March 08, 2008

word of knowledge for Tunisian muslim woman

while walking to our car this morning and as we were passing by this Arab woman, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge in my left ear. I told Desert Princess to inquire, and my kids and I just kept going to our car. I knew something good must be happening because Desert Princess wasn't coming! I can tell you, I've sent my wife into many situation where the word wasn't right and she hasn't appreciated it.

It turns out this woman is a muslim from Tunisia. Desert Princess asked about her ear and initially she said it was fine. Not to be put off, my wife asked if anybody in the family had a hearing problem or some other ear-related problem. It turned out that one of her male relatives (not sure which one) was mostly deaf. Desert Princess said we could help him.

After this, then this woman says, "I do have a problem in my ears" (at first she denied it - which for some crazy reason is fairly common). She wanted to know how my wife 'knew' about the problem. She explained how God spoke to me through a word of knowledge indicating His desire to heal something.

They exchanged phone numbers and we will be meeting with a Tunisian muslim family soon to release the Kingdom - in this case, to destroy problems in several of their ears. We'll keep you posted.

March 06, 2008

God Breaks in After Dinner

Tonight, my family and I had a wonderful time with some people in our city. After dinner, one of them asked about healing (I had dropped some hints to one of the family members about healing last week). We were able to share some testimonies and then one of the guys says, "I have migraines, could you pray for me?" So, I had him come sit next to me and he asked, "Do I have to believe for it to work?" I answered, "Nope. I believe." Then the Lord dropped the idea that this guy like sleight of hand tricks and magic tricks. I asked him, and his jaw dropped. I told him that Jesus had shown me that to build his faith for the headaches. I put my hand on him and released the Kingdom. All the tension in his face left and when I asked if he felt anything, he said, "It's much lighter." From his face, we could tell he was shocked that "it worked." (Later on, I told this same guy that he had a gift for recognizing talents in people and all his family confirmed it!)

Upon seeing this, another guy said, "Pray for me. I have a thyroid condition and a heart problem." As I was praying for him, the Lord told me that he was having bad dreams, so I asked and he confirmed it. So, we broke off the bad dreams and released the Kingdom. He said that he felt something going into his heart.

There was also a lady there who was needing an operation next week. My wife, released the Kingdom in her throat and she testified that it felt different than before. She also released divine love. We're contending that she doesn't need the operation.

Another girl, her sister, saw all of this and asked if we had something for her. Unfortunately, we were running out of time and I wasn't getting anything, but my wife was able to pray for her and do some dream interpretation for her. (She also did some dream interpretation with one of the other relatives there as well.)

All in all, it was a good night with good food and a good Lord. Pass the shooba.

March 04, 2008

God Just Loves People

No matter where you may plant yourself in a restaurant or store, the person next to you is loved by God. The difficult thing to do is to "break the ice" then hear from the Lord in the midst of everything and speak His word to them in a way that doesn't sound weird or spooky. Now, add to the mix the fact that where we live it is a second language, cross-cultural exchange almost every single time. Anyway, the first place we went last night had a lot of people there God loved, but it was difficult to communicate that because of the language barrier-- which is, at times, very frustrating. However, God redeemed even that time and the bad night we had last night at the last place we planted ourselves.

Tenacious B., DJ, and I all went to this one cafe and sat down next to some guys. DJ, who breaks ice an eskimo, gets things rolling. I'll let him tell his side of the story and the healing that we saw. For me, I just started asking the Lord for some words and this is what I got for the first guy:
He liked kids and was good with them. He always brings presents for his nieces and nephews. He is a good communicator of ideas and a manager where he works. He's also a peacemaker and has many memorable dreams. Praise God, they were ALL on. As for the other guy, I told him:
He was a good listener, that he learned best through listening, and that he was a good problem solver. I also felt like he had a teaching gift (though that wasn't his job) and that he had an odd sense of humor. Finally, I felt like he was also a music fan in a big way. Again, ALL of these were on and both of the guys were encouraged.

Jesus just likes lovin' on people.

God Raises the Dead!

I am writing this entry for my husband who does not currently have access to the Internet. His testimony is too amazing to not fully share what God has done. My husband - I will refer to him as W - is in school in a northern African country. Approximately 10 days ago he was able to work with children at a local orphanage. After their visit, a group of people went to discuss their day - they were all physically and emotionally drained. W kept getting delayed in meeting a friend for dinner and was going to cancel -- especially being so tired. It seemed that things were just getting in the way of meeting this friend. But then he decided to go meet his friend - I will refer to the friend as J.

They were walking along the waterfront when they happened upon a very serious car accident. A young gentleman - about 20 - had been hit by a hit and run driver. He had gone through the windshield and there were so many people gathered around the scene - it had obviously happened some time before they showed up. W and J - both Christians - tried to get closer to see what had happened. When they saw him, the young man was obviously seriously injured. His head was cracked open and there was blood and broken glass everywhere. The young man's eyes were open and not moving.

W asked the Father - Father, please, can this young boy live. And God answered yes!!!! So W started praying and declaring "He's Alive! He's Alive". In his head, he could hear himself telling the young man that he was going to be OK. At the same time, J was rebuking the spirit of death. The crowd was watching them and there was one man yelling things at them. W rebuked the man and they continued praying.

Suddenly, the young man's chest heaved as he took a breath and his eyes started moving! He was now breathing. W and J knew what God had just done! GOD HAD RAISED THIS YOUNG MAN FROM DEATH! God's timing was perfect and all the delays were part of HIS design. They left the scene and proceeded to have dinner - trying to fully absorb what God had just done through them! AMAZING.

As a follow up - the police had been looking for the hit and run driver, so everyone in the small city knew about the accident. J and W were talking and W told J that she would get a report on how the young man was doing - and to trust that God would let them know. 1 day later, J was talking with one of her neighbors and the neighbor knew of the accident AND CONFIRMED THAT THE YOUNG MAN IS ALIVE!


she said, "I felt a strange power going into my arm when you were touching it"

The evening started pretty slowly but eventually the Lord opened some doors for Isaac of Ninevah, Tenacious B and myself to minister healing and prophetically.

The first place was a Nepali Restaurant where the Lord let us pray for a man's back pain. After praying a couple of times, he said all the pain left, but sometimes it is hard to tell what has really happened when there is a language barrier - which there definitely was.

Later when we walked into a coffee shop, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for one of the servers. Right as I walked by her, I got a word of knowledge in the middle of my back. When I asked her, she had pain in the very same area. She came to our table later and I got to lay my hands on her and pray. I asked her what she felt and she said, "I felt a stranger power going into my arm when you were touching it and praying". I explained that it was the Holy Spirit's power that was healing her. That was kind of fun.

At the same coffee shop, we sat down next to two Syrian men - one from an islamic sect, the other from a Christian background. I got a word of knowledge that one of them had a headache. It was the Christian guy and he let me lay hands on him and pray. The headache left - they ALWAYS do (at least it seems like almost every time we pray for a headache (normal or migraine) they leave). Isaac went on to give the muslim guy a number of prophetic words - he'll write about that. All of us got to share with these guys things about God's Kingdom. As it should be, it was DEMONSTRATION 1st, TALK 2nd!!