December 18, 2009

God's power to heal at Church this morning

During worship this morning, the Lord began giving me words of knowledge. I wrote them down and wondered how we would be able to release them. My wife also got a prophetic word for the man next to us. At the end of our pastor invited anyone who needed prayer for healing to come to us. I guess the Lord worked out a way to be able to check on those words.

One of the words I have was for a man with a right shoulder sports injury. I also wrote down the year 1986. A man approached me who had everything, but it was from 1990. We prayed and his shoulder was healed.

Another word was for widespread upper back pain - another guy had a ruptured disc in his upper back that affected the same area. We prayed and he was touched. The Lord also healed his left knee (another word of knowledge) and brought a measure of relief to his lower back. I told him I wanted to check with him the following week so that we could really see how much healing he received. I'll give an update next week.

The Lord gave another word for a neck problem. I sensed it was for the pastor. He had the neck problem and we prayed.

My wife, Desert Princess, got a prophetic word for the guy next to us - it was EXACTLY the same thing the Lord had spoken to him that very morning. She ministered to him and he left in tears as the Lord touched him.

Finally, I got to follow up with the African couple who I wrote about a week ago. The Lord had given me a specific word for a problem in the upper right part of the chest. She came to tell me a week later that she was completely healed!

Often people will feel better at the very moment of prayer but later the pain returns. I am far more interested in people who are pain free the following day, the next week and ultimately for years to come.


  1. What do you do with those who feel better at the very moment of prayer but later have the pain return?

  2. Lord,
    I celebrate your miracles as you demonstrate your love for people through DJ & his wife. We thank you for the accurate words of knowledge and prophetic revelation. We thank you for your use of these two in healing. We thank you for pouring out Your power upon Your people and those that don't even know you yet. God what you are doing for these two is only the crack in the dam of the floodgates of Heaven... I ask you to pour it out for them! Pour it out upon all your people! Let the crack break open the outpouring of the living waters! Let DJ & Desert Princess be walking in such a realm of union with each other and you that healings take place without even their awareness. Lord do it there, continue to establish the precedent of the miraculous in Your people, that we may remember that what you do there you do here!