December 28, 2009

Syrian muslim man healed - wants prayer for his sick brother next

Today while were out to breakfast at a mall, we had the chance to pray for several people to be healed. We got a word of knowledge about a Filipino woman's knee and got to pray for her. She brought one of her colleagues for prayer - his back hurt. We prayed several times, including my son JD - and he told us the problem was gone.

The Lord also gave me a word of knowledge for a Gulf Arab muslim man's neck - it wasn't hurting at the time, but he let me pray. While praying, what I was 'feeling' lifted and so I told him it wasn't going to be a problem any more. He is calling me tomorrow (because it bothers him at night) to let me know what the Lord has done!

Finally, as we walked into a hobby shop and a strong word of knowledge comes to my neck (I guess it was the morning for necks). I asked the Syrian muslim man who worked there if he had that particular problem. He did. I told him that the Lord had 'revealed' that when we walked into the shop and that He would heal him. We prayed and it got much better. We prayed again and the pain was gone. He told his co-worker (another muslim from India) that the pain was gone. We also got to pray for him - he had a place where he suffered from headaches each night - he too was going to call us the following day to tell us if the problem was gone.

After our new Syrian friend was healed, he asked if we could go and pray for his brother in the hospital - of course we can/will! Can't wait to give our new friend an Arabic Bible to tell Him all about the Jesus who healed his neck and is going to touch his brother!

December 27, 2009

my daughter and I see muslim man get radically healed

tonight I went to an amusement park with my daughter. while we were there, a Sri Lankan muslim man told us he had bad knees. I thought it was a minor injury. I prayed a little while for him. then I asked him what happened. he told me he was hit by a car! He wasn't only in pain, his movement was severely limited. I prayed again and he tried to do a deep knee bend. he couldn't get up without using his arms on the handrails he was standing between. he kept trying and simply couldn't get up without some major assistance from his arms. I told him we'd be back in about 15 minutes.

while we were gone, something began to rise up inside of me - this muslim man MUST see God's power. I also realized that the damage to his knees was far worse than the sports injuries that we usually pray for.

he let us pray again when we returned. I asked him to do the deep knee bend again. As he did them, I kept praying. Then all of a sudden, strength enters his leg and he can do the knee bends without using his arms. It was remarkable! We had seen him unable to get up and then we were standing and watching him do what just a minute before he could not do! I have to confess, I was stunned. God healed this man right before our eyes and we could see the evidence immediately.

At this point, I was able to clearly explain that it was Jesus who had healed him. I asked him if he knew who Jesus was. He seemed to know who he was. I am praying now that he will find a Sri Lankan Christian who can explain the Gospel to him in his own language.

a tragic day for Shi'ite muslims (which leads to a tragic eternity)

today is known in the islamic world as Ashoura. it is the day that Shi'ite muslims remember the death of Hussein (their prophet's grandson). they speak of his death a martrydom, but in reality, to them it is much, much more. if they are honest, they will tell you that they believe his death was a type of atonement for their sins.

i have muslim friends who would jump up and deny this emphatically, but I remember a number of years ago to test my hypothesis (i.e. that they believe Hussein's death was a sacrificial atonement), I had a Shi'ite friend of mine read Isaiah 53 - speaking prophetically about the sacrifice that Christ would come to offer and the resulting benefits of His sacrifice. I DID NOT tell him who the passage was speaking of. He was sure it was speaking of Hussein.

With great sadness this morning, I was listening to hundreds and hundreds of Shi'ite muslims crying out with great passion - in my neighborhood. Looking towards Hussein - whose death accomplished nothing. Missing completely the death of Christ - who came hundreds of years earlier. They are hungry and they are crying out but they know not who can help them!

May the millions of Shi'ite muslims in the world discover that Ashoura points to Jesus Christ, the Son of God and true Sacrificial Lamb - who died for their sins.

December 21, 2009

Pakistani muslim man receives Holy Spirit "touch therapy"

while out yesterday with my kids, we were practicing getting some words of knowledge - after a some limited success in a restaurant, we found ourselves in a mall. While in a sporting goods store, I got a word of knowledge for a knee problem. There were two men working in the shop so I asked the one closest to me. He had a knee problem. I prayed for his knee and after he tested it out declared, "there is no more pain". Funny thing was he said that he had undergone "touch therapy" before. I guess God wanted to do His own "Holy Ghost touch therapy"

December 18, 2009

breakthroughs in healing that can affect a nation

The Lord is opening doors for us to minister to members of the Royal Family in the country in which we live. Just yesterday the Lord gave Desert Princess to chance to minister to a royal princess. Doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with her - but the Great Physician knows what earthly physicians do not. She was able to pray with her and the princess began to cry. Now we wait to see what Jesus has done. We can only imagine what kind of doors her healing will open for the Gospel!

God's power to heal at Church this morning

During worship this morning, the Lord began giving me words of knowledge. I wrote them down and wondered how we would be able to release them. My wife also got a prophetic word for the man next to us. At the end of our pastor invited anyone who needed prayer for healing to come to us. I guess the Lord worked out a way to be able to check on those words.

One of the words I have was for a man with a right shoulder sports injury. I also wrote down the year 1986. A man approached me who had everything, but it was from 1990. We prayed and his shoulder was healed.

Another word was for widespread upper back pain - another guy had a ruptured disc in his upper back that affected the same area. We prayed and he was touched. The Lord also healed his left knee (another word of knowledge) and brought a measure of relief to his lower back. I told him I wanted to check with him the following week so that we could really see how much healing he received. I'll give an update next week.

The Lord gave another word for a neck problem. I sensed it was for the pastor. He had the neck problem and we prayed.

My wife, Desert Princess, got a prophetic word for the guy next to us - it was EXACTLY the same thing the Lord had spoken to him that very morning. She ministered to him and he left in tears as the Lord touched him.

Finally, I got to follow up with the African couple who I wrote about a week ago. The Lord had given me a specific word for a problem in the upper right part of the chest. She came to tell me a week later that she was completely healed!

Often people will feel better at the very moment of prayer but later the pain returns. I am far more interested in people who are pain free the following day, the next week and ultimately for years to come.

December 16, 2009

confessions of a "theological racist"

the Body of Christ tragically is divided into "tribes" that spend a lot of time and effort attacking one another. it is often very difficult for people to even associate with those of another tribe without being criticized/misunderstood by their own tribe. I had this experience several years ago when I began to open myself up to learning from a branch of Pentecostalism that my own Evangelical tribe was famous for attacking and sadly, often misrepresenting.

I have to give a disclaimer before I pen another word - to associate with someone, DOESN'T MEAN that you agree with or endorse everything that person/tribe teaches or believes. Unity in the Body of Christ doesn't depend upon theological homogeneity. I know people who believe almost exactly alike in terms of their doctrine and yet who are deeply divided. I know others whose doctrines are vastly different and who demonstrate a unity that can only be explained supernaturally. I can say personally that I find this to be very much the case in my own life and experience.

Now, rewind a few years. I was very critical of the brand of Pentecostalism that was seen on our television screens. Funny thing was, I never watched these men (and women). I had never read their books. I had never gone to their conferences. Of course not - they were from a 'despised' tribe - we had lots of negative descriptions for these people. "Health and Wealth", "Name it and claim it", etc. I was sure that these people were all heretics. On MANY OCCASIONS, I actual told people that these people were 'heretics'.

Enter God.

One day the Lord asked me a question. Now I've never to this day heard the 'audible voice of God'. This question came to me as a crystal clear impression. The Lord asked me, "How would you like it if someone was calling you a heretic who 1) had never met you 2) had never read any of your books (if in fact I had written one) and 3) or had never watched you minister"?

This is when the whole "do unto others" Scripture always pops into our minds (God speaking again). Of course, I told the Lord that I wouldn't like it. But here I was doing just that. I was a theological racist. I was unrighteously judging a whole group of people that I knew nothing about. And as is ALWAYS the case, people end up judging the 'worst examples' in a tribe (or focusing in on a mistake/or mistakes they have made).

So what did I do? First of all, I read a couple of books by the man at the time that I had pegged/characterized as "Public Heretic #1" - Benny Hinn. I read Good Morning Holy Spirit and The Anointing. I didn't find any heresy! What a surprise! In fact, I was deeply challenged by the depth of this man's relationship with God. Secondly, I went to try and meet him personally. This is easier said than done, but in the end I was able to spend a number of hours watching him tape his television show. I didn't hear anything heretical there either.

To this day, I don't really identify with the "tribe" that Benny Hinn would be a part of. I don't follow his ministry. I've never gone to any of his events/conferences. The exercise the Lord had me do was not about changing my tribe - it was about dealing with major heart issues that I had (and still have all-too-often) towards people from another Kingdom tribe.

Why am I even writing about this today? It is because, Oral Roberts was promoted to glory today. He was another one of those who I had misrepresented and even slandered - again knowing NOTHING about his life and ministry. When I began to learn about his amazing life - especially the ministry the Lord gave him in the 1950's, I was absolutely astonished! Why hadn't ANY of my theological mentors told me about what the Lord did IN AMERICA in the 10-year period from about 1947-1957? Some of you reading this might be wondering yourselves what I am even referring to? Basically, God was visiting our nation with notable (New Testament quality) signs, wonders and miracles through the lives and ministries of men like Oral Roberts - and I had never heard a thing. Why? Didn't happen in my tribe! (or maybe more importantly, THROUGH my tribe). That is another major indication of theological racism - if you struggle to acknowledge God using other tribes (other than your own).

It was about 5 years ago now, but I had the honor to meet Oral Roberts one Saturday morning personally - we had breakfast with he and his wife Evelyn in their home. I went to honor someone who came from a tribe that my tribe persecuted (when we slander and misrepresent people's theology it is persecution). That morning, the Lord gave me a gift. At one point, after I prayed for Oral, who had had a bad night (his health wasn't that good), he looked at me. Strength entered his frail 86 year-old body. He said, "Young man, give me your hands". I knew at that point, that I was about to receive something. All I can say is that power (the greek word for this power is 'dunamis') came into my hands. Paul wrote to Timothy instructing him NOT TO NEGLECT the gift(s) that were given through the laying on of hands (1 Tim. 4:14 / 2 Tim. 1:6). My goal has always been not to neglect what God imparted to me that morning - a gift I received through a member of another tribe.

December 12, 2009

Bangladeshi muslim security guard healed

while waiting for my family to come out of the bathroom after some shopping, I thought I got a word of knowledge for the security man's neck. He didn't have that problem, but pointed to his knees. Communication was a problem, but healings have a way of speaking for themselves. I kneeled down and put my hand on his knee. I prayed quickly and he his knee was healed. I couldn't really communicate anything else - may God follow this man up and lead him to Christians who can speak to him.

drive-by healing in Starbucks

today I was standing by the counter in Starbucks when a Gulf Arab muslim man walks up to order his coffee. I asked the Lord if there was anything He wanted to say about this man. A word of knowledge came for a shoulder problem. As he walked over to pick up his coffee, I followed him and asked him, "Do you have a problem with your shoulder"? He did. I explained that I was a Christian and that God had revealed it to me. I then just put my hand on his shoulder and began to pray. I asked him to check it out - no change. I swung the bat again and after a 2nd brief prayer he was healed.

I told him where to find me and that I was a follower of Jesus - sowing widely and giving him a way to find me. Now I will pray that he takes the next step to hear more about the Jesus who touched his shoulder.



Hephzibah and Beulah our siblings in the Lord were invited to the Kenya National Day Celebrations dinner in the muslim country we live in hosted by the Ambassador of Kenya the other night and asked us if we (Praise and me) would like to join them.

During the celebration Hephzibah, Beulah and Praise kept moving around asking the Lord to lead them into touching people lives in a supernatural ways… I kept looking around for an ideal spot where we could manifest Gods Kingdom on earth.

The Holy Sprit led me to a corner between the Juice and the water table and said "wait here". Hephzibah, Beulah and Praise came back a testimony of a healing. I started to get a feeling that we are in for a greeeeeaaaat night!

I started getting words of knowledge and kept asking people around me only to get negative replys…I yet asked the Lord what's happning... how come everybody is saying no…to which He replied "get ready".

I saw a waiter and asked him if there was a need for a prayer in his life he said that his right heel hurt badly for quite some time we prayed his pain stopped in his right heel his left heel started to pain we agreed to prayer for his left heel. God touched him he got healed we asked him if any of his colleagues had a need for prayers that we would be right here… I couldnt believe what I saw... he went to all his colleagues and started to point to us... soon we saw a line of waiters wanting prayers (well they would take turns from their work).

At the same time when we prayed for a Kenyan gentleman on getting healed he went to his friends and told them what happned…. from then on they came forth with infirmities and went fort was a free for all… the Holy Sprit was FLOWING we were have a heavenly feast of healings..... soon I dint know who or what I was praying for... but this I knew people just kept saying I am healed couple of guys started jumping around after prayers saying "no pain, no pain".

In the rush 2 guys demanded that I pray for them at the same time (one guy says me another says no its gona be me first) the Holy Sprit asked me to get one to pray for the other… one did other got healed… people had their eyes popping out by then at that time a lady who had been watching us for quite some time came over and asked me if I could spare a few moments in private she said that she wanted to do a confession and desperately wanted to find God…. Hephzibah and Praise led her in the sinners pray with a hug of love and she gave her life to God… I saw peace on her face.

In all this a gentle man came up to us and asked us who we were Hephzibah smiled and said that we are Ambassadors from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Beulah saw gold dust and oil oozing out of a couple of people hands.

It was truly a day of independence for many as they received their freedom in the Lord… couple of people asked where we worship and one did come over yesterday while some are expected next week...we are looking foward to our next invitation....but as DJ says we have no problem gate crashing any where to have a healing service.

just a normal day with more healings and words of knowledge

i knew it was going to be a great day when we just walked into Church the Lord began giving words of knowledge. I didn't think I'd have the opportunity to call them out so I asked the Lord to show me specifically who they were for. A couple of words weren't for the people I approached but SOME were - here's what happened: I had noticed one family during worship and got a word for a specific part of the upper right part of the chest. When I approached them, the wife said that it was in fact for her. We were all a bit shocked - getting those types of words for the specific person NEVER GETS OLD and it always releases so much faith. We prayed the Spirit just came on her in a powerful way. We'll have to wait and see what the result is, but I told her that there was simply no way that she wasn't healed.

Then I noticed this other woman in front of my wife and I and a word of knowledge came for a specific part of the head where I believed she had a headache. When I told my wife about it, she was getting the exact same word (but didn't know who it was for). Sure enough the woman had a headache in that exact area and she was healed. The Holy Spirit ministered to her in a powerful way - she could hardly stay on her feet!

At lunch, a word of knowledge came for a left foot problem for our waiter. He had the problem, he was healed and then he looked at us and said, "you are healers"! We gave the glory to Jesus!

The day just kept getting better as we gathered to share testimonies - the testimony of the week was when some of community decided to go to the National Day Celebration for the country of Kenya (they weren't Kenyans, but so what!) God shows up and starts healing people. It got a bit crazy and one of the Kenyans even joined us in our meeting tonight after see all that God did. Why didn't I ever think of crashing the National Day Celebrations of other countries to have a healing service? Sounds like a God idea to me!

December 09, 2009

see an injured muslim man, gotta pray!

while I was waiting for my lunch to come, a Gulf Arab muslim guy walks up with his arm in a sling. I ask him "what happened?" and he explains that his hand was slammed in a door - his finger was broken. I asked if it hurt right then - it did.

So what do I do? I am not really in an environment where I can pray. So I just put my fingers lightly on the place where he said the break was and where the pain was. I just began to pray silently. I took my hand away and asked him what he felt happening. He told me it was "tingling". I said, "Great, God is healing your hand". I told him where my office was and asked if he would stop by the next day to tell me how it was doing.

That was that - I was in almost an impossible place to pray for someone and yet God made a way. Now I can't wait to tell him about the Jesus who touched his hand!

December 08, 2009

Christian maid in muslim home healed

while visiting the home of a Gulf Arab muslim last night with a friend, their maid came in to offer us something to drink. As she walked into the room, a word of knowledge came indicating that she had a problem in a specific part of her upper back. I asked if she had pain there. She did. When I asked if I could pray for her she was a bit nervous - she didn't think her muslim employer would want that. Since he had gone upstairs, I said I'd just pray quickly. I extended my hand towards her and we prayed once with some improvement. We prayed a second time and she testified that all the pain was gone when we were done.

We'll definitely have a chance to follow up with her because she works for our friends' new landlord!

December 07, 2009

"drive bys"

yesterday we saw a couple of "drive by" healings - O.K, so we weren't in the car, but as we were leaving this bookstore, I asked the manager why she hadn't read any of Bill Johnson's books? she carried a few titles, but hadn't read any. she acted a bit embarrased (probably because I'd talked with her so much about his stuff previously). Anyway, at that moment a word of knowledge comes (lower abdomen on the side). Both she and her friend have pain in that area - my wife laid her hands on each of them and the pain left! I said, "we learned that from Bill Johnson"! Then she asks, "which one of his books should I start with"?

December 05, 2009

when God shows up

last night as a group of us gathered and watched "The Finger of God" ( for about 40 minutes it was clear early on that God was going to do some incredible things. the last guests left the house at 2AM (with a 6:30PM start!)

prophetic gifts were flowing - words of knowledge, words of destiny
people were getting set free - some powerful freedom from demonic torment
healings - haven't even gotten heard all the testimonies yet
God's manifested presence - people were having incredible encounters with the Holy Spirit

my only real concern now is "what are the neighbors going to think"?

December 02, 2009

it is a joy to know that we belong to a team of people who are into serious business of seeing God's kingdom come onto earth in our daily lives thru healing's when we pray for people with issues and deformations. A few days ago a friend asked me if i could pray for her left ear which was deaf. I agreed half way thru the pray I stopped and asked her if she felt anything unusual in her ears. she said that someone (I knew that it was that Holy Spirit) was putting a finger in (both!!!) her ears and stirring them. When we completed our prayers her husband entered the house she asked her husband to WHISPER a few words across the room. She guessed right (i dint hear a thing!!!!! come to think of it God gets me to pray for her she gets healed and her ears get better than mine)

Later on in the evening a guy named moosa a pakistani muslim who has been meeting with us for prayers.... and God has been healing him from frozen shoulder, pain in the wrist, palm, stomach, knee, ankle and toes ( somehow all his pain was in the right side of his body) and yeah both his eyes weak eyesight ... i say God has been healing him because everyday he leaves us completely healed and he comes back the next day saying a slight pain has returned in a place or 2 and no sooner do we start praying he claims total healing makes me want to guss that he likes us talking to him about Jesus and so he makes excuses to hang around with us....

activating the formerly blind man's granddaughters

last night I went to visit the man whose blind eye opened. he had had a stroke when I met him in the hospital and had limited movement. what I saw last night was a totally transformed man - walking around. I was told he had about 90% recovered from all the effects of the stroke after prayer. I prayed again for his eye because there was still some weakness in his vision beyond about 6 feet. Not only did I pray, but I had his granddaughters get involved (training and equipping!). by the time we left, the Lord had given him considerable improvement. I left the girls with an "assignment" - after showing them what the Scriptures teach (i.e. "the blind shall see") they were to ensure that their grandfather was experiencing everything God had for him.

the Lord began to speak yet again while we were there - words of knowledge about an ear condition, a knee condition, a stomach condition - Jesus touched each of these conditions in 3 different people in the house.

we also go to pray for a skin disease, a man's hand, a girl struggling in her studies, a man's calf - and there were other things that I can't remember.

The bottom line is that when the Lord begins to move, it seems that He moves numerous things!! It is just so amazing that He partners with us in these Kingdom works.

November 29, 2009

presence focused

believers focus on many different things - some of 'purpose driven' (as popularized by the book of the same title), some focus on a 'structure' (this has been a huge emphasis in the modern day 'Apostolic' movement, and still others are relationally focused (churches/movements based around 'small groups').

purpose is important, structure is important (however, God blesses many different structures, much to the surprise of those who believe they have God's 'ordained' structure:) and relationships are important.

however, having all of those elements in place and NOT having His Presence would mean nothing! I believe that the priority of Scripture was that the Presence of God was there - and the other things were all secondary. Moses seemed to get this when he uttered, "UNLESS YOU GO WITH US". He wanted God's Presence and nothing else mattered.

Nothing wrong with being "seeker sensitive", but if we are not first and foremost "sensitive to His presence", what are we exposing the seekers to? I've spent much of my life around "seeker sensitive" Church models - and sadly, the desire for the "presence of the unsaved" seems to often become more important than the "Presence of the one who can save them"!

whatever we are doing - however we are gathering, whoever we are leading, no matter what 'methods' we are using - let us be sure that we are pursuing the Presence of God first and foremost.

November 28, 2009

young girl with unusual muscular condition showing improvment

we met a young girl who cannot walk normally due to a rare muscular condition where she lacks strength and coordination. We prayed one day and invited the mother to bring her to our meeting. Last week she came and we got to pray for the girl for a long time. We just got the report that she is able to do things that she couldn't do before - like walk up and down stairs without assistance! Needless to say, the mother is bringing her daughter back for more prayer!

"How did you know? I didn't tell anybody"! (famous last words before a healing)

last night as we met in our home with about 20-25 others, the Lord moved in a variety of ways. Some were taken into amazing visions which they shared for the edification of everyone, words of knowledge were given and people were healed, and God even began to release tangible signs of the His Presence and Glory. Isn't that what a normal gathering of Christians to worship should always look like?

At one point, when I was calling out a word of knowledge for lower back pain, one of our new Lebanese visitors come up to me and asks, "How did you know? I didn't tell anybody"! I explained that God showed us and after a several prayed for him he was totally healed - all the pain left. He was so excited and can't wait until next week's meeting!

One of the other healings that took place was for a teenager's ear - again there was a word of knowledge for it.

At one point, there was even gold showing up on people's hands, and then on a couple of women there was 'oil' too. This really got all the young people excited - they got out their cameras.

There was a special manifested presence of the Lord last night - whenever that happens (be that in the Scriptures, or today) things of supernatural nature take place. I guess we can become accustomed to meetings where so little is happening that a meeting like last night appears 'unusual' - I propose that it is the meetings with little or no supernatural occurrences which are in fact 'strange'!

words of knowledge and prophetic ministry

in our class yesterday, we talked about how Gifts of the Holy Spirit can be released/activated through prophetic utterance - as Paul wrote that is was in Timothy's life. When we began to pray, it was beautiful to see many different people giving prophetic words and probably 15 people in total received ministry. I didn't get feedback on how the words impacted everyone, but some testified that the prophetic words were very accurate - some receiving 'exact phrases' that they had either prayed the night before, or that had been prophesied over them previously (confirmation).

I gave a word of knowledge about a problem in the upper leg/buttocks - an Indian teenage girl responded and was healed. she was thrilled as she is an athlete and it affected her running. I got another word of knowledge for a wrist condition as one of the men in the class walked up to me - he had that problem and we the Lord healed his wrist! A couple of others also testified that they were healed - a few conditions were not healed, which was disappointing.

Others also got words of knowledge, called them out and began praying for people who responded. Overall the meeting was such a picture of "body ministry" - the Body ministering to the Body (not Somebody ministering to the Body/one man show model).

November 22, 2009

God's grace to a muslim family

as we are contending for God to raise a muslim woman from a coma (she's brain dead), the Lord is visiting the family. An angel visited her brother, I believe the Lord visited the woman's son - who also saw himself in a scene where he was being baptized! As we left the hospital tonight (after praying again for the mother), the Lord healed her brother of a neck condition AS WE WALKED to the exit.

November 20, 2009

God puts "gift of healing" into muslim son's hand for his mother

After healing broke out in the hospital when the blind eye for us to go pray for a muslim woman who has been brain dead for a few days. we saw no noticeable difference at the time, but I told her muslim son that I wanted to "put a gift of healing in your hands". He agreed. I told him that when his hand became hot while with his mother, to put his hand on her and pray this, "Lord, let your Kingdom come"! The next day I get the report that the son's hand became "very hot". He prays for his mother and ALL her vital signs improved!! (he watched it on the moniters!!) Don't know about the brain yet.

this muslim family is wide open to the Kingdom!

when the Kingdom comes at a funeral - of all places!

now for the funeral - I will try to shorten this story. After a beautiful Church meeting, we all go to the gravesite (a Christian cemetery in the middle of NOWHERE - remember this is a currently a muslim country (I say currently because we are changing that!). Anyway, we finally get there and there is NO BODY!. The morgue had delivered the body to the wrong cemetery and when they found no one there they returned it to the morgue at the cancer hospital. So instead of it being a disaster - we start praying for the healing of the Egyptian muslim workers who work at the cemetery - God begins to heal them, words of knowledge, prophetic words. It was INCREDIBLE.

Probably the craziest people on our team head to the morgue - they REALLY wanted to get a chance to lay hands on our friend's body and saw an opportunity! sure enough, healing breaks out AT THE MORGUE too amongst the muslims who work there. because of the favor, our friend got to 'help transfer the body from the refrigerator into the wooden casket - so he gets his chance to pray (which in no way could have happened had everything gone according to plan).

All I can say is this crazy Kingdom lifestyle messes up EVERYTHING - even funerals. We know that our dear friend who is now with Jesus was enjoying her funeral more than any of us! What a place for God's Kingdom to come.

November 17, 2009

muslim man healed - captured on film

I was out with a couple of friends visiting from the U.S. and we came across a couple of Egyptian muslim men. I asked one of them if he needed healing (I thought I had a word of knowledge for him). He didn't but his friend did. His friend walked up with a foot problem. He was willing to let me pray. What was unique is that we captured almost the entire encounter on film.

After praying once, he was honest - nothing happened. Second time - same thing, nothing! He said there might be a little improvement, but I think he was just being nice. I got my friend to pray as well. Still no noticable results. Finally, something just rose up inside me saying "this can't NOT happen". 2 muslim men who need to see the Kingdom?! After praying again, he said it was 50% better. Now we were getting somewhere. We prayed again and I specially prayed that it would jump from 50 to 75%. After praying again, he says it is 80% better! At that point, his friend asked us to turn off the video camera. We did and after one last time of prayer, it was 90% healed! At that point, I think we had worn out our welcome - after praying 5 different times!

The man who had asked us to turn off the camera began to act be a bit suspicious so we decided to leave. When he asked us if this was our "hobby" (to pray for the sick), I said, NO, we have been commanded to do it! Its our obligation as Christians.

blind eye opens (it's been 5 years since the last one)

last night I saw the Lord open a man's blind eye - he lost his sight about 5 months ago in one of his eyes and was completely blind in it. we had gone to pray for him because of a stroke that he had recently had. The family informed me that he was also blind. We prayed once for the eye and nothing happened. I decided to share the testimony of the blind eye I saw open in Mexico about 5 years ago. That must have shifted something - we prayed again, the power of God came and he was no longer blind. we tested it out by covering the other eye - he said, "I can see everything now".

probably the most powerful thing was to see the man's daughter-in-law just get overwhelmed by the Fear of the Lord. She just began to weep! It was so beautiful. That was exactly what I did when we saw our first blind eye healed!

November 14, 2009

the thrill of victory and the agony of the defeat

the past few days we have seen a number of different people healed - many in public places. It has been amazing and we know that the Lord's moving in unprecedented ways. We have never seen so much happening - and most importantly, the number of people who are "doing the stuff" - this is just a dream come true.

at the same time, this afternoon we lost a dear friend and member of our community to cancer. That makes 3 close friends this year who have died untimely deaths. God hates cancer with a passion and Jesus paid a price to see it healed. Losing battles to cancer is an illustration of injustice. We've seen cancer healed and worldwide God is healing cancer at an ever increasing rate.

What do we do with loss? Do we retreat? Do we change our theology? Put it on God, in the name of sovereignty? Or do we let it propel us in a spirit of righteous indignation to contend all the more for the ministry of Jesus to be reproduced in and through us? We won't slow down until we are seeing Christ's words fulfilled - "if you believe in me, the (very same) works that I am doing, you shall do also". He wasn't lying. We must wage war on our unbelief and press forward UNTIL His words are true in our experience!

November 12, 2009

more healings at my Gulf Arab muslim friend's office

after leaving the mall, we I felt like we were to go visit a muslim friend of mine who's been to Church and even asked for a Bible. His family has been touched by the Holy Spirit a number of times.

I introduced my Indian friend as "a healer". My muslim friend had a foot injury that was causing pain. "Healer" went to pray and the foot was healed!

Next was the Bangladeshi muslim man who worked for the Gulf Arab muslim. "Healer" had gotten a word of knowledge for a right ankle problem. The Bangladeshi man had the problem and was healed!

That wasn't all - "Healer" got another word of knowledge for an Egyptian muslim man who was also in the office. I prayed for him in Arabic - he felt the presence of the Lord touching him. We'll have to follow up with him because it also wasn't bothering him at that the time.

What's amazing about "Healer" is that getting words of knowledge is a whole new experience for him! It was like we went out and he just immediately began flow in the word of knowledge. The days of acceleration are here!

hitting the streets in a muslim country

last night a couple of us headed out to see what God would do. As I met my friend in a mall, the Lord gave me a couple of words of knowledge - one for a shoulder problem and the other for a right wrist. The 1st guy we met was a Pakistani muslim. I asked him if he had a shoulder problem. He did and so I just put my hand on his shoulder and began to pray. It bothered him about every other day. Since it wasn't hurting at the time, we couldn't determine if he was healed. I will go back and see him in a few days.

As we were walking out of the mall, an Asian muslim woman saleswoman offered to let us try some cologne. We stopped and the word of knowledge for the right wrist came back. She had the problem - we prayed and she was healed! All the pain left her wrist. She was busy but we'll follow up with her as well.

next stop - visiting a Gulf Arab muslim friend who reads the Bible and has come to Church

November 08, 2009

mall miracle for Gulf Arab muslim woman

Last night as we were leaving the mall I saw a women limping into the mall. At first I pretended that I didn’t see her as I knew my husband would strongly encourage me to go for it. Sometimes I give into the fear and the inconvenience of it all so I appreciate my husband’s loving encouragement. When he said, “ you are not going to let her go are you?” I bolted back into the mall before I could talk myself out of it. I approached this muslim woman and asked her why she was limping. She told me that had just injured her knee as she was getting out of her car. I told her that God loves to heal and asked if I could pray for her. We looked for a place to sit but the benches were taken so we went into a funky furniture store and sat on one of their couches. I put my hand on her knee, prayed in Jesus name, she said she felt warmth in her knee and then she just got up and started to walked around. All the pain was gone. She asked if I only did knee’s, I told her that God heals everything. I also shared with her how God heals our heart too, she then opened up how she was very down about a recent split she had with a friend. She said she was just driving around and around the city because she was so sad about it and then her sister called her and told her to come to the mall to see a movie to get her mind off of her sadness. I prayed for the situation with her and talked to her about forgiveness. She took my number and I told her I was willing to help her in anyway. She had tears in her eyes and was visibly touched by the love of God. Isn’t it amazing how God sets us up, He lines things up so that He can touch those who wouldn’t normally hear from Him. Every time I see God move it makes me not want to miss any opportunity that God has put in front of me. To think that our little minute by minute decisions can change someone’s life forever. So, GO FOR IT!!! God is on the move and He wants to use YOU to bring His love into a very dark world.

"I'm shocked right now!", declares Gulf Arab muslim man after God healed him

today I saw a man with a neck brace. I asked him what happened. He told me he woke up 3 days earlier with it and had been in pain since them. He said it was hurting at the time. I asked him if he had a minute and invited him into my office. A friend of his joined me.

I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. I prayed for once and he said it improved. I prayed again and all the pain left on one side. He took off the neck brace to check it out. There was still pain in the back of his neck. I asked if I could pray again. He agreed. I prayed once last time and ALL the pain left! At this point, I shared a bit more about my faith and why we pray for the sick. I asked him if he was going to put the neck brace back on - he said, "I don't need it anymore". At that point, he looked at me and said, "I'm shocked right now"! He and his friend left.

I'm glad I took the risk and asked him what was wrong - I think he'll be back to find out more about the Jesus who healed his neck!

November 06, 2009

arches form in flat feet and other God stuff

tonight as about 20 of us gathered to seek the Lord, He began to move - words of knowledge began to come. a neck was healed. a left arm. THEN one of the most unusual healings we've ever seen - arches grew in the flat feet of a young man! first one came and then the other. Amazing night! God's presence was powerful and many prophetic words came as well. There were other healings as well - chronic leg/back pain, a tooth problem and even pain in someone's tonsils. This is just the "way things should be". It's fun to be normal!

breakthroughs in healing

the other night we went to visit a couple of people in need of healing miracles. one Indian man had been partially paralyzed after a heart attack a number of years ago. the Lord gave several words of knowledge to direct us in prayer - both for the man and for his wife.

confined to a wheel chair, we prayed for he and his wife. this was the text message I received the following day about what the Lord did:

the man "slept peacefully, various pains drastically reduced, vision lot better, total body movement increased. joy and happiness in (their voices). Her (the wife's) back and neck healed".

Rejoicing in what the Lord has done!

November 04, 2009

Gulf Arab muslim woman healed after word of knowledge

I went to visit a muslim woman this week. We had good discussion as her daughter had had a complete deliverance years ago in a church here. She also told me of her neighbor who told people’s fortunes by looking inside their empty espresso coffee cup. I told her about the power that we have in God to see peoples destinies, to bring encouragement, to bring healing to hearts and for physical healing as well. I really wanted to demonstrate God’s power somehow so that I wasn’t just speaking words but “showing her the money.” As I was sitting listening to the conversations going on in the room I felt a sharp ear pain. At first I thought it was mine because the pain lasted a minute or two so I asked asked God about it and then the pain was completely gone. I was so excited because I knew it was a word of knowledge from the Lord. We had been there about 2 hours and no one had mentioned anything about an ear pain during the visit but I decided to take the leap. The pain came when I was talking to the woman of the house so I asked her if she had pain in her right ear, she looked at me blankly and then said yes I have pain in my ear and below it as well. Getting words of knowledge is so fun and I knew that she would be healed because the word of knowledge was correct and because the Lord loves to reveal His love to muslims. Another muslim woman was sitting next to me on the phone and she said to the woman, “she sees?” Then she turned to me and asked “what do you see for me?” I didn’t answer because I wanted to pray for the other woman first and then see what God has for her. My friend and I layed our hands on her and prayed in Jesus name that she would be healed and I put a few other blessings in there as well. When we took our hands away she said the pain was gone from her ear and her neck. She said she could feel a tingling sensation on the ear and on her neck. The sensation lasted another half an hour and she still had it when we left. I told her that was she was feeling was the Holy Spirit healing her. On a funny note the woman sitting next to me who was on the phone the entire time was giving play by play details the another woman on the other line about the word of knowledge I got and she then began to describe exactly what we were doing as we put our hands on her ear etc. I had to shut out her voice so I could focus on what God was doing so I don’t know what else she said. There is something so incredible about partnering with God, I felt like I could fly after the visit. This country is so dark and when I see God break into a muslim home I feel like I am in heaven. I am so thankful to the Lord for using me, nothing is more exciting than bringing HIS light into a country filled with lost souls.

October 31, 2009

healings follow the release of words of knowledge

we are meeting with a group of about 20 who are hungry to grow in the supernatural as they reach out to the lost. testimonies were shared from this last week and many had God encounters and shared the Gospel with power to the lost.

yesterday the group waited on the Lord, He started to give words of knowledge (one for a right ear problem, another for a knee problem, and a third for a headache). the people who got the words prayed for the people with those particular conditions and each one was healed.

we also got to get an update from an Indian woman who we had prayed for last week with a neck brace - she was completely healed! one of the class members from Lebanon followed up with this woman (who had another back issue) and she was healed. This led to about 3 other healings as the woman whose neck and back had been healed took her to her friends!

October 29, 2009

going after blindness again - this time a Syrian muslim man

Desert Princess has been telling me for months that the man who sells ice cream near our house is blind. I finally met him a few weeks ago, but had no opportunity to pray (he was busy). Today my daughter and I stopped by (to get ice cream too of course) and I knew it was time to "swing the bat" at blindness again.

Before I continue the story, I have to say that I've had a love/hate relationship with praying for the blind. I prayed for a number of blind people before seeing two blind eyes open about 5 years ago. Since then, NOTHING. Believe me when I say it hasn't been for the lack of trying. The dilemma I have is this - God's Word says "the blind WILL see". It doesn't say they "might", or they "could", or "if it's God's will", or "when it's God's timing", etc. The WORD is clear. It is our experience that is lacking.

So there you have it - my dilemma, and I'm buying ice cream from a blind Syrian muslim man. So I grab his hand (in public) and begin to pray for God to heal his eyes. Then I think - "why don't I have my hands on his eyes?" So I let go of his hands and put my hand on his eyes and begin to pray in Jesus' Name. As far as I could tell, absolutely nothing happened. I told him I will come see him tomorrow to see if there is any change. You see there is another dilemma I am facing - I also believe that when a Spirit-filled, Kingdom messenger puts his/her hand on anybody in Jesus' Name something has to happen. How can it not?

Pray for my dilemmas!!!

October 28, 2009

muslim man confirms prophetic word as accurate

we had had a muslim visitor to our 'encounter meeting' in our home. he had been invited by one of our community. at one point, we asked if we could pray for him and prophesy over him. while praying, I got a word about an issue of betrayal (actually I really had sensed it was some type of abuse but of course didn't reveal that). The Lord gave me some more details too.

Just today I finally got the feedback from him. He confirmed that the word had been accurate. I think he'll be back!

syrian muslim woman's knee pain leaves after asking for prayer

a syrian muslim woman was visiting my house. she had had an operation and still had quite a bit of knee pain. she asked if I would pray for her healing (I had prayed for her mother before). she could feel 'tingling' and heat while I prayed. afterwards she tested it out and there was no more pain.

i followed up with today and there is still one thing she cannot do - she can't jump up and down on it. I guess we'll set up another prayer appointment. she had said before I even prayed that "you will pray UNTIL I am healed". I love it when muslims prophesy!

October 25, 2009

a spirit of sobriety

the Apostle Paul speaks of having a sober spirit in many different passages - 1 Thes 5:6 & 1 Peter 5:8, 1 Peter 4:7. In fact, of all the sermons I heard as when in high school, I can only remember 1 or 2 of the messages. One of them was 1 Peter 4:7 - speaking of having a 'sober spirit'. I probably had no idea at the time what that even meant, but every now and then you hear a message, that brings this very spirit over you. Everything becomes clear. What is really important comes into clear focus. This message from Allen Hood is one of those types of messages. Just make sure you carve out time to pray after listening. Friends, what he shares about our generation has happened ON OUR SHIFT! It has happened while we've been "on duty".

October 23, 2009

words, words, and words of knowledge

this morning about 35 of us gathered to learn about the word of knowledge. we shared testimonies of words of knowledge that the Lord had given within the last 7 days. I then taught about this important, but neglected spiritual gift. the most fun was when it came time to imparting/releasing the gift. 10-15 people started receiving words of knowledge as we waited on the Holy Spirit. To see people activated is one of the most fun things in the life of the Kingdom!

I called out one word of knowledge that the Lord had given me at the beginning of the meeting - then when it came back later, without praying for the person with the actual problem, the Lord HEALED her! fun, fun, fun.

October 22, 2009

treasure hunting in the muslim world-pt 2

in the middle of a number of wrong words of knowledge (I missed with an Egyptian muslim, a Nepali hindu, a Filipino Catholic, and one or two others I can't now remember), we were in this shop and I was talking to a Syrian muslim about miracles (what else is there to talk about???) and a Bedouin Gulf Arab muslim man walks in. After a minute or so, a really strong word of knowledge returns for a left knee problem - I knew it was for him. It kept getting stronger and stronger.

Finally, I overcame whatever hesitation/fear of man issues that were trying to hold me back and ask him what is wrong with his knee - specifically his left knee. He was seriously taken back by this question - saying "what has God willed?" over and over again in Arabic. I just got really bold and said, "When you walked into this shop, the Lord spoke to me by revelation and showed me that you have a left knee problem". And a problem he sure had - metal rods in the knee (a quad accident). I knelt down to pray for him (which he was more than willing to have me do - unlike the two hesitant, fundamentalists earlier!. I told him that I wanted him to call me in the next day. I explained that God was going to do something remarkable - why else would He have shown me such a specific problem? He agreed with the reasoning. I even told him that I wouldn't be surprised if God removed the metal rods - to show His Glory.

That was a really good shop visit - especially after all the wrong words. The critical truth, keep swinging the bat until you get a hit!!!

treasure hunting in the muslim world

tonight, Columba (my charismatic, prophetic, Anglican, British friend) and I headed out to see what God would do. the Lord gave us some pictures and clues as we prayed. One was to go to a specific Starbucks and we'd meet someone on the stairs in front, others clues included words of knowledge for different conditions (most of which we did not find, some of which we did though!)

it was just good to be out, following the Wild Goose (the Celtic term for the Holy Spirit). I always say that "we don't go home, UNTIL we see SUPERNATURAL things happen". Since we went home, you know what has happened! here are some of the things we saw happen.

1) saw a couple of Bedouin muslims and one had a cane and his foot was in a cast. OF COURSE we stopped them. after asking about what happened (he burned the bottom and top of his foot - don't ask how!), I knelt down and just basically began to pray. I knew there might be some resistance had we a) spoken Arabic to them and b) if we asked them first for permission to pray (Note: conservative muslims don't want Christians praying for them!). I snuck in with English and began praying before they even knew what had happened! While I was praying, one figured it out and said to his friend in Arabic, "he's reading over you" (the expression they use for what I was doing, which basically comes from their practice of reading their scriptures over a sick person). Then he tried to say, "NO, NO" (as in I shouldn't be doing it and his friend shouldn't be allowing it). To which I looked up at him and said, "YES, YES" and just continued to pray. Basically, the Lord gave us a fun encounter with these guys. I gave them my number and asked him to call me tomorrow to let me know what had changed.

2) i'll have to say that I found a high percentage of my words of knowledge were NOT words of knowledge tonight - it happens, I'll get over it. the wrong words, did turn into some opportunities though - you've gotta love the way God can redeem ANYTHING! This happened with the picture that I had of Starbucks. We ended up finding a guy on the stairs - the manager (a Christian from India). He needed no prayer when we first met him. None of the words of knowledge fit for him either. we left. At the end of our evening, we came back and found him again. He had said, "I knew you guys were going to come back" (he really seemed to have a prophetic gift - for which I encouraged him to read 1 Cor 14. When we returned, he said he remembered he had a shoulder problem. Columba prayed and he felt the Holy Spirit touching his shoulder. After this, the Lord began to give me a number of prophetic words for him about his wife, and some other things. It was really fun to FIND OUR TREASURE and call out his destiny.

More in the next post

October 18, 2009

just discovered muslim man healed from 1 year ago!

about a year ago, I had gone to a coffee shop and had gotten a word of knowledge for a Pakistani muslim man who worked there. I had prayed for him (which I remember doing) but at the time nothing had happened.

last night I was in the same place and asked a man if he had a wrist problem (I was getting another word of knowledge). Then he says, "you prayed for me and my leg was healed". That was the first I had heard about the miracle.

This story illustrates a powerful truth - we keep praying for lots of people and often we don't see immediate results. We sow widely and leave the results with the Lord. Every now and then, He lets us sees what has happened. Heaven is going to be an amazing place because we will discover ALL that God did - even when we thought nothing had happened!

October 16, 2009

at least 9 healings this morning, and 4 more tonight

this morning during a service we were doing, the Lord began to speak - He gave me a number of words of knowledge and we saw two necks/shoulders healed, a right knee healed, a right leg healed, knuckles, pain leaving someone's right eye and several other things. A man who had had polio as a child had one leg that was significantly shorter than another - we prayed and the short leg grew out before all of our eyes! It ended up growing past the other one. What to do? We prayed for the other one and they became the same length. It was amazing! God just showed up and did what He loves to do - heal people!

if that wasn't enough, tonight after sharing these testimonies and worshipping, the Lord began to give more words of knowledge (right foot, left knee and sinus pain headache) and proceeded to heal each one. Also, a shoulder was healed too!

A day where we counted 13 healings - may more days be THIS NORMAL!!

October 13, 2009

Gulf Arab muslim man's shoulder touched

as I was walking by a group of muslim men, I got a word of knowledge about a shoulder problem. I came up to the men and asked who had this particular problem. As I was asking, I felt like the Lord also showed me it was from lifting something. This one guy says he has the problem. I didn't get the opportunity to pray at that point as they were busy. About 5 minutes later I returned and this man was leaving, so it was a perfect opportunity to minister to him.

I told him that I believed God wanted to heal him. I quickly put my hand on the shoulder and began to pray. (I've learned that often it's better not to explain what you are about to do with muslims - I just quickly begin praying before they can somehow object or say no:)

After a quick prayer, I asked him what he was feeling in the shoulder. He said it was tingling. He checked it out and said there was no pain. (there had been pain before when he lifted it).

Then he asks for my telephone number - that's a good sign, he wants to talk more. I told him to let me know tomorrow if it was still pain free. I can't wait to tell him about the HEALER who touched his shoulder!

October 12, 2009

first his elbow, now its grandma's turn!

About a month ago, the Lord healed a muslim man's elbow after a word of knowledge (see "Gulf arab muslim's elbow healed after word of knowledge" (9/9)

I have been trying to follow up with this man ever since - he took my number but hasn't called. I have dropped by his work place several times but so far nothing has happened.

Tonight I went to see him again and this time, I got another word of knowledge. this time it was about hearing loss in both ears and I knew it was for someone in his close immediate family.

I asked him who it was who had this problem - he said it was his grandmother. I told him that my wife would LOVE to meet with her and would pray for her healing. the ball is again in his court. As I left, I told him to not forget about his grandma!

We'll see what happens - God is obviously working on this man's life.

working out AND healing the sick

this morning during my workout, I had asked the Lord to open a door. I wanted to minister to someone. There were lots of people out where I do my workouts.

towards the end of my workout, I saw a woman walking with a cane. I had my 'target':) I approached her and asked her what had happened. She had had an operation 5 years earlier but was still in pain.

I told her that I pray for the sick and asked if we could go and sit down on a nearby bench. When we sat down, I noticed that she was wearing a cross. I asked her a bit about her faith. She was a Lebanese Catholic woman.

She pulled up her pant leg so I could put my hand directly on her knee. (which was cute). The Holy Spirit began to come upon her and she was clearly encountering God. I felt power being released! I took my hand away after praying and asked if she had felt anything. These days it seems that when I ask this question they will almost always say yes. She said she felt heat!

I asked if she would test it out but she seemed a bit nervous to do that. That was the end of our time as she seemed like she wanted to go. Not sure if the encounter with God freaked her out a little. Hopefully I'll see her again in the same spot soon!

"so you're a healer," says Syrian muslim woman

I was invited to go pray for a Syrian muslim woman who had dizziness and stomach problems. I knew that she would be receptive because attended Catholic schools growing up. Interestingly, she loves to go to Church!

I started by sharing lots of testimonies of people being healed. She responded, "so this is your good energy" and I said, "No! It's Jesus' power flowing through me!".

She wanted to know if there was anything she needed to during prayer. I just told her to relax and receive. As I prayed, the sharp stomach pain left. It kept coming back though.

While I was praying, she asked if I would pray loudly because she loves to hear Christians pray!

At the end of our time, she said she felt better but not 100%. We'll see how she is tomorrow. Even though she wasn't completely healed, she said, "so, you're a healer!" Of course I said, "Yes, I am!" She recognized the authority and honored it! May more muslims see our authority!

October 09, 2009

trained in supernatural ministry

for years, I had read books that cast a vision for the miraculous - I confess it wasn't the main focus of my reading, but I did read books like Wimber's "Power Evangelism" and "Power Healing". I read Jack Deere's books in the early 90's too - "Surprised by the Power of the Spirit and Surprised by the Voice of God". Even as I am remember, I read John White's book in the late 80's, "When the Spirit Comes in Power".

So why did these books not produce fruit in my life at the time? Why didn't I start to see an increase in healings? I would pray for the sick from time to time. Why wasn't I growing in the prophetic gifts? "All MAY prophesy", Paul teaches!

It wasn't because I lacked an understanding. I had been TAUGHT. But not in the way Jesus taught His disciples. Teaching for Jesus included DEMONSTRATION, PARTNERSHIP and ultimately RELEASE.

First He demonstrated healing and prophecy. He showed people the miraculous! It wasn't enough to give them didactic teaching. They SAW power. This was a critical stage for me personally - I needed to see these things. And for some reason, I was in Church for years without seeing any real demonstrations of power - even in Churches that were charismatic.

Secondly, Jesus partnered with His disciples in the supernatural. This is such an important part. He would do these things with them. He was present. They would be watching and doing the miracles. Again I can't stress how important this was for us. I had seen some stuff (conferences, etc.) but now I wanted to participate. The Lord has raised up many (Randy Clark, Bill Johnson and a host of other ministries) where people can go and participate in the miraculous themselves. We did this - and we saw deaf ears open of people we prayed for. We saw two blind eyes open. The Lord gave us the opportunity to partner with others a number of times like this.

Finally, Jesus released people to go and do the stuff when He wasn't there. He sent out the 12; He sent out the 70 and ultimately the vision for Pentecost was the beginning of the fulfillment of the Great Commission from Matthew 28. This stage also implied the confidence and the authority to repeat the entire cycle over again. Disciples who can demonstrate God's Power. Disciples who can invite others to join them in partnership and then ultimately release their own disciples to go and do the same.

We somehow have lost this process of discipleship as it relates to the supernatural. The Church has either not expected it to be possible (which is simple English is UNBELIEF). Elaborate theologies have been created to explain away our lack of power - i.e. cessationism (the miraculous gifts 'ceased' when the original Apostles died). Another major barrier has been unbiblical ideas about God's sovereignty and control (this is just FATALISM). This error says that 'if God wants to heal, He will' regardless of our role/partnership/anointing, etc. I think for years the reason I didn't pursue God's power with more diligence was because I simply had wrong ideas about how the Kingdom worked. I thought that if God wanted to give me a gift, He would. My pursuit, my desire and my growth notwithstanding. I also knew nothing of impartation which is the conveying of a spiritual gift through the laying on of hands. Hebrews 6 considers this to be a basic, fundamental Christian doctrine. Somehow the Bible Schools and 2 seminaries that I attended along with the many different ministries I had association with didn't remember to teach/emphasize this.

All this to say - make sure you are SEEING. Then align yourself with others with whom you can DO IT in partnership so that one day you will BE DOING IT by yourselves as you enlist others into the process that you are now repeating.


October 03, 2009

10,000 visitors!

Just logged on and watched the blog counter change from 9,999 visitors to 10,000!

We had no idea when we started this what would happen - we'll keep going and see what happens.

People really are hungry for the supernatural life of the Kingdom!

to end an already great day - gulf arab muslim healed

we gathered for our weekly encounter God meeting and the Holy Spirit began to come. A real spirit of prophecy came upon us and many received pictures and others even visions. A muslim young man had come with one of our regulars. We didn't know if he wanted prayer but he said he did. He began to get a series of prophetic words from different people - the Lord spoke a word of knowledge about a problem in his right leg/foot. He had one - we prayed and he was healed. The Lord also revealed some of the secrets of his heart (as the Lord often does with unbelievers).

what a day - healings and prophecy in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Sounds like another NORMAL KINGDOM DAY - let's be more normal!

restaurant healings after church healings

why not continue the healing service at a restaurant? seems like something Jesus would do.

I got a word of knowledge for one of the employees. I had the hostess go and see who had the pain in the back of the head. She came back and said it was for a guy in the back but that "he was shy". I told her to tell him that I was a pastor. He came out. We then went to the back to pray. He had had an accident. We prayed and the pain began to leave. He still had a little bit of pain and so I sent one of our team back - he prayed for him twice and he said that ALL the pain was gone.

Before leaving, I got another word of knowledge for a neck problem. Desert Princess and her friend went to pray for the Filipino server who responded to the word. She was completely healed - and was in tears!

not a bad lunch - but then there was our nightly meeting (next blog post)

God breaks in with prophecy and healings

this morning Desert Princess and I spent about 1/2 hour prophesying in a meeting. The Lord gave us a number of words for about 15 different people - we had a number of confirmations that we had heard clearly. One woman had been given exactly the same word that I gave her before and it was in her heart to move in the direction and ministry that the Lord had spoken. At the end, we called out a number of words of knowledge for healing - and so Christ the Healer began to heal.

We called out...
left shoulder - 3 were completely healed, one other about 75% - one guy was just totally in disbelief!
left knee - a woman who'd had surgery and was in chronic pain, was completely healed
pain in ribs - woman healed
right ear problem (a new condition) - man with ear infection felt something happening, would have to go an check it out

There were also other encounters - Desert Princess ministered to several woman who had major first-time encounters with the Holy Spirit.

Oh what fun Church can be! (and should be!!) - and then we went to lunch (next blog post)

September 27, 2009

Egyptian muslim man's teeth healed

A couple of weeks ago I had gotten a word of knowledge for a muslim shopkeeper near my house about a problem he was having in the left side of his mouth (story posted here -

I had tried to go back several times to see what had happened but due to Ramadan activities I hadn't seen him. Finally, I saw him the other day and asked him, "How is the pain in your mouth?". He said, "It's gone". I asked if it left the day I had prayed for him and he said that was when it left. I told him that God had blessed him and now I need to tell him more about the God who he doesn't know and His Son, Jesus.

September 25, 2009

teenage girl healed - clearly she was amazed by God's touch!

a few weeks ago, I had gotten a word for an ankle problem and a man with tattoos was highlighted. It turned out his wife's ankle needed healing and he went home and prayed for her after I had prayed for a gift of healing to rest on his hands. today in Church I met the man and his wife. she had had no problems with the ankle since, but I still wanted to pray again when I learned that it was an accident that had caused the injury - I wanted to "break off the shock and trauma" from that event in case that was an avenue of affliction for the enemy. She felt her ankle become cold as we prayed.

While praying, I got a word for a jaw problem on the left side of the face. That was a word for the husband. I prayed for him and the Spirit came on him - he was going to let me know what happened as he had to test it out when eating.

After praying for him, I got another word of knowledge for a problem in the rib cage - that was for the 13 year old daughter. I had mom put her hand on the rib cage, we prayed together and the teenage daughter was completely healed! I asked if she wanted us to pray again if there was still any pain. She said that it wasn't necessary because all the pain was gone! What was most exciting was that she was clearly so shocked by God's breaking into her world. She was just amazed by His touch!

September 23, 2009

Gulf Arab muslim man's wrist healed

I walked into a restaurant today and saw a Gulf Arab muslim man with a wrist brace on his left wrist (no need for a word of knowledge in this situation). I asked him what was wrong and then just asked him to give me his hand - I just began to pray for it. After I was finished, he asked me in Arabic if I had "read over His wrist" (the Islamic way to describe what I had done, they would however "read" a quranic verse or something). I told him I had "read over" him and that it was actually something that I must do AS A CHRISTIAN when we seem someone who needs healing. I asked him to check it out - he moved it a bit and said that the pain had left the wrist! After talking for a few minutes, he took my number and I told him that if he needed any other healing to call me. He told me that his elbow needed healing too as he was about to leave. I tried to pray again, but his food was ready and he had to leave.

Just "leaking" the Kingdom - the normal Christian life!

September 22, 2009

Egyptian muslim man's knee healed

as I walked into the shop, I got a really clear word of knowledge for the man behind the counter. I asked him what was wrong with his left knee. He said he had a problem and as usual, wanted to know how I knew. I explained that God had given me that information by revelation because He wanted to heal him. I asked him to give me his hand and just began to pray in Arabic for God's Kingdom to come and for God's hand to heal his knee. I wanted to know how it was after the 1st round of prayer - he said it was like 80% better. I asked him to give me his hand again - and sure enough, after the 2nd round all the pain was gone. I told him how much I had learned about healing from the Coptic Christians of Egypt (the majority Christian group in his country). I proceeded to give him the number of a gifted Egyptian evangelist in my city. He wanted my number too.

September 19, 2009

gulf arab muslim woman healed on the street - wants to meet again!

while walking home last night, I got a word of knowledge for a headache. We noticed a group of 3 Arab women walking to their car. Desert Princess and my daughter approached these Gulf Arab muslim women to see if it was for one of them. It was and God healed the woman with the headache after they prayed. She testified that she felt something very strange happening to her that she couldn't describe in words - you've gotta love the Presence of God and the way people who've never felt it describe it when they encounter it.

she was also struggling with some emotional pain and Desert Princess told her that God didn't just heal headaches! They exchanged numbers and these women were hungry to encounter more of the Kingdom that their religion doesn't offer them.

ankle healed, encounter follows

last night in our meeting, my son got a picture for a young woman we were praying for about ice skating. She had been ice skating the day before and had injured her ankle. Also, Desert Princess got a strong word of knowledge for a right ankle problem - that was the ankle she hurt. It was swollen and painful. That was until Dr. Jesus touched her. The swelling went away and all the pain left. She got up and began to jump on it - completely healed!

Just because a healing isn't all God wanted to do, this young lady had a major encounter with God in the wake of her healing and even began to sing a prophetic song - her first!

why NOT to have Pizza delivered

last night we saw some healings and I knew we would see more happen when we went to pick up our pizza tonight - I prayed first for one of the employees who needed a dental miracle. I also got to pray for another Egyptian muslim employee who had some serious dental problems. As we were waiting for our pizza, a man came in and I thought I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem. He didn't have one, but he did have a back problem and let us pray. He'd injured his back the day before and it was hurting him right then. After prayer, he was completely pain free!

The CRAZY things some Christians believe...

Last night we had a brother join us for our gathering. He listened to testimonies and even heard me teach about the nature of the Kingdom – a place where there is NO SICKNESS! The reason I had invited this man was because I noticed he had hearing aids and had approached him a number of months ago. He is almost completely deaf. Before he left, we asked if we could pray for him. He said sure, but didn’t want prayer for his deafness. Then out of his mouth came the most amazing statement – “God has blessed me with this deafness”! Wow, you couldn’t come up with a more unbiblical statement if you tried. I asked him if there was EVER a deaf person that Jesus encountered that He left deaf. He conceded the point. Jesus healed EVERY deaf person that ever came to Him.

I realize that some well-meaning (but sadly deceived) pastor probably taught our brother that his deafness was from God. He surely didn’t get it from the Scriptures. After he left, I opened up the Scriptures for the rest of the group to show them what the Bible said about deafness – Jesus told the disciples of John the Baptist to go and report to him that…the deaf hear…

September 16, 2009

Kingdom on Campus...

The past week has been quite amazing here on campus in ohio...Two fridays ago , 9 college students gave their hearts to the Lord within a period of 30 mins through the message of the gospel...One individual came for a party to the campus with his friends but couldn't go, and ended up finding Jesus..The other 8 was just chilling out as a group and was moved by the preaching of the gospel...And accepted Christ when they were asked if they wanted to receive Christ...The word of God is truly sharper than a two-edged sword!!!..On Thursday, me and a friend went out to pray for people and ended up meeting a man who I saw in a picture...he just said thanks and said he had to leave...Then we found a group of 4 who were just sitting and smoking...Just started a conversation, i had a word about ear pain, and asked if any of them had an ear problem to which they said they didn't (my friend did, but he didn't say it)..But they were curious and asked why, and i explained...I didn't get any more words, so i just began sharing the gospel with them..As i did it one of the guys said something like "I have been in church all my life" and walked away...Then one of the girls who was an atheist got on the fone and walked away...The other two sat down listening and hungry...Then after about 10 mins of talking, the Lord gave a word of knowledge for the knee and i asked if either one had it...This got their attention...One of the guys had a surgery and his knees were really sore...I told him that we would pray for him right now and see what happened...We prayed for him and he was shocked and said " I have never felt this way" and started moving his knees and testing it out...He got healed!..He was amazed...So was his friend..We got to pray for him too and he felt the heat over his body...The dude was like i wish my friend (atheist) was here...We asked him to tell their friends what just happened...Anyways next day my friend bumps into them and asked him how he was...He said he knees was amazing, and his friend who was with him couldn't stop talking about it all night and when the atheist friend heard about it she herself was shocked and in awe of what had happened...Let's preach the gospel with power!

Egyptian muslim man asks, "Who told you?"

I was running in to get my morning newspaper when the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the Egyptian muslim cashier. I asked him if he had a tooth problem on the left side of his mouth. He's said he did and then asks, "Who told you"? I said I'd be back in a minute so I could go to the car and explain to Desert Princess what I was doing. I came back and put my hand on his face and released the Kingdom of God. Since he was fasting, he couldn't tell if the problem was healed. He needed to eat first. I'll be heading back tomorrow to see what the Lord has done!

September 09, 2009

Gulf arab muslim's elbow healed after word of knowledge

this morning I went to visit a muslim friend in the hospital recovering from major heart surgery. i had prayed for him before the surgery and so I wasn't that encouraged. off I went to find someone else needing a Kingdom encounter. while inquiring about a mobile phone bill, I got a word of knowledge for the Gulf Arab muslim helping me. I asked him if he had a problem with his left elbow. He said, "I do, how did you know that"? He was talking on the phone so I told him I'd tell him after he was done. As I was waiting for him, I was standing in front of his colleague also a Gulf Arab and got a word of knowledge for a headache on the left side of the head in the temple area. He indeed struggled with headaches that manifested in that very part of his head.

After the phone call, the first guy says, "before we do anything else, you have to tell me how you knew I had a problem with my left elbow". I quickly explained that the Lord had revealed it to me and that He has given us Christians different gifts, including the gift of healing. I told him that God wants to heal his elbow right now. I then grabbed his elbow and prayed a brief prayer commanding all pain to leave and asking God to release His Kingdom. After prayer, I ask him to test it out. At this point, he rolls back in his chair, looking shocked at his friend exclaiming that he was now afraid. His friend and I were laughing a little. He was totally freaked out. I gave him my phone number and said that when he was ready we needed to get together and talk more about what the Lord had just done for him. Looking forward to that phone call.

September 07, 2009

offer the Kingdom - wherever you go

last night I headed out to visit some muslim friends. It is Ramadan. I had a goal as I left the house last night, "I want to offer the Kingdom". while visiting with a couple of guys, I asked one how his wife was doing. this was a woman that Desert Princess and I had gone to pray for before (many problems/issues). He said that "she has a headache 24/7". Something rose up in me - first of all, we had prayed before and she was still in a horrible place (not acceptable). Secondly, we have seen so much breakthrough with headaches that this MUST GO - we've been COMMANDED to heal the sick! We set a time and so now we will go (in a couple of days) and release the Kingdom.

September 05, 2009

loves seeing kids "doin the stuff"

We are living in such special days - I believe those days began on the Day of Pentecost (the pouring out of the Spirit on 'all flesh') but for much of Church History, the expectation hasn't been that everyone gets to play.

last night as a group of us gathered to worship seek God's face, it was the kids who stepped up and stepped out to pray for an injured young man - the Lord took away all of the pain. they also shared testimony of what God had done in their lives. Later the Lord took several of them into a place of revelation (pictures and visions) and they shared with all of us what the Lord had shown them.

Those of us who love to train, equip and release people to do the works of Christ, would be wise to invest heavily into youth - even the 5, 6 and 7 year olds are stepping out to prophesy and heal the sick.

These are marks of the End of the Age.

September 04, 2009

flowing in the word of knowledge

this has been a challenging week in terms of "spilling" - I've taken a few risks with words of knowledge in public, mostly with muslims and have had discouraging results. this morning while in a church service, everything changed. I had been really stirred up earlier in the morning reading about Prophetic minister Graham Cooke's experiences with words of knowledge (an accuracy that I have only read about and rarely witnessed!) First I got a word about a condition in the middle of the back. I didn't write that one down but then I began to write down words that the Lord was giving me - one word was "left ankle". As I stood next to man with tattoos, I got the word so I wrote down his description next to the word. I also go a word for a left shoulder and upper left arm condition - I wrote that down.

When I had the opportunity, I approached the man with the tattoos and asked if he had an ankle problem. He didn't but then said that his wife did - she had just gone. I showed him the word written in my book - "left ankle, man with tattoo". I definitely had his attention. His wife's problem was with her left ankle too! I prayed for him to take a gift of healing for her. He said he'd call me after he prayed for her and let me know what happened.

After that, I noticed a friend of ours who has deafness in her ears. Having seen two deaf ears open over the summer, I was eager to pray for her again. We didn't see too much change with her, but the word of knowledge for the middle back came back. I asked her husband if he had pain there, he did! We prayed. He said that he would only know what had happened after sleeping. Waiting for that call too!

Next as we were leaving, I got the the left shoulder/upper arm word again when standing next to a Filipino man. He said he had that problem -he wanted to know how I knew. He had had a heart attack and had pain in that area since then. It was hurting him at that very moment. I prayed for him and the Holy Spirit came on him and he fell to the ground (good thing I was able to catch him!). When he got up, he was completely healed! He was overjoyed. He couldn't figure out how I knew he had the problem, nor that he was now healed. He began testifying to his friends. The way it should be.

Not a bad end to an otherwise slow week. When it rains, it pours!

August 30, 2009

back in the Middle East

As we've returned to the Middle East, the Lord gathered a group of us together to be strengthened afresh, to prophesy and to contend for healing. As we find ourselves in the islamic fasting month of Ramadan, God will stretch forth His hand to heal those who are seeking God, but as the Scripture testify, their zeal (and seeking His approval) is NOT ACCORDING to knowledge. We know however that those who seek Him, are promised to find Him. May the Lord be leading us to those true seekers!

It was so clear last night as we were seeking the Lord that His hand came upon us and renewed the vision of some who were weary. A fresh anointing from the Heaven to live out and release His supernatural Kingdom in this muslim country. Let the stories begin again of His mighty works flowing through His children....

August 20, 2009

confirmed healing by Physical Therapist

WE LOVE TO GET THE MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION OF MIRACLES - here's one I received today from a recent ministry trip:

DJ, you prayed over me with j and h and the Lord lengthened my right leg. I was hesitant to accept what I saw and felt. I work as a massage therepist inside a Physical Therapy office. The P.T. is a man of God also and he happens to be the peson who measured my legs the first time to determine that my hip problem was due to a leg deformity. My right leg was a half inch shorter. He has now remearsured and found out that the miracle was legitimate and that both of my legs are now exactly 86 cm. I smile every time I get to that part of the story... and I've told it has a testimony of God's love and favor for me many times to many different people in many walks of life.

miracles in the midwest - deaf ear opens, lump disappears, etc.

this past weekend, I took a ministry trip to Oklahoma - it was to a Church I had been to once before. We had an amazing time in a couple of services and one outreach. Some of the highlights - after a word of knowledge for a left ear problem, a young man's deaf ear opened. The next morning we tested it out and it was sound. The Lord also touched an eye problem he had after another word of knowledge.

In the 2 services, we saw a number of conditions healed - back pain, headaches, shoulder problems. Some conditions we will have to wait and see what the Lord did.

During the outreach we saw a couple of guys healed in a skateboard park - interestingly, others who watched their friends get healed refused prayer for their own conditions (believe me, skateboard parks have lots of conditions that need healing amongst the skaters!). Another guy let us pray for what seemed to be a minor scrape and pain left his leg! A homeless man received healing in his knee and shoulder.

Maybe the greatest thing we saw on the outreach was when we were getting dinner afterwards - a couple of young college girls were standing next to us and I got a word of knowledge for a "sports injury". One of them responded - she was a cheerleader and had a stress fracture accompanied by a 'lump'. One of the girls with us laid hands on it and prayed - THE LUMP DISAPPEARED! The girl was so shocked! So were we - too much fun!

August 13, 2009

Chill & Spill Pt 2

Just received some great news! We went to the beauty shop that we had previously visited and as we walked in, we could hear the ladies we met previously say to their coworkers,something like "its them". We came across the lady that was prayed for and she said that after my friend had prayed for her, the same evening she went to the doctor to do some medical tests and found out that she was completely "normal". She said there was a cancerous tumor growing in her and it wasn't there "anymore". All glory to God!! She had a big smile on her face and she mentioned that she told her friends about what had happened in her life. Asking her about her background, she said she was catholic but hasn't been going to church for a long time and had nothing to do with God. Praise God that she'll never be the same after this encounter! 

a bunch of healings

over the last few days we have just seen a bunch of different healings and people having major encounters with God. This is just "normal Christianity". We saw God heal people with chronic back pain - some of them in the 70's! We saw God touch people with neck problems and walk away pain free. Stomach pain, issues in the legs and feet. In the end, it's hard to even remember all that the Lord was doing as there were large ministry teams and literally dozens and dozens of people who received prayer. Some of the reports are pending because people have to wait and see and/or visit their doctors for a test.

One lady the Lord gave a new gold filling in her mouth - she needed a dental miracle and the Lord gave her one. Why gold? Who knows ask the One who gave it to her - we just asked for God to come and touch her.

I am also reminded of the people we prayed for and did not see breakthrough for. We continue to contend for the ministry of Jesus and will not let up, slow down or back off until our lives and ministry match what the Scripture tells us they look like (John 14:12a).

be encouraged and pray for people - you just never know what what happen!

August 08, 2009

woman healed in desert truck stop as Jesus does a "drive-by"

while stopping in the middle of the desert at a truck stop/mini-market, I got a word of knowledge for a back problem. I asked one of the employees and she said she didn't have the problem. I asked her to ask her colleague. She had the problem in the exact place where I got the word. At that moment, Desert Princess walks up and joins me. She puts her hand on this woman's back and prays. Most of the pain leaves. She prays again. All the pain leaves - Jesus does a "drive-by" in the desert.

August 07, 2009

a handful of healing miracles

last night we had a meeting in a Church, and as usual, we prayed for the sick at the end. I had called out a word of knowledge for a certain type of headache - several came forward. Also for a condition near the thumb in the right hand - another came forward. For those, we prayed but since those conditions weren't bothering them at the time, it would be the kind of thing where they would know over the next few days.

However, the guy with the hand problem, also had one leg shorter than the other causing other problems. Having seen a Todd White video of someone healed of exactly the same condition the day before (, I was ready to go for it. A couple of us prayed for the leg to grow out - and it did!!!! We watched them become the same length right before our very eyes!

A woman with an arthritic shoulder - that caused a lot of pain when she would move it a certain way - after praying 2 times, ALL THE PAIN LEFT. We also prayed for another condition she had, and the Lord came upon her in a powerful way - she had a hard time describing with words that encounter.

We also prayed for a couple of knee conditions - in both cases, the Lord had done something, but it would take some time to really tell. One of them was heading into surgery the next day (today) - we'll see what the surgeon finds when he goes in!!

This all happened in a Church that isn't particularly accustomed to praying for the sick and expecting healing. The hunger was tremendous - may God add to their hunger, radical encounters and faith to contend for the ministry of Jesus - who healed people wherever He went

August 03, 2009

back healed and more when the Kingdom came!

i had heard that a good friend of ours was suffering at home with lower back pain which had immobilized her. We had intended to go on the day we got the news, but for whatever reasons we couldn't get there till the following day. We discover upon our arrival that it was her birthday that day (good thing we had gotten delayed). Healings on our birthdays seem more special! (not a doctrine, but seemingly a sound opinion:).

my children and I had arrived about the same time as another Christian friend of hers. eventually we got around to praying and i had my kids right there involved, with my daughter actually laying hands on the affected area. We prayed a couple of times and there was no noticeable difference - again, NOT the ministry of Jesus. We kept on praying. There is something about being stubborn in these things that leads to breakthrough. Eventually, pain began to leave and within a few minutes to our friends' amazement, she was up and walking around with almost no pain. Since she herself is a medical doctor, she knew very well that it is physically impossible for a totally locked up, inflamed, lower back to change like that.

What happened next was equally as important. The Christian friend didn't happen to be from a Church that was known for an emphasis on physical healing (we'll leave it at that). I then asked her if she went to "....... Church". The Lord had given me an impression that she attended that particular Church. That seemed a bit odd, but it is a large, well-known Church in the area so maybe I was just a good guesser. She had had surgery on her elbow and so we prayed for that. After we prayed, mobility returned to elbow that she hadn't had since the surgery. We prayed again and she got even more breakthrough. After that, we prayed for her foot, as she had been diagnosed with a particular condition that caused pain and limited her activities. After praying, I was prompted to tell her, "You WILL run again". She looked a bit surprised, "How did you know I was a runner"? This was funny because at this point, our friend (whose back had just been healed) was jumping in, and explaining "oh, this is the kind of thing that happens all the time" (i.e. words of knowledge and prophecy). Finally, I felt like the Lord gave me a word for her husband and I said, "By the way, the Lord wants to heal your husbands left shoulder problem too". This just seemed to completely bewilder her as her husband who I had never met actually had a left shoulder problem. She didn't seem to know how to respond. But she knew that God was in the room doing His stuff!!

This Kingdom stuff is just breaking out everywhere - God had so much more in mind that morning than only healing our friends' back. He wanted to recruit another precious sister in the Lord into a greater expectation that the God of the Bible is in fact doing the very things He did in the Bible today!!

This stuff never gets old.

power spilling in Canadian mall - part 2

our next stop was a shoe store - I just sensed the Lord wanted to do something for the woman working there, so I went in with my question, "Do you need a miracle"? (I usually preface this with, "Can I ask you a really strange question"?)

I guess the Lord was behind the prompting because she said, "Yes I do, how did you know"? In short, she needed a major financial breakthrough. The Lord gave us some prophetic words for her and we got to pray for her. But wait, there's more - as we were praying, I got a word of knowledge about some kind of dental need. This got her attention further as she had had a filling fall out and was in need of a dentist. It was just a fun encounter that really encouraged this young woman and pointed her to Jesus.

After that we headed into a food court, and again, I went in with the same question, "Do you need a miracle"? - this time to a group of Sikh women who were working in a Subway sandwich outlet. I almost immediately got a word of knowledge that someone had a leg problem in a particular leg. The mother had this problem and let us pray. We actually prayed several times but saw no discernible improvement. This is NOT the ministry of Jesus and we weren't going to leave until we saw something happen (this is actually a key thing that enables us to persevere and keep pressing in for breakthrough). We learned that two of them had headaches and they allowed us to pray for those and both of these Sikh women were healed. We apologized about the leg, but were encouraged to see God's Kingdom come - there are NO HEADACHES in His Kingdom!!!! We got to invited these women to our nightly miracle/healing meetings and give them a number to call for follow-up.