June 27, 2008

house church meeting - healings and prophecy

I was asked to come and minister in a friend's house Church. It was a group of radical God seekers who long for His presence more than anything. In fact, with all the different ways people describe churches (i.e. 'purpose driven', 'seeker sensitive', 'Word-based', etc. etc.) there is truly one description that seems to me to be the one every Church should give themselves to - being 'PRESENCE Driven'. I mean His presence! This was truly one of those kinds of churches.

The Lord began to speak to me prophetically about the church and also for some individual members. After an extended time of worship, I shared, prophesied and prayed for the sick. What was remarkable in terms of the healings that God did, most of them seemed to be without the laying on of hands. God would give me a word of knowledge and then we would just ask God to do it sovereignly.

As one who is passionate about training and equipping others, much of the emphasis in the ministry time towards the end of the meeting was focused upon impartation for gifts, and in particular the impartation of the gift of the word of knowledge. Others began to receive words of knowledge, people responded to the words and then the Lord would heal the 'highlighted' conditions. This is just the way church always should be!

One woman came with a chronic wrist and arm condition. We began to pray and were not seeing breakthrough initially. During the 2nd or 3rd time of prayer, the Lord gave me another word of knowledge for a back condition she had a specific part of her back. Wanting to follow God's leading and do what we "see the Father doing", we shifted our prayer towards the back condition and then it happened. As she was testing it out, she screamed, "It's GONE"! She began jumping up and down and celebrating with her husband. What a glorious moment - so much fun. At that point, we could return to praying for the wrist problem with far more faith and expectation.

I don't even know all the things that God did during that meeting. We went till well past midnight. Many people were praying for others. The healings and prophetic words that came were many. Normally I would have pulled us all back together and shared testimonies but time didn't allow for that.

Sometimes we settle for far less than God wants for our gatherings. I can tell you this meeting helped to start my summer in the best possible way - God's presence doing all sorts of things till the middle of the night. What other kinds of meetings do we want?

man encounters God's presence and healing in restaurant

Three of us were out to lunch and I felt like I had a word of knowledge for the restaurant host. I called him over and asked if he had a certain problem (pain in wrist) but he did not. Note: I got the word WRONG

He asked why I had asked, I explained who I was and about God's Kingdom. He had some other conditions - a head injury and also back problems. I prayed for him twice. The Holy Spirit came upon him and he had an encounter with God. You could see it in his face!! After the 2nd time, I encouraged him to go and do something he couldn't do without pain.

As we were walking out, he was sitting down and getting up showing us what he couldn't do without pain before prayer. He was healed and you could tell he was happy!

Yet another example of going in on an incorrect word and yet God turns it into a Kingdom moment!

June 25, 2008

God shows up, give a word of knowledge and heals a neck and shoulder

Last night as I was settling into the where I was staying for the night, I walked past a young man and I got a word of knowledge for a right shoulder problem. I wasn't able to follow it up at that time, but this morning at breakfast I asked him, "do you have a problem with your shoulder"? (I further asked if it was the right shoulder).

Yes, he did. I explained what it was that God had shown me and what He wanted to do. I prayed for him and the shoulder was healed. He also had a neck problem (related to the shoulder) that was still painful.

I then prayed for that and guess what? God healed that too.

What a start to the day!!!!

June 22, 2008

indian man healed of chronic pain

tonight an Indian Catholic couple came to me for prayer. we had prayed before for a problem he had in his neck which caused pain all the way down to his fingers, but the problem returned.

he wasn't going to leave tonight with his pain - not on my shift (as Wigglesworth so boldly used to declare).

I prayed for him maybe 5 or 6 times and each time we saw improvement. we got to 85-90% pain-free and then I prayed again. finally, we hit the target - NO MORE PAIN!

He told me at the beginning that it was about 50%. Jesus got yet another A+ tonight because he left at 100%!

fear is a prison

Yesterday, Isaac of Ninevah and I met with a believer who came out of islam. for most of those who were formerly muslims, the biggest challenge they face is fear. Their lives are in danger, and as he was reminding us, even the government will ensure that their citizens who come to Christ will be able to get jobs and will not receive government-provided benefits and services. The enemy's tactics have never changed - fear and intimidation are his most effective tools.

I shared with him the sad story of another Gulf arab believer who came to Christ years ago has never grown because she lives in a prison of fear. My heart for my brother is that he will not find himself imprisoned in the same way.

Fearlessness is faith.