July 07, 2007

Kingdom comes at a local Bible Study

Last night I was invited my a friend of mine to come and share about what God has been doing. I didn't know what God was going to do, but it is always fun to just see what He was going to do.

During worship and subsequently during the message I shared, the Lord gave me a number of words of knowledge - for a left knee, for a left shoulder, for a wrist problem, arthritic joints in the fingers and numbness in the face. Also the Lord gave me a prophetic word for one of the people attending as well.

Long story short, each of the words were in fact 'on' and we proceeded to pray for them. First we prayed for the man with the wrist problem - the Lord healed it. He was quite surprised. It seemed like this type of thing was a bit new for him. We also prayed for his shoulder and he was going to check it out in the gym the next day - it only hurt when he lifted weights.

Next I had the man who had just seen his wrist healed, go and pray for another man who had a knee and shoulder problem. He prayed for the man and all the pain left his knee. Interestingly, while the knee was being healed, the woman next to him who had a right knee problem just jumped right on the tail end of that testimony and was healed without anyone praying!!!

We then prayed for the shoulder problem of the same man and it took us several times of prayer, but in the end it was about 80% better.

At the end of the meeting, we went after the man whose house the study was in who has terminal cancer - spread all throughout his body. Two of the words of knowledge were for him - the arthritic knuckles and numbness in the face - both caused by the cancer.

Faith was built throughout the evening as we prayed and so we contended for the greatest miracle of the evening - the deliverance from one of hell's worst manifestations - cancer.

We don't know what happened for this man yet - but he was immensely encouraged with all the things God did in his house last night. May the cancer bow to the Name of Jesus as well.

My daughter goes after a healing

Yesterday while in the office of a local business, I got a word of knowledge for a problem in the middle, right side of the back. I asked the woman behind the counter and she said she did - she was a bit surprised. I explained that I was a Christian and that God wanted to heal her back right there, right then.

My young daughter was with me and so I asked her if she wanted to go and lay hands on the woman's back (which was more acceptable than me doing it to a woman who is a complete stranger:). So my daughter goes back behind the counter, releases the Kingdom of God into the woman's back and guess what happened????

You got it - she was healed - all the pain left. At that point, we were able to invite her to Church.

You gotta love it when 9 year olds are 'doin the stuff'!!!

July 05, 2007

Did you know Angels are playful? 7 year-old girl discovers that they are!

A few nights ago, while I was praying and prophesying over a number of different people at the end of a Church service, a young 7 year-old girl came wanting prayer. The Lord began to speak to me concerning an increase in Angelic activity in and around her life. I asked her, "Did you know that Angels are playful"? I explained to her that the Angels wanted to come and play with her. I had also told her that while she dreaming the Angels would come and visit her.

Soon after praying (I discovered this the next day), she began to tell her mother that something was 'tickling' her back and she started laughing hysterically. This continued and she recognized that it must be the Angels. They even were ticking her ears. This lasted for nearly an hour and the mother had a hard time getting her daughter into the car for the 1 hour drive home. She felt the presence of these Angels all around her and even inside of her. At one point, it was so intense she said, "it's so much, I can hardly stand it, I hope they don't tickle my neck because I am super ticklish there". Her mother said she could ask them to stop if she wanted, but she replied, "No mommy, I like it"! (very cute)

She said, "I feel so much peace, it is like they are dusting me off". She fell asleep. Next her 3 year-old sister began to feel the very same thing.

The next morning, she told her mother about the dream she had. The Angels had come in her dream to play with her (just as the Lord had shown me when I prophesied over her).

Some reading this testimony will surely doubt it or question it. All I want to encourage you to do is to simply ask the Lord, "If Angels are truly playful, then I want to play with them too". Test it out - we encourage people to do that with every single testimony we post.

2 words of knowledge, 2 healings in a bookstore

While I was shopping around a bookstore, I got a word of knowledge about a wrist problem. I was talking to this one person and asked them, but it was for them. The woman behind the counter however was the person with the wrist problem who had heard me ask.

I quickly explained what the Lord wanted to do and asked if I could pray. I grabbed her wrist and released God's Kingdom in accordance with the word He gave me and all pain left her wrist. She tested it out several times, putting weight on it in a bent position and was quite surprised that she could do that without pain.

During the testing of her wrist, the Lord gave me another word of knowledge for a shoulder problem, which she also had. We prayed again and the Lord showed Himself strong and healed her shoulder as well. As the woman was already a follower of Christ, she was greatly encouraged on that morning.

If we will only "tune in" when we are out and about, the Lord will show us what He wants to do in bringing His Kingdom to those around us.

July 02, 2007

Young French Catholic woman encounters Jesus and is set free!

At the end of the evening, I was told that a French woman wanted to see me. First she said she was "afraid of me". As we soon discovered, there was a very legitimate reason for that. She actually said that as I was ministering she completely avoided me and wasn't able to walk near me.

We were able to convince her that I was O.K. and I asked her if she wanted Jesus to come and live within her? She agreed and we led her in prayer to invited Jesus to come and live inside her by the Holy Spirit. We also began to prophesy over her and to release the Father's love. Several of the words spoken over her were EXACTLY the same words that others had spoken over her the past couple of days and she began to cry. God knows how to touch His children!

Afterwards she all of sudden got a pain in her back and we sensed it was clearly demonic. We prayed it off of her and she was delivered. She was also wearing a Buddha necklace which she was encouraged to remove by Desert Princess. Initially she refused saying it was nothing. I told her that if Jesus wanted her to take it off, that He would tell her Himself. 5 minutes later she had the necklace off because that's what He told her to do!!

Why was she so afraid of me? What was going on? This is what I believe it was. As the Holy Spirit began to come in power, the anointing was increasing upon those of us ministering. I saw an increase in everything as time went on. She had a demonic presence attached to her life and she was repelled by the presence of the Holy Spirit's anointing. After she gave her life afresh to Jesus, the demonic presence gave one last ditch effort to afflict her but it was too late - we were easily able to pray it off and she was delivered from her back pain.

Saved, Healed, Delivered and discovering your destiny through prophetic words - it doesn't get much better than that!

When the Spirit come in power!!

After a couple of days on the streets and many meetings, I was exhausted but was asked to preach in a Church for an evening service. I was absolutely running on empty and knew that the Lord would need to extend special grace if anything was going to happen.

All I can say is that as the service progressed, and ultimately the entire evening, God released more and more energy and ironically the longer things went on, the more of God's enablement I received. I know it was God because the moment I put my head on the pillow 5 hours later, I was asleep within a minute.

I cannot say all the things that happened during the service but at the end the Pastor asked for me to pray a corporate prayer of impartation on entire Church who had all come forward. The Holy Spirit was already on a number of people, but He began to come on many more - this was all before the laying on of hands.

After this, Desert Princess and I began to lay hands on people and prophesy and release the Holy Spirit. People react differently to the presence of God and we saw all different types of God's power manifesting. A spirit of Prophecy was released and we moved into an unusual prophetic flow. The word of knowledge began to operate and the Lord showed me the exact locations of a number of different diseased and injuries.

The longer the meeting went on, the more of God's presence I could sense and the more accurate the prophetic flow and the word of knowledge became. The meeting lasted until midnight - after a 7PM start. It was such a priviledge to see God touch so many people - many were healed, many received new gifts of the Holy Spirit, and overall God just had His way with many hungry people. I was just overwhelmed watching God's Spirit come and do what only He can do.

The end of the evening deserves its own post, so that will be next.

Heal the restaurant owner and you get free food!

Before the incident on the soccer field, three of us went over to a restaurant that the Lord had shown me to go to in a vision the day before. I didn't know what was going to happen, but when the Lord has given a vision and you are going after miracles, something is going to happen.

We walked in and I just began to offer prayer for healing to the woman behind the counter - she was the owner of the restaurant we were later to discover. She kept saying that she had nothing wrong with her, but then eventually she said she had a pretty bad headache. I pulled out a piece of paper and showed her a word of knowledge I had received before entering which said "headache". We prayed and her headache left. She refused to let us pay for the drinks we had ordered and went to get some of her employees who needed healing.

Out from the kitchen this cook appears who needs healing. The Lord gave us two words of knowledge for her - for her back and for her wrist and she was healed of both of those things.

Now the owner is asking us if we want any food - we declined the offer, but it was amazing that the Kingdom shows up in her restaurant and she is offering us free food!

After the soccer field experience, we went back and prayed for one other employee and the Lord also gave us a word of knowledge and healed her as well. Initially she was very scared to come for prayer, but the Lord's love was released and she had an encounter with God.

These are the kinds of things that should normally happen in restaurants and soccer fields - don't you agree?

A miracle, salvations and prophecy on a soccer field

While on the streets the other day, I felt the Lord wanted me to have my son and his friend join in a soccer game with a group of Hispanics. My son was at first reluctant, but I assured him that I would be nearby and so they joined in. The Lord has a plan that He was unfolding, even if I was at that time unaware of it.

About 20 minutes later, I come back and called all the young people playing - 5 young men and one of their younger sisters to come over. I asked if anybody needed healing because Jesus was doing miracles (we had just seen 3 or 4 healings across the street in a local restaurant). One boy had a sprained wrist and we prayed and God instantly healed him. He was shocked.

I proceeded to tell that that although they all believed in Jesus their whole lives, they might not have Him living within them. They all agreed that they believed but probably didn't have Him dwelling within. Corporately I just led all 6 of them to give their lives to Jesus and to invited the Holy Spirit to come right then a fill them. Several of them testified that they could physically sense the presence of the Holy Spirit filling them during the prayer.

We proceeded as a team to prophesy over each of them. It is one thing to receive a healing, another to receive Jesus and yet another to know His plan and purpose for your life. We lay hands on each of the young men and the young girl and the Lord began to speak - through each of the team members - through my son and his friend and the other two teenagers who were with me. It was glorious to just see God speak powerful words of destiny to each of the newly saved individuals. When we were praying over the little girl, she kept saying that what we were praying didn't apply to her, but her brother kept contradicting her and saying, "don't listen to her, she is just being shy, those words are exactly right"! What a confirmation!

One of the most incredible things however, was that the same little girl as we prophesied over her two brothers and the others, stepped right in during prayer and gave her very own prophetic word. Can you believe it?! Saved for maybe 10 minutes and giving prophetic words - what a day we are living in!!!