January 16, 2010

words of knowledge leads to healing and deliverance

I was praying for people after a church service. As the final person who wanted prayer approached me, a specific word of knowledge came into the left side of my stomach. Before he could tell me what was wrong, I asked him about his stomach. He said that it was a problem. I prayed once, but it wasn't improving. The Lord released another word of knowledge for a left knee condition. I asked him about his knee. He had injured it playing sports. We prayed and he could do deep knee bends without pain for the first time in years. While praying for the knee, a word of knowledge came for a neck condition on the back, right-hand side of the neck. He had that problem too. We prayed. All of a sudden he felt horrible. He began walking around the room. A group of us gathered to pray for him again and all of sudden, a demonic presence starts causing him to throw up. Our healing prayer session, moved into deliverance prayer. We prayed until everything calmed down. We encouraged him to attend an upcoming conference that would deal more thoroughly with issues of inner healing and deliverance, which he said he wanted to attend.

In hindsight, I realize that the Lord began to release the accurate words of knowledge to lead us into the deliverance prayer. God's revelation actually seemed to provoke the demonic presence so that we could minister freedom to this man.

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