January 16, 2010

chronic, long-term knee condition touched

a man that we had ministered to several times without any noticeable change, came for prayer again. This time we had a recent testimony of man's knee being healed that was far worse than his condition - the man who'd been hit by a car. I quickly shared the testimony, and we began to pray.

This time something started happening. I asked him to begin doing deep knee bends. As he did them, strength and mobility began returning to his knee. He was doing deep knee bends on his own without pain. I turned and asked his wife what she thought. She said that he hadn't been able to do that in a long, long time.

words of knowledge leads to healing and deliverance

I was praying for people after a church service. As the final person who wanted prayer approached me, a specific word of knowledge came into the left side of my stomach. Before he could tell me what was wrong, I asked him about his stomach. He said that it was a problem. I prayed once, but it wasn't improving. The Lord released another word of knowledge for a left knee condition. I asked him about his knee. He had injured it playing sports. We prayed and he could do deep knee bends without pain for the first time in years. While praying for the knee, a word of knowledge came for a neck condition on the back, right-hand side of the neck. He had that problem too. We prayed. All of a sudden he felt horrible. He began walking around the room. A group of us gathered to pray for him again and all of sudden, a demonic presence starts causing him to throw up. Our healing prayer session, moved into deliverance prayer. We prayed until everything calmed down. We encouraged him to attend an upcoming conference that would deal more thoroughly with issues of inner healing and deliverance, which he said he wanted to attend.

In hindsight, I realize that the Lord began to release the accurate words of knowledge to lead us into the deliverance prayer. God's revelation actually seemed to provoke the demonic presence so that we could minister freedom to this man.

January 14, 2010

Egyptian muslim man healed after word of knowledge

this afternoon, Badshah and I were hanging out (I love that guy!!). Talking about miracles, chatting about the Kingdom - dreaming together about what God is doing and going to do. Then is was time to "do the stuff"! It ALWAYS is time to do the stuff, but I've been a bit 'off' this past week or so and really needed to step out.

As we walked, a word of knowledge came as we walked by this older muslim couple (who we subsequently learned were Egyptian). I asked if he had a back problem in a specific place which he did. I explained that God had revealed that problem to me and that I believed God wanted to heal him.

We sat down (I told him it would only take a minute). I prayed the Lord's Prayer in Arabic, replacing "on earth as it is in heaven" with "in M's back as it in heaven". I take my hand away and ask him what's happening and he testifies that ALL the pain is gone. I don't always take them at their word and offered to pray again. He said, "no, it's good now"!

It was funny because before we prayed, he asked if it would "cost any money". I told him that "we have been given freely and so we freely give". islamic healings almost always charge money for their services.

At the end of our time, the wife said something interesting - when I said that I hope I hadn't taken too much of their time, she said, "No, God wanted you to meet us today"! Isn't it interesting when a muslim woman has more faith than many Christians I know!

we exchanged numbers, but I did what I always do when I encounter Egyptian muslims who are healed. I asked them if they knew any Coptic Orthodox Christians (the Church in Egypt). They did. I told them that they must contact them as soon as they can and testify to what God did for them today. They agreed. Let the follow up begin!!

a time to raise the dead?

this afternoon I was listening to a BBC report of what was happening in Haiti - I am sure than in a matter of days, when an army of international aid and medical personnel arrive in the country that things will be transformed quite quickly. however, today people are dying and bodies are lying everywhere. many treatable injuries are not being treated, people are going into shock and dying from things like broken bones and lacerations.

I am reminded of the command of Jesus in Matthew 10 - "raise the dead"! Not a common sermon topic, but IF EVER there was time for God's people (both within Haiti, and those who can get there) to obey a Scripture, it seems like the time is now!