December 13, 2008

Egyptian muslim man explains, "I don't know if you can help me because my demons are very stubborn".

While in a park during the islamic holidays, I was standing next to group of Egyptians when the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a back problem in a certain part of the back. I interrupted them and inquired as to who had this particular problem. One man said he did and came over to talk. At this point, I spoke to them as a group. I explained how the Lord had given me a revelation (a word of knowledge) indicating what He wanted to do. It was a cordial conversation. The man with the back problem wanted to talk however in private.

As we walked away from the group, he began to explain to me that his problem was actually caused by demons. (I can see why he wanted to leave the group). We talked for a while and I explained that we could indeed help him but that the park was probably not the best context to pray for his deliverance. At one point he said a very funny thing, he said, "I don't know if you can help me because my demons are very stubborn". I was able to explain a bit about the superiority of the Kingdom of God above everything and that the stubbornness of his demons wasn't going to hinder things:)

I brought two good friends into our discussion - one who ministers in Egypt and another who lives in the city where we all were (which is where these Egyptians lived and worked). Let us pray that he is willing to call and set up a time to get set free.

Gulf Arab muslim family sees the Kingdom manifest

a couple of nights ago a group of us were worshipping in a public place. This drew a number of Gulf Arabs who were out celebrating their Eid holidays. one group of men, women and children came up just as we were finishing and I asked the Lord to give me something for them. As I was just looking at them a word of knowledge for a right knee problem came to me. I had the "something" so I went in with that.

It turned out that the first man (actually the group was 3 brothers and their wives and children) had a knee problem but it was his left knee. That was good enough for me, I offered to pray explaining what I felt God would do. He let me put my hand on his knee and I prayed in Arabic for a minute or so. After I was done, he thanked me but at that point it didn't seem that much had happened. I said goodbye and walked away.

About 2 minutes later, a strong word of knowledge came to me in my left knee. I KNEW that at that moment something had happened and wanted to go and find the man to check it out, but my son needed to talk with me and he and I took a walk together. After about 10 minutes, we came back and the Gulf Arab man had been asking around for me. You know what happened - his knee was completely healed. (I asked him if it was 2 minutes after I left him and he said it was!). He was full of questions now - "How did you know I had a knee problem"? "How did you heal my knee"? I got to explain briefly how God's Kingdom was breaking in with revelation and gifts of healing - gifts that God has given to us CHRISTIANS!

At this point, a series of things began to happen.

First they asked if we would pray for their son who wasn't growing properly (he was quite small for his age - he must have been 3 or 4 years old). I picked him up and prayed for him. Next the 2nd brother asked if I would pray for them to have a baby. They had had 2 miscarriages in a row and no children. It was time to get my wife, Desert Princess, involved. I got my son to go and get her. Since she has seen two women she prayed for become pregnant (one who was barren and the other who also suffered from miscarriages), she was the one for this task. The next thing I know she is surrounded by 3 Gulf Arab women sharing with them and praying for them. She prayed for the woman to get pregnant. While she was there, I also got another word of knowledge about a back problem in a specific part of the back. It was for the woman my wife was ministering to. She laid her hands on her back and prayed - her back was healed!

The first brother gave me his card and said that of course I would contact him. Thinking everything was pretty much over, another car pulls up as we are walking away. It was brother number 3 with his family. He jumps out of the car and asks if we could pray for his infant son who needed a hernia operation (it is simply amazing the affect that a single healing testimony had!). At this point, I have two friends who live in his particular country. We all pray for the son. Next the father asks about a wrist problem he has that only hurts when he tries to work out/exercise (i.e. doing push ups). My friend prays for his wrists and then we ask him to test it out. He goes down to do some push ups and there was no more pain. He was visibly amazed that God had just healed him. After this he asks if we could pray for his mother who struggled with asthma - she too was in the car. The wife of my friend went over and began to minister to her in Arabic.

We were also able to give this 3rd brother a copy of the Arabic Bible - which we are fairly sure these brothers will now have an interest in reading. Already arrangements are being made for people to go visit them in their hometown.

You just never know when God's Kingdom is going to break into the lives of the people around us - keep watch!

December 07, 2008

when God 'anoints' the family

Somehow we are truly moving away from the "one man show" (or one woman show) towards doing supernatural ministry as a "team". Of course this has ALWAYS been God's design and best, regardless of the fact that much (if not most) of the Charismatic wing of the Church hasn't modeled team ministry.

Two days ago, in a Church service my entire family ministered together - and God was using all of us to lay hands on people, heal the sick, and even see people released into visions.

At the end of a 5+ hour service, our kids were so thrilled at what God had done "through them" that they didn't even want to leave. It was such a clear picture of what God wants in ministry - His Spirit resting on groups rather than individuals. In the end, He is able to do far more than He ever could have done through merely the "one man in ministry" model.

I will try to give some highlights in another post.