March 17, 2007

and their first miracle is a crippled boy getting healed!!

Last night I received a detailed report about some of the things that are happening in the wake of our visit back in January to a neighboring Arab Muslim country. The very thing we pray for and the reason we believe God wants us to take these kinds of trips is with the goal of seeing some kind of "snowball effect" wherein people living there have their vision for the miraculous expanded, receive something of an impartation and then go and do it themselves. This is not only happening, it is happening amongst the local believers who are all former Muslims. Tears welled up in my eyes as I listened to what God was doing with these precious brothers and sisters who have risked everything by following Jesus.

One of the Muslim-background believing couple's had brought her father whose knee was healed after we prayed (we blogged this back in January). During that same prayer time, the husband (a believer) had received prayer for his elbow which had not enabled him to work in construction (his livelihood). I just learned that his elbow was completely healed and he was able to go back to work after that.

The Muslim father whose knee was healed is asking lots of great spiritual questions now, has been telling all his Muslim friends that the Messiah healed him and has an Arabic Bible! Praise God for that testimony going out!

The wife, who happened to disciple/lead a group of other women believers (all former Muslims) brought them together to pray for a little 4 1/2 year old boy who had never walked. After seeing her father's knee healed, she had faith to pray for this little boy's miracle.

This group of women (with no westerner Christians there) put this little boy in the middle with his mother and began to cry out to God for healing - they literally were CRYING as they petitioned the Lord to work a miracle and next day for the first time in his life, the boy began to walk - first he held onto the wall, and then a day later he was walking without any assistance whatsoever!!

According to my friend, "the women's faith grew 1000%" - this little band of local believers had laid their hands upon a crippled little boy and seen a New Testament miracle. (I told him my faith grew as I was listening to him tell the story - I still haven't seen someone who has never walked, get up and walk. How God is it that the 1st miracle these women pray for is a crippled little boy getting to walk for the first time in his life. More Lord!

What has been the result? The boldness and zeal has increased tremendously in the lives of these local believers. The husband is now challenging my friend (who has been mentoring and discipling him). Is this not how it should be?

Another Arab Muslim man was healed of his diabetes and has stopped taking all medication.

When I asked my friend if he felt these local believers had received an impartation of a gift (or gifts) of healing after we prayed for them, he said they did.

Local believers witnessing a miracle, receiving an impartation and going out to see greater miracles than those of us who prayed for their impartation - it doesn't get any better than this!!!

planning meeting + miracle = kingdom meeting

We had a meeting the other night with a group of pastors. Our time was mostly an information meeting and a time to plan for an upcoming series of Renewal Meetings. Going into the meeting, I was thinking that "why can't we see the miraculous break out in a business/planning meeting"?

I thought I received a word about an elbow problem and threw that out at one point - nothing. At the end of the meeting, I got a clear word about a left-shoulder problem. One of the pastors had this very problem and had hoped someone would get something for him. We all gathered around him, prayed for the Kingdom to come and the shoulder was healed! One or two others asked for prayer after that.

kingdom math: normal meeting + healing miracle = much better meeting

March 12, 2007

Kingdom Principle: If you keep swinging, you'll eventually get a hit!

Last night, as we walked into a hotel, I got a word of knowledge about someone with a left knee problem. The first people I noticed were the two security guards at the door, both Egyptian Muslims. One of them had the problem (and it was bothering him right then) and I prayed for him. I told him that God was going to touch his knee and when we left I would check to see how it was. When we left about 20 minutes later, he testified that both his knees felt considerably better.

In a restaurant, we got to minister to some Nepali men (mostly Hindus). We tried to approach a group with a couple of words of knowledge that weren’t on, but then I got a strong word of knowledge for our waiter in my wrist. He had a wrist problem and we prayed and all the pain left – he said he was healed. He came back for another condition in his right arm (above the elbow). We prayed twice and all the pain left his arm too.

Another Nepali, who was translating for us, happened to be a backslidden Christian. He didn’t need any healing but I asked him to give me his hand and I would see if the Lord wanted to say something prophetically to him. When I grabbed his hand, I saw a picture of him leading worship and I asked about it. He had led worship on guitar when he was back in Nepal. I believe our whole reason for going into the restaurant was to actually meet this Christian man and remind him of his destiny in God.

Next we headed to another restaurant, and things there started pretty badly – I missed it with about 4 words of knowledge. I kept asking people and getting it wrong. Finally, I asked these two Arab Muslim men (from Jordan or Palestine) if they had one of two problems that needed healing and missed it again. When I explained what I wanted to do, one of them said, “I have a wrist problem”. He let me pray and after praying twice he said that all the pain had gone when he tried to do something he couldn’t do before without pain. He was rather shocked. Also while praying I got an accurate word about an eye problem, which he had. Perhaps the most significant thing was that I got a prophetic word that he was in the middle of some serious confusion, which he was.

Although I ended up missing a number of words, God was faithful and opened a door for ministry, gave some accurate words and brought healing to this skeptical man’s wrist. We've just got to keep swinging and we’ll get a hit!

Led by the Holy Spirit to the middle of nowhere to meet deaf Muslim man

Last night I experienced arguably the most unusual leading of the Holy Spirit in my life. As we prepared to go out, the Lord really came upon me strongly – both of my arms and hands were tingling with a strong sense of the Holy Spirit’s anointing. One of the words of knowledge the Lord gave was about a left ear problem.

As we headed out, Sojourner, an Ethiopian brother and myself teamed up and started heading to a hotel but started heading there in an indirect way. As we were driving past a large, empty, undeveloped dirt area the word of knowledge comes again for the left ear and I say to Sojourner, “turn off into this area because somebody is out there who has the problem with the left ear”.

As we began to pull off into the darkness, we saw two cars parked next to each other – I said to the others, “the person must be there”.

What happened next is probably the strangest God appointment I’ve ever had! Two Gulf Arab Muslim men were talking (each in their own car) and I approached them to ask who had a left ear problem. The shock and amazement on their faces was priceless. One of them had been deaf in his left ear since early childhood. Immediately, he related to me a strange thing that had happened four days earlier. As he was driving, a call came to his mobile and for the first time ever, he took the earpiece and put it into his deaf left ear. He was somehow connecting our “divine appointment” with the ‘prophetic act’ he had performed a few days before.

I shared quickly how I had seen two deaf ears open in the past couple of months. I just wanted to build their faith a bit. However, what they really wanted to know was HOW we could have possibly known that they were there in the middle of nowhere and that we knew that one of them had the left ear problem. They thought that we must have some special “device” that led us to them and identified the ear problem. Even though I explained it was the Holy Spirit who led us and explained a bit how He did that (through words of knowledge and some prophetic impressions) the guy with the ear actually got out of his car and searched both Sojourner and myself (like being searched by airport security) to make sure we didn’t have this so-called “device”. The last thing he thought was that our Ethiopian friend, who stayed in our car, was doing some kind of magic. It is always amazing to see the wild explanations that unbelievers come up with to try and explain the ministry of the Holy Spirit!

Anyway, these two Muslim men were “convinced” that we were there for some reason and we got to pray for the man’s ear. As I prayed, I sensed the presence of God strongly, however he felt nothing. Whereas we saw no difference in the ear last night, I assured this Gulf Arab man that God didn’t lead us to a remote area, show us that someone has an ear problem for nothing. He called me later in the evening on my mobile to ask, “How much longer will I wait for my deafness to go”?

I have never in my life been driving down a road and have the Holy Spirit tell me to turn off into the darkness and that I'll find a person who needs a miracle of healing. To be honest, there are times when it is easy to doubt and believe that a word of knowledge or an impression isn’t from God, but what happened last night was so God it really kind of scared me – can I say that? I walk away from that whole experience with a whole new sense of awe for God and His miraculous ways. And we are still waiting to see the deaf ear healed!!