December 07, 2007

the Lord speaks clearly amongst a group of muslim men - He even reveals a person's name!

A few nights ago, Isaac of Ninevah, Tenacious B and I headed out together and met a group of Syrian muslim men who worked downtown. As Isaac pointed out in his blog post, we saw the Lord speak prophetically very clearly over a number of their lives.

We were able to demonstrate the difference between the way God the Father speaks and heals, and the way their islamic seers and healers operate. They had quite a bit of exposure to these types of people. Sometimes the so-called 'prophetic words' that their islamic mystics will give are accurate but don't instill hope and produce faith. The vast majority of the time muslims have to pay these people for their 'supernatural services'.

In sharp contrast, we explained that since God gives us His gifts freely, we use them freely. We also prophesied hope, potential and God's purposes and future ministry plans over these men. I saw one of these men had been a noted athlete in his youth, which he confirmed. I told him that God has given him a gift of teaching and preaching. The Lord revealed a number of words of knowledge for their healing. One man next to me had a pain in the exact part of his neck where the Lord had given the word of knowledge and after praying, there was no more pain. At one point, two new guys walked up and the Lord showed me that one of them had back pain in the lower back on the left-hand side. He did. It was interesting to hear them explain quickly to this man who we were and what had just happened.

For me personally, I was surprised when the Lord gave me a person's name. One of the guys was talking about one of the healer/seers in his village back in Syria and the name "Um Khalid" pops into my mind. I ask him who that is, and he tells me "that's her name"! In all honesty, I ask the Lord for meaningful names all the time and I make alot of mistakes. When a name is accurate however, there is a fear of the Lord that comes, because everyone knows that from thousands of possible names, it is statistically impossible to guess a person's name. It happened last week on our ministry trip to another country and it happened again. I don't think I've ever had it happen twice in a week.

Unfortunately in the end, we weren't able to pray for everyone. We were in a very public place and at the end a couple of men from the public security (like policemen) had walked up to see what was going on. We will move our 'ministry time' with these guys inside next time we meet.

Basically we were able to give them "a taste" of God's Kingdom. We demonstrated through prophetic ministry and healing the power of Christ's Domain. Subsequently we could proclaim many Kingdom truths.

December 06, 2007

Downtown Shooba (what else can I say?)

I didn't know how much of what we saw in the other country would transfer back home, but it seems like we received an increase of some kind. Last night, we were downtown and got into a conversation with some guys. It quickly became a supernatural conversation. I prophesied to one guy that he was a great secret keeper and that he liked esoteric things most people didn't like. He nodded in agreement. For another man, I told him that he carried a healing gift and that people recovered from illnesses after a couple of days after he had been near them. He also confirmed that this was true. For one of the other guys with us, I told him that he had a teacher in his family and that he too had a teaching gift of some sort. He told us that his relative was an Islamic preacher. I also told another that he had a heart for justice, which was on as well. As we're talking, another older man comes up and the guys testify about what just happened. He turns to me and says, "Well, tell me something about me." At first, I said, "It doesn't work like that." But upon reflection, maybe it does. I don't know. I prayed for something for him and got that he had a family connection to royalty and that he was a leader among his friends. He confirmed both. Lastly, I got the impression that one of the guys had a prophetic gifting of some kind-- I said that he got impressions, but it turns out dude was a full-blown seer! We also spent a lot of time deciphering some of their dreams and praying a little for healing. All in all, it was a great night-- I'll leave the rest of the stuff for Tenacious B. and DJ to blog, but one of the great things about last night was the accuracy we were experiencing. It was probably the highest with the most number of people I've see outside of a church meeting. It's incredible what the Lord is up to these days with Muslims. My categories are getting blown out of the water.

The End. . . of our trip; the Beginning of something even better (part 16)

On the plane home, we tried to minister to the stewardess who sat in the jump seat next to ours. Most of our words were way off except I saw her home being diagonally situated to an old stone church in her home country. DJ also got the name of her future husband, which, incidentally, turned out to be the name of her ex-boyfriend, too!

As I was writing all of these testimonies down, I realized a few things. First, I hope no one gets the idea that we think we were somehow responsible for all of the things that happened. There is a hiddeness about our King and He has a love for participation. When He co-labors with us, we are the ones who people see. If He’s ok with that, I am, too. Many would have others say, “It wasn’t me, it was Jesus.” Theologically, that’s accurate. Religiously, it sounds good, but biblically, it’s not what He told us to say when doing signs and wonders. He said to tell people the Kingdom of God has come near. People get so hung up on what someone says after a sign or wonder has happened and miss the fact that the sign or miracle IS the proclamation. We’re so word oriented that we think we must give a running commentary on everything lest someone gets confused and thereby we take away their responsibility to seek out the meaning. The sign opens the door for the Word to be proclaimed and if the sign ain’t up to snuff, keep the trap shut. It’s simply embarrassing to give prophetic words that aren’t on or so general they could be for anyone and pray for healing that doesn’t come and then say, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Repent.” My rule of thumb is: if it doesn’t make them wonder it’s not a wonder, move on. (If you don’t like this theology, check the blog next week, it will probably have changed.)

I also realized that I reached the limit of my gifting really quickly. You find that it gets old just telling people what they like or what kind of people they are, etc. You start getting a longing to really declare the goodness of God over their lives and you start wanting to see them encounter God right there—not just at some point in the future when you’re not around. You also start wanting those “spooky” words that make people really wonder. It’s not that you want them to think you’re awesome; it’s just plain fun, people. I think one of the rewards of ministering to people is the joy of freaking them out. Tell me that Peter and John didn’t enjoy telling the lame man to walk. Tell me they didn’t enjoy seeing his face when he didn’t fall over. Of course, the pathway to getting the freaky words is greater intimacy with the Father, Who, I suspect, also enjoys freaking people out.

I also realized that there’s a lot more to the verse “the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets” than I had known before. It seems to me that there’s a point where you’re responsible for your gift and its use. Furthermore, it seems to me that this verse intimates that people can turn the gift on and off whenever they want. If that’s the case, then why not turn that puppy on all the time?

It’s not your usual Joel2generation post, but I felt led to post a hymn of praise:

We give the highest praise to you, Father, for Being Who You are!
We give glory to You for doing such things with us and through us!
We praise You, Jesus, for manifesting Wholeness and Love and for sending Holy Spirit
That We may praise You and
Give the highest praise to You, Father, for Being Who You are!

Candyman gets his mail read! (part 15)

As we were walking around the airport, we felt like we were on a roll of some sort and looked for more opportunities to do the stuff. For one lady, I got a word about her being a great babysitter, which turned out to be on. But the last encounter we had was by far our best at the airport. For this one guy selling candy, I got the words that he didn't use an alarm clock, that his dad and brother worked together but he didn't work with them, and that he was the fastest runner among his friends when he was younger playing soccer. I also told him that he enjoyed reading – especially history and that he did his reading in his bed before going to sleep. The crazy thing was that it was ALL right. He clarified that he liked political history the best, though, but close enough. DJ also got a word for his back and some heart words for the lady working with him. Both were really blessed.

What was the fruit of all of these words? We may never know this side of heaven, but each of these people experienced a piece of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Taxi and Departure (part 14)

On our way out of the country, we were able to pray again for Yusif’s wrist and see some great stuff at the airport. Since we had arrived early to our gate, we decided to sit down in one of the coffee shops and just see what the Lord had planned. As we were sitting there, DJ and I both got a word about a pain in the left side of the neck. We asked our waiter to ask around and he did. It turned out that one of the guys in the kitchen named Mustafa had this pain. (Oddly enough, he told us later that he only had a pain there every now and then, but not at that time.) He sat down with us (it wasn’t too busy) and we started prophesying over him. I told him that he wanted a big family and that someone in his family was a leader. He agreed with the first word and told us that his uncle was an imam (an Islamic preacher). I also told him that he was up for a promotion of some sort. I then proceeded to get crazy with destiny words about his future wife: light colored hair, beautiful, athletic, they were going to have four children, etc. DJ jumped on the destiny wave and prophesied that he would meet someone named Khalid in the next three weeks who would change his life. He thanked us and went back to work. Now, I’m sure there are people out there saying that we crossed some sort of line by telling this guy all that stuff about his future, and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet or if it is something I will continue to pursue or ask about, but one thing is for sure: this guy was definitely looking forward to something and was hoping about something and that was more than he was doing before he talked to us.

Hot Chocolate and some Kingdom (part 13)

The next morning we were back at the Souq. As we were getting some hot chocolate from one of the vendors, I got a word about some pain in his back. I asked him and he denied having any pain, but it opened the door for DJ to give his accurate word about the man’s right ankle. As DJ prayed for his ankle, I got a word about this guy being very friendly and having many different friends all around the area. Both he and the guy standing behind him confirmed it. I don’t know what it meant for these guys to hear something true about one of them from some stranger, but it’s encouraging to me to get words right—even if they are slightly broad.

Don't leave 'em hungry: You feed them. (part 12)

While we were still at Abu George's, I realized that the first lady I had prayed for didn’t get much by way of prophecy, so she came back for more prayer (I firmly believe physical healing goes hand in hand with inner healing and this is all part of the prophetic gift. Well, that’s what I think.) This lady, Hanan, needed some healing for her carpal tunnel (a word I had gotten before) so I prayed for her healing and for some pain in her shoulders. I got the impression that she needed to forgive someone at work and she said that there was a guy there who kept pressuring her boss to make her work more. I told her that she should bless him instead of curse him. It then came out that she had been to some witchdoctor and he had told her all about herself, given her a talisman, and told her how to curse this guy. I first told her that she should burn the talisman. She got really excited and explained that that morning she had prayed at the church this prayer: “If I should get rid of this amulet, then send someone to me to tell me so.” I had just been an answer to prayer! She went on to ask about how he could have told her so much about herself (she was probably comparing my lack of ability and ambiguity to this false prophet’s accuracy, which brings up a good point: We’ve got to do better than the world.) I explained to her that there is information available in the spiritual realm that many entities can access. Just because someone can tell you stuff about yourself or even accurately predict the future doesn’t mean they are from God. I compared it to the Internet—the information is there to anyone who wants to access it, but what is the motive? She understood and I warned her against going back to this witchdoctor. I finished by telling her that I felt like by December 6, she would meet someone who would be important to her and provide her with a great opportunity. As I’m writing this, it’s December 6 and I’m wondering what has happened. Who knows? As we left, I looked back at this orthodox family and really felt like I had just spent the last couple of hours with family.

Shawba with the Abu George Tribe (part 11)

After our visit to the church, we went to a little market to get blessed by a native Aramaic speaker. As he was praying for us, DJ got a word about his shoulder and we prayed for his healing. He was very willing to both bless us and to receive from us. It was awesome. We thanked him and left. As we were walking to the car, Abu George came running out and invited us to his home to pray for his granddaughter.

Here’s the scene: DJ, me, our Bedouin host, and our local, Muslim tour guide going into the house of an Orthodox family to pray for the little girl. When we got to his house, they were just finishing lunch and invited us to sit down. I looked around at the room, leaned over to DJ, and said, “Looks like a great place to have a healing meeting.” And we did.

Abu George and his family were wide open for the Kingdom. We started off by praying for his granddaughter, and then, as we were praying for her, we started getting words for the other people in the room. One by one, we had them sit down next to us and we prayed for their healing and gave prophetic words for two and a half hours. All the while, our Muslim tour guide translated for me! For Jameel, I got the word that he was someone who liked to be on time and even tried to hurry his family up to the point of exasperation. I also got the word that he carried many keys. It turned out that the first was true, and the second one was that he carried spiritual authority. For the grandmother, I got a word about forgiveness and she confessed that she needed to forgive someone, but wasn’t really willing. Her unforgiveness was manifesting in physical ways and I quoted the relevant Scriptures for her and by the end, even the translator was like, “You’ve got to forgive this person!” However, she felt the presence, but didn’t see the breakthrough. For another lady, I saw clothing of some sort and that she liked popcorn. Neither of those words were on (she didn’t even know what popcorn was, I think). I kept praying and I saw her praying alone with two angels by her side by her bed. I also got the word that she was a dreamer/seer. She excitedly confirmed that she didn’t like praying with other people as much as by herself and she told me she dreamed of saints that would come visit her. For the next lady, the mother of the little girl, I got the word that she, too, was a dreamer/seer and had a prophetic gifting. I also got the word that she could feel the emotions of others very easily. All of these turned out to be on as well. She even told me that she often “imagined” the Virgin Mary standing on the tops of the mountains around their city and that she had dreams of the local saint. I explained to her that the imagination is often the place where God speaks to us and that she shouldn’t think that all of what takes place there is fictitious.

December 05, 2007

Ancient-Present Shooba (part 10)

That afternoon, we met up with the brother of a friend who wanted to show us his country. He works as a translator in the city, so this really worked out well for me since I don’t know much Arabic and DJ couldn’t translate everything all the time. Anyway, the first place he took us to was an ancient city that arose around an ancient Christian site of a female saint for whom God split a mountain so she could escape persecutors. Even to this day, there is a canyon where the rocks were split and a convent on the same site. Moreover, at this site, many people come to ask the saint to pray for them to receive healing. In fact, on the wall in the hallway going into the convent/church/reliquary, there is a recent (5 months) testimony of a man who swallowed some nails and came for prayer. After an open vision of two saints and Elijah, he went back to the doctor who did another x-ray and couldn’t find the nails. Part of the testimony includes the before and after x-rays, the business card of the doctor who did the examination, and the entire story in Arabic, which, incidentally enough, I had our Muslim tour guide translate for me. Also, near the burial place of this saint there are crutches and leg braces stacked in a corner by people who had been healed and no longer needed them. They are silent witnesses that God is still moving even in the ancient, traditional churches.

For God so Loved the WORLD (part 9)

On the street the following day, I gave a wrong word to a man selling tea and coffee, but then got the impression that he had lost a really good friend and had never really found another one. He started to tear up and we prayed and declared that God would bring him another.

Taxi Driver Brings Fam to the Well (part 8)

That afternoon, Yusif brought his sister, his mom, and his father an hour’s drive to receive prayer from us in the GZAB (see other posts if you don’t know what this means). I got a word for a shoulder, an eye, and a wrist. The shoulder was for the sister, but the eye was Yusif’s as was the wrist. He told me that he couldn’t put any pressure on it. I prayed for it and told him to do some pushups—which he did with NO PAIN. (Interesting note here: Yusif told us the last day we were there that the pain had come back when he had gone to pray at the mosque. Coincidence?) I also prayed for his eye while DJ prayed for his sister’s shoulder and the father’s knees. During this time, I also got a word for the mother that she had many Christian neighbors and that she had carried out the “when you did it to the least of these, you’ve done it to Me” lifestyle. She told us that most of their neighbors were Christians and she was really compassionate to the poor. She then felt the presence of the Lord. I went on to tell the sister that she had lost something and she could find it in the green room in their house. I don’t remember now if she had indeed lost something, but they said that they had green rooms in both of their houses.

As You Go (part 7)

We then wandered around the city and stumbled along some people in different stores. One man had had childhood polio and we prayed for him. I told him that I saw a dove on his shoulder and that God had was giving him a lot of peace. The next guys we encountered in a gold shop. I prophesied that one of these guys was very active in his church in a leadership role and he said that he was in charge of the social activities. I also told him that it was important for him to read the book of Revelation and he told me that he was involved in a Bible study already. I also told him that I felt like the Lord was leading him to love other people regardless of religion, but especially Muslims, in a unique way. He received it well.

Your Young Men Will See Visions (part 6)

The next morning, we got up, ate breakfast, and headed for an ancient Christian holy site. When we got there, I got a word for a right ankle so I asked the policeman sitting on the bench if it was his. It wasn’t. So, we got our tickets and went down to the little worship room set up in this place. As I was sitting there, I saw an angel to the right of the altar, just standing there. DJ and I had come to this place in hopes of receiving an impartation. The angel told me that he didn’t see too many people come for that reason. He also told me that the Lord had used this saint (we were in his house) because he had a good sense of humor. All three of us tried to feel something were I saw this angel. It was neat to see the excitement on our host’s face when I told him that there was an angel in the corner. We, then, went back up to the little store and DJ got a word for the guy there for his neck and, as it turned out, he also had a bad, right ankle.

Our next stop was a mystic’s house nearby. DJ had heard of this lady through a friend and we wanted to meet her because she had seen some miracles as well as receiving the stigmata. So, we found her house on the internet and walked to the address. We were warmly welcomed and she prayed for us and anointed us with supernatural oil that had manifested in her house. Her home was filled with light and peace—so much so that even our Muslim host noticed it and wanted to go back the next day.

One, Two, Kingdom (part 5)

We had Salaar sit down on the couch and just receive prayer. We prayed for him for a long time because he said that he had a weak heart. We released the Kingdom and he said he felt something leave the top of his head and a lot of peace. I also sensed that the Lord wanted him to have a vision, so we asked him to imagine his room and tell us what he saw in it. His response was a man in white. Shooba.

After seeing all of this, our host (the man who had been healed in our city a year or so ago) wanted some prayer as well. I prophesied that he had hit someone with a rock when he was a kid and still carried shame about it. He told us that it wasn’t a rock, but a bottle and confirmed that he still carried some shame. We asked Jesus to come and minister to his heart and carry that shame away. He, too, felt peace.

Hanging with the Boys (part 4)

Back to the GZAB. . . After the barbershop, we went back to the manager and his friends. As we were sitting there, I just started looking around and started getting words for guys. For the manager, I told him that he looked like his uncle and that really respected and wanted to be like his uncle—even more than his father. He said that I was right. I also told another one of the guys that he dominated a game on the PlayStation 2 and he started laughing because that was true, too. For another one of the guys, Salaar, I told him that he had a gift with children and that he wanted many of them. I also told him that he had a close relationship with his mother and considered her to be one of his good friends. He turned really red and confirmed all of it. Let me take a second here to tell what the Lord told me. I kept asking for words that would freak people out, and He told me, “What difference does it make how freaky the word is if it gets the job done?” Seriously, some people just need to hear Jesus loves you and they’re brought to faith. Others can hear their phone number and grades from third grade and they still won’t be convinced. In other words, it’s not always about accuracy. In fact, we saw a ton of ministry get started because we gave a wrong word. Anyway, as we were winding down with the manager and his friends, I saw one of the guys following us into the elevator—before we left and I had the impression he wanted to talk to us alone. Then, as we were actually leaving, one of the guys, Salaar, followed us into the elevator and wanted to come to our room.

Bringing Down Da' House (part 3)

Back at the GZAB, we sat down with the manager and his friends and just let loose with words of knowledge and prophecy. I prophesied about one guy who wasn’t even there, but I had seen earlier. . . or at least thought I had seen. So, I started reading this guy’s mail about how he was talented, a musician, a good soccer player, really funny, but no one catches his jokes, etc. They were all astounded. But it turned out later, I had a completely different guy in mind, but it didn’t make much of a difference. It helped show some seeds in their minds about a God Who knows them. A little while later, DJ wanted to get a shave, so one of the guys went out with us to show us a good place. Along the walk, I prophesied that he like basketball and was between girlfriends. He confirmed both and went on to tell us that his last girlfriend had passed away rather recently. He also told us that he wanted more courage and bravery—that he wanted to be a new man. DJ and I told him that we knew how that could happen. Afterwards, while DJ was getting his shave, I thought I would try prophesying over the barber. I told him that he liked to read and he was into astronomy. He denied both, but said that it might apply to his business partner. I also tried to give some more words, but after three or four fell flat, I decided to keep my mouth shut.

The Glory Zone (part 2)

The hotel was a great place for us because it had two bedrooms and a sitting area. This gave us the place and opportunity to do ministry in the room. It was really an apartment we rented for the time while we were there. After settling in, we headed out to a sheesha place where the men waste their time and money smoking and playing backgammon and chess. At the sheesha bar, DJ and I got some words for some of the guys at a nearby table. So, we went over and a few minutes later, one of them came to our table. He received healing and I gave him some prophetic words as well. I told him that the Lord was going to give him new sight and bless his business. I also felt like the Lord wanted him to know that He was restoring broken dreams. I also got the impression that he had someone close to him that he communicated with regularly, but was in another country (at this time, I thought he was a native to the city, so it wasn’t like I knew he was already from a different area). He confirmed that he had a brother he missed a lot working in Turkey. I also saw Jesus over his shoulder just blessing him. After the sheesha place, we headed back to our Glory Zone Apartment Building, or the GZAB.

Isaac's Side of the Story (part 1)

I would like to add a few more details about what happened on our trip to a nearby Middle Eastern country. To say the least, I didn’t know what to expect. As I told DJ before leaving, it was the least prepared I had ever been for an international trip.
Anyway, we arrived in the afternoon so that gave us most of the day to do the shooba around town, but it really began with the taxi driver. As we were headed to the capital city, DJ and I both got numerous words for the driver and for our companion with us. I got a word for our host’s ankle and for our driver’s stomach. I asked him if he had had pain in the stomach—on the right side, just below the navel. He excitedly confirmed that though he didn’t have pain there at the time, he had recently had an operation in the exact same spot. I also got a word about a burn, which turned out was for the driver’s sister and another word for an ear pain which was also for the driver’s niece and our host. By the time we arrived to the hotel, the driver, Yusif, was our new best friend. He helped us locate the place and he wanted to bring his family for healing as well the next afternoon.

December 03, 2007

Kingdom ministry training school for a muslim friend

Our trip was incredible in many ways, but arguably the most incredible facet was that a Bedouin muslim man traveled with us and witnessed every miracle, every prophetic word, every evangelistic sermon THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE.

This was a man who was healed by the Lord a year and half earlier of migraine headaches when we prayed for him in a different country. He introduced us to his completely veiled aunt, who had a visitation of Jesus when her infant son had died. What did Jesus do? What He always did when He encountered dead people - He raised her son from the dead. He has always followed Jesus, even though the son had no contact with Christians as he was raised in a completely muslim village. Also, Desert Princess, prayed for this aunt to also become a follower of Jesus.

Our friend traveled over 20 hours to be with us in the capital city of his country. He lived with us, he ate with us and saw first hand what it looks like for 2 Christian men to release God's Kingdom wherever we went. I can't tell you how many prayers he listened to. How many muslims (and Christians) he saw healed when we laid our hands upon them. We had other spiritual encounters during out trip and he was there to witness each and every one of them.

He asked me, "why did you want to see me so urgently"? We basically traveled to his country to see him. I explained to him that it was clear to me that God's hand of blessing was upon him and his family (aunt and son). I told him I wanted to tell him and "show" him the Kingdom of God.

This man has many problems - alcohol problems, loneliness, financial and of course he still has at least one foot firmly still in the satan's islamic kingdom of deception. At the end of our time together, he leaned to me and whispered in my ear, "You guys are more compassionate/merciful than any muslim I have ever met".

This man now has an Arabic Bible, and DVD resources that speak of muslims coming to Christ through dreams and visions. We also gave him a DVD of a Christian Arab woman who moves in the a ministry of unusual Kingdom power and revelation.

So often muslims really don't get to 'see' our lives. This man got to 'see' ours. Will he now repent and enter the Kingdom? That is his decision, but we can say that we have never demonstrated more of God's Kingdom to any muslim we have ever known. He is accountable for what he has 'seen and heard'. Pray for him.

Kingdom Adventures (part 5) - prophetic ministry in the airport

The day we left, we got to the airport quite early. Because there wasn't anything else to do, we decided to plant ourselves in the middle of a bunch of muslims and see what God would say.

Most of this I will leave for Isaac to share, but I would just say that God was so faithful yet again to speak to us and through us to a number of different muslim men and women.

We did get alot of words wrong - I can try to package what I just said differently, but basically I'll call a spade a spade - there were times when we would open our mouths and just missed it. Again, some have a major problem with trying to prophesy and getting it wrong (due mostly to a Christian 'urban legend' that states that prophecy can/should never be wrong because they were taught that OT prophets that missed it were killed). In short, a 'false prophet' is completely different than a Christian who is growing in their prophetic gifting.

I can say however, that the words that were right were at times shocking. Isaac was giving me the "spooks" at one point as he was just 'reading the mail' of this one muslim man.

I got a couple of words of knowledge for the same man - a back problem and a knee problem. They were accurate and he let me pray.

For another man, the Lord showed me a picture of a tire swing that he used to play on as a child. He said it was true.

Basically from the time we arrived, until the time we boarded the plane, the Kingdom of God was what we saw. Whether it was healing, or prophetic words, or sharing the Gospel message - we had the time of our lives. This is how we are supposed to live all the time, but sadly we all-too-often let the busyness of life keep us from doing the works of Jesus.

Kingdom Adventures (part 4) - ministering to those who speak the language Jesus spoke

There are several groups of Christians who still speak a form of the language that Jesus spoke, Aramaic. They live in several different Middle Eastern countries. We happen to visit one of their villages and God showed up.

In this monastery, we asked the nuns if they would pray for us in Aramaic - but none of them spoke it because they weren't from that village. They directed us to a shopkeeper named Abu George (Father of George) who was an Aramaic speaker and would be able to help us. Little did we know what God had set up.

When we got to the shop, we told him that we wanted him to pray for us in Aramaic - he prayed the Lord's prayer (very cool!). While there, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for him and he let us lay hands on him and pray. I don't remember the actual result/outcome of our prayer, but it must have been something, because the next thing we know, he is inviting us to his house to pray for his mentally handicapped and blind granddaughter.

What followed was basically a two hour meeting in this home of Aramaic speaking Middle Eastern Christians. The Lord released many words of knowledge for people and we saw pain leave people's bodies. The prophetic words that the Lord gave us, especially Isaac, were accurate and meaningful. (I'll again let you wait for his blog posts to hear more details).

One of the words I got was for pain in the toes on the left foot. A man named Jameel said it was for him. I prayed and the pain left.

We got a word of knowledge for a woman named Hanan who had a back problem - she was healed. The father of the handicapped daughter, named Abu Rita was also healed as I ministered to him after getting another word of knowledge.

What about the mentally handicapped, blind girl?? We sadly didn't see the breakthrough with her. I prayed over her for a long time - I just held her and cried out to God for His Kingdom to manifest in her body. I saw no change while we were there.

This for some is a difficult concept (especially for those who don't really minister in the area of healing) but there are things that are a much greater challenge than others. Translation: seeing a headache healed is much easier than seeing a blind eye open or a wheel chair emptied. This little girl's condition was a far deeper work of the devil. I asked the Lord to show me what was needed. How would He do it? This is what I saw. I saw an angel come and sit down next to her bed. I saw the angel put his hand upon the little girl. I then told the family that this was the way I felt the Lord was going to work the extraordinary miracle.

We see far more healing in what I term "middle range" conditions, than we do when it comes to chronic, long-term (even from birth) affliction. There are anointings in God that we are contending for that we do not yet have. We will not be discouraged and we will contend for all God will give us in this day and age.

All in all, our time with this family was incredible. Isaac prophesied until he was exhausted. We saw a number of physical healings in that home. We really felt like we did all that "we saw the Father doing" (as we relied on words of knowledge and prophetic words that He gave us).

May that healing angel truly come to visit the little girl and complete the Kingdom ministry that we did not see while with them!

Kingdom Adventures (part 3) - words of knowledge and healings on the streets

The following morning I woke early and went out to find some place to drink tea. I found a small shop and the Lord gave me two words of knowledge for the a man in the shop named Abu Muhammad - back problems and pain in his ribs. Both were accurate. He was also a taxi driver and since we were going to utilize his services later, we delayed our prayer time for his back and ribs. I eventually got to pray for him and the Lord touched him. A neck problem he was having improved dramatically after prayer.

While on the way back to the hotel, a word of knowledge came strongly for a lower back problem on the left as I passed a group of muslim men. I approached them, explained what happened. One of the men said it was for him. I prayed for him and the presence of the Lord came upon his back and he felt electricity. I told him I would come back to see him the following morning to check up on him but I couldn't find him again (nor on our final morning).

Words of knowledge for strangers on the streets and in shops were actually one of the most common ways that the Lord would open doors for us to minister the Kingdom to many Arab muslims and also a number of Arab Christians.

A few of those included:

While in a shop, the Lord gave me a word for a neck problem for the Christian shopkeeper. Isaac also got a word for the man's ankle. We prayed for both conditions. The man, whose name was Ibrahim also felt tingling while we prayed.

In a jewelry shop, we got more words - for the owner's neck, which was healed after we prayed for him 2X. The men were Christians in this shop, but a muslim woman walked in and the Lord gave me a word about her left hand. She had that problem. I told her the Lord was going to heal her (I didn't lay hands on her as a muslim woman surrounded by 5 men) but I told her to come back to the shop for any further ministry she needed.

In a small restaurant, I began to speak with the manager of strip club (yes, they have them in the Middle East too!). He had a problem that needed healing. I asked him NOT to tell me, but to let the Lord show me. I laid my hands on him and the Lord gave me the word that the problem was a back problem. That was true. He let me pray and the pain left his back!!

While in an Ancient Christian Church, I was looking at a couple and the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that one of them had a stomach problem. I approached this Christian man and wife outside and it was true - she had a stomach problem. I explained that the Lord had shown me the problem and they let me pray for her.

One morning in a large shopping area we were buying breakfast and coffee from a street vendor. I got a word of knowledge for this muslim man that he had a right knee problem - he did and we prayed form him. Isaac also gave him an accurate prophetic word.

These were some of the Kingdom encounters we had on the streets or in shops and restaurants. The Lord so wants to "spill" on people when we are out and about. We don't always know who He will 'target' but we need to be willing to tune in and then take the risk to approach a person when we feel the Lord has spoken.

Did we get words of knowledge wrong? Absolutely. I would be lying or misrepresenting our time if I didn't also talk about the times we "missed the target". This is all part of growing in the things of the Kingdom. So how do we REALLY know when God has spoken and given us a word for healing? We check if they have the problem, if they do, we pray. If they are healed, we know it was God. Simple Kingdom principle!

Kingdom Adventures (part 2) - hotel employee sees an Angel

At the end of our first day in this massive Arab muslim city, the Lord opened some doors to minister to the men who worked in our hotel. We had just been in a coffee shop where the Lord gave me some words of knowledge (a left shoulder problem and a lower back problem) and let us pray for a guy. Isaac also prophesied over him.

As we got back to our hotel, we were still quite keen to minister and sat on the ground floor with the employees of our hotel. Much of the ministry was Isaac prophesying over these men, including a very unusual 'seer' gift that was in operation. (which he will share about). He suggested I do something that we call "manifest fire" as a demonstration to unbelievers that the Kingdom of God is truly 'at hand'. I had this one muslim guy close his eyes and move his hand over my hand and to stop when he felt intense heat. (note: this isn't done close enough for my own body heat to affect the outcome). Anyway, after a couple of times, the Lord begin to manifest intense heat out of my hand and to his surprise he stopped his hand right over my own hand. It opened a door for us to pray for these guys.

First of all, we prayed for this very man's shoulder and he was healed! The "fire" got his attention and made him open to receive more ministry.

One of the men, a Kurdish muslim man, named Salaar, followed us up to our room. He wanted more ministry. As we prayed for Salaar and prophesied over him, he began to get overwhelmed the presence of God. During this time, we instructed him to close his eyes and asked the Lord to take him into a vision. What happened? An angel appeared to him dressed in white. (I think it may have been Jesus because that is such a common vision for muslim's to have Him appear to them wearing white, but when I asked him who it was, he said he thought it was an angel).

While ministering to him, we began to sense some demonic bondage and as we moved into a deliverance type of prayer he felt something 'leave his head' (it had been painful before and all the pain left).

Kingdom Adventures (part 1) - taxi driver and family

These "Kingdom Adventures" posts will be from my perspective (DJ's). Isaac will also blog about our trip together, emphasizing different things that the Lord did.

Our adventure began soon after we arrived at the airport and were picked up by a muslim taxi driver named Yusif. we began to get words of knowledge for he and his family. We got a word for his mother - her left leg. Ben also got words for his neice, his sister and him personally. He was interested and wanted to me again.

The following night Yusif arrived at our hotel with his parents and his sister who all wanted/needed prayer for healing. He drove an hour from outside the city for ministry! (Sadly, I have Christian friends who won't drive 1/2 hour for a miracle meeting).

Over the course of the next two hours, Isaac and I ministered healing, prophetically and were able to preach many things about the Kingdom of God to this muslim family.

The father, Abu Khalid, was like an oak tree when we ministered to him. He had a very difficult time receiving and didn't seem to be impacted very much. He had some issues that came up that we discussed (unforgiveness, etc), but basically when we are ministering healing and miracles evangelistically, those things shouldn't matter. We just were able to see the breakthroughs with him. He did allow us to pray several times. In hindsight, we definitely shouldn't have begun by praying for the father.

The mother, Um Khalid, was a different story. Both Isaac and I had received a word of knowledge for a left leg problem the day before. This word was for this woman. As we prayed for her, the Holy Spirit came upon her and she could feel tingling all over as we prayed - especially in her legs and back which was where she needed healing. She was visibly touched. We also got some prophetic words for her.

Yusif's sister, Warde, was next. As I laid hands upon her, she also felt the Holy Spirit's presence and the pain left her back. She was also ministered to prophetically

Isaac prayed for Yusif's wrist which was also healed.

During our time together, a real spirit of preaching came on me at one point and in Arabic I really gave them the essence of the Kingdom message.

For me personally, the absolute highlight of the evening was when the Lord gave me the name "Samira". I asked them who that was and it was the name of Yusif's ex-wife. His sister said that they had been talking on the way to the hotel about how he should go back and remarry her!!!! She insisted to Yusif that this was the Lord speaking and confirming what he should do - and this from a muslim woman who is relying on a Christian's prophetic word!

In the end, we saw Yusif one more time as he took us back to the airport at the end of our trip. I asked him again if he was going to obey the Lord and reconnect with "Samira". That was our parting word for him. We also directed him to Christians in the city who would be able to help him further.

December 02, 2007

Holy Spirit adventures in a Middle Eastern country

Recently, Isaac of Ninevah and myself headed off on a 3 1/2 day adventure to another middle eastern country. We had no real agenda other than to allow the Holy Spirit to blow us around wherever He wished. All we knew was that we 'might' visit a muslim friend of ours who was healed of migraine headaches when we prayed for him about a year and a 1/2 ago. There was also a Christian woman who has had many visions and experiences with the Lord that we hoped to find.

In the next few blog posts, Isaac and I will try to capture some of the miracles we experienced. It never ceases to amaze me how when we 'conscecrate' a few days (or a week) to focus on outreach and ministry, that the Lord ALWAYS shows Himself strong and performs kingdom miracles in His Name. This trip was no different. We didn't see all the sicknesses and/or challenges we faced bow to the Name of Jesus, but we saw a huge number that did. We saw many many healings. We prophesied over dozens of people - muslims and Christians. We missed our share of words, but at the same time we saw God give us some of the most accurate prophetic revelation either of us has ever personally experienced.

I should say that one of the most unusual things about this trip is that our muslim friend did join us - in fact he traveled more than 20 hours overland to be with us - and WITH US he was. He shared our hotel suite and was with us every minute of each day. That means that he was with us for every miracle, every prophetic word, every enounter with God, listening to every prayer we prayed and most significantly saw our lives 24/7 to see how we 'really lived'. At the end of our 3 days, he leaned over to me and said that "you guys are more compassionate than any muslim".

Enjoy these stories - we'll try to capture as much of what the Lord did as we can. Somehow we just won't do it justice. Oh the days that we are living in!!!