my mother had called to say that her doctor had felt a lump in one of her breasts. We began praying against this, and I wrote this prayer for her to repeat: "I reject this infirmity that is trying to invade my body. I know that there is no cancer in the Kingdom of God, and so I refuse to allow it to grow in my body. The Lord is my healer. I see this as one of the works of the devil which Jesus came to destroy. In Jesus' name, by whose stripes I am healed, I bind fear and all other works of darkness and I loose the healing power of the Kingdom of God in my body." Today I received this email from her: “Healed by His stripes!! Yes, the mammogram results showed that there were no significant abnormalities... I came out of the mammo room all smiling. Thanks for the prayer ... I will cherish it because I prayed it many, many times and learned a lot about praying for diseases…

Sexual addiction exposed

On a recent ministry trip, I received an impression about a man with a sexual dysfunction. The way it came to me, it seemed to me that this was a purely physical (biological) infirmity. I shared this at a meeting to which our team was invited, and said that Jesus wanted to heal that issue in someone's life. At the end, two men separately came up to me. The first one said that he was in the grip of a sexual addiction. The second was currently involved in an adulterous affair. Each one felt that my word had spoken to them - so even though my impression had been somewhat inaccurate (the problem was with the heart, not the body!) , the message was still true that Jesus wanted to heal this painful (and shameful) issue. Jesus delivered me from addictive behaviour of a sexual nature, so I know that freedom from this bondage is not only possible but our inheritance! I was able to speak words of hope, deliverance and restoration over these men.