January 14, 2010

Egyptian muslim man healed after word of knowledge

this afternoon, Badshah and I were hanging out (I love that guy!!). Talking about miracles, chatting about the Kingdom - dreaming together about what God is doing and going to do. Then is was time to "do the stuff"! It ALWAYS is time to do the stuff, but I've been a bit 'off' this past week or so and really needed to step out.

As we walked, a word of knowledge came as we walked by this older muslim couple (who we subsequently learned were Egyptian). I asked if he had a back problem in a specific place which he did. I explained that God had revealed that problem to me and that I believed God wanted to heal him.

We sat down (I told him it would only take a minute). I prayed the Lord's Prayer in Arabic, replacing "on earth as it is in heaven" with "in M's back as it in heaven". I take my hand away and ask him what's happening and he testifies that ALL the pain is gone. I don't always take them at their word and offered to pray again. He said, "no, it's good now"!

It was funny because before we prayed, he asked if it would "cost any money". I told him that "we have been given freely and so we freely give". islamic healings almost always charge money for their services.

At the end of our time, the wife said something interesting - when I said that I hope I hadn't taken too much of their time, she said, "No, God wanted you to meet us today"! Isn't it interesting when a muslim woman has more faith than many Christians I know!

we exchanged numbers, but I did what I always do when I encounter Egyptian muslims who are healed. I asked them if they knew any Coptic Orthodox Christians (the Church in Egypt). They did. I told them that they must contact them as soon as they can and testify to what God did for them today. They agreed. Let the follow up begin!!

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