October 01, 2006

God Is Summoning Us To A Breakthrough

The other day our small groups at school were sent out into the streets of Redding to destroy the works of the devil. Whatever God showed us in heaven is what we were meant to do here on earth. So, we got together and asked God to reveal to us where he wanted us to go, and who he wanted to touch that afternoon. Many of us got names of people, colors, images of sick people and snap shot pictures of houses and places where we could possibly go in the city to find people. We discussed what God showed each of us, and then compiled it into a treasure map.

One of the guys in my small group saw a picture of a bridge crossing the Sacramento River, and another guy saw the word “park”, so we headed down to where we knew these things to be. We had a whole list of things on our map, so whenever we encountered someone who fit the description God gave us; we attempted to minister to them, showing them our map to confirm to them the Word of the Lord. Some people were freaked out, and others were intrigued and open to receiving prayer and being loved upon. Its all about the love.

We walked up to where my friend saw the vision of the bridge, and were encouraged by what we saw. On the other side of the bridge, coming our way was a woman in a wheelchair, and she was on our list! We had “wheelchair” and “bridge” scribbled on our map. We approached her and explained how God had highlighted her to us, and that God was in a great mood for setting people free. She was very open, and was excited to revive prayer for healing. After talking with her we discovered that she was in the wheelchair because she had injured her ankle falling down a flight of stairs. She was quite an heavyset lady, so you can imagine the damage that was done through the fall. We laid hands on her and commanded her leg well. Nothing happened. We prayed some more, fully expectant, but nothing manifested right then and there. We automatically became discouraged and introspective. All out words of knowledge lined up, yet no breakthrough. We chatted some more with the lady and got to speak into her life, but were bummed that she did not get up. It was then that I got this righteous anger against wheelchairs, and the inflictions that cause people to need them. I feel that this situation stirred me up even more to see this sort of infirmity bound. I know that God wants me to see a breakthrough in this area, which is why wheelchairs keep coming my way. God is summoning me, and the others in my group, to a breakthrough. And every time I pray for a person in a wheelchair to be healed and see nothing happen, I press into God even more so that I can see the fulfillment of his promise. I refuse to diminish what God said in his Word by what I see in the natural. We just can’t.

Thankfully we saw God break in and heal other people that day. Our team prayed for a boy with red hair (who was on our list) who had bad eyesight. God came in power and improved this boy’s sight, causing him to go hysterical. He couldn’t believe it! The team tested his eyes out by holding out a piece of paper with a word on it, and he testified to his vision improving tremendously. God is good. I don’t know why God would heal one, and not the other, but our failures should only cause us to press into God further to see the breakthrough. It is HIS will, after all.