July 25, 2008

deterioration in lungs STOPPED

Last summer, DJ and I prayed with a team for a woman who had a deteriorative lung condition.  There didn't seem to be a lot of hope.  She was very fearful and they didn't know what would happen.

As is often the case, we pray for people and don't always here what happened.

A few days ago while at church, the sister of the woman we prayed for "chased" me down  and said she hadn't been to our church since the time we prayed for her sister a year ago.  

She said with tears in her eyes, "since you guys prayed for my sister last year there has been no further deterioration in her lungs".

The deterioration stopped - may the restoration of what was lost be next!

prophetic picture at 35,000ft

This morning as I was on a flight reading a new book about Prophetic Evangelism, I was challenged by something the author said. Sometimes words of knowledge seem to come easily, but I wasn't getting anything. I had just spent a few days where I seemed to get very little in terms of prophetic words/insights even though I was around scores of lost people.

The author of this book was exhorting us to "wait" until the Lord speaks and not always expect revelation to come instantaneously. I often don't wait very long. Feeling convicted, I set my book down and I just closed my eyes and waited. The woman sitting next to me was my "prophetic target". I just asked the Lord to speak.

While waiting on him, I got a picture of of a table crashing down and all the stuff on it falling to the ground. I struck up a conversation with her and no sooner had we begun than she is telling me that her mother was just diagnosed with Leukemia. I told her that I was a pastor and that I had gotten a picture that I believed was for her. She said the picture fit the way she was feeling as the family was dealing with the cancer news.

I was then able to share with her a couple of testimonies of cancer recently being healed. I told her I had some good friends who live in the city where her mother lived, gave her my email and just encouraged her to consider having them come and lay hands on her mom.

We'll see what happens - I'm just glad I pressed pass my own discouragement and waited a bit longer...

July 23, 2008

Vision for Cashier Unredeemed

At the carnival, you can get prizes for tickets. In other words, you can redeem your tickets for a prize. Now, often the Lord will give us words of knowledge so we can redeem them for greater treasure-- the drawing of someone closer to Christ. However, this morning, I got a vision that was on, but went unredeemed. Let me explain.

We were going through the McDonald's drive-thru and now it is set up where the person who takes your order is the same person you pay, but not the same one that gives you your food. Now this limits the amount of time that you spend with each window. It also limits the conversation because while you're paying, the cashier is still taking other orders. Anyway, as we were waiting in line to pay, I asked the Lord what He had for the lady who we were about to pay. I quickly saw a vision of a lady with a baby and the word that the Lord was her provider and would care for her. So, in my unbelief, I was trying to think of ways to spin it: "Do you know someone who has had a baby and is in financial difficulty?, etc." As soon as we pulled up to the window, the cashier was pregnant and I noticed that she didn't have a wedding ring on. Couple that with the fact she was working at a fast food place, it paints a pretty clear picture. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk to her because she was already taking another order and couldn't hear me. Nonetheless, I felt the compassion of the Lord as we left and I prayed that the vision would be redeemed another way.

Cashier Word

I was paying at a fast food restaurant in a food court and I got a word for a knee. I asked the cashier if he had problems with his left knee or maybe his right. He said no at first and then went on to say that they ached and wanted to know how I knew. I asked him if he would let me pray for him right there and that God would heal them. He agreed and I prayed then asked him to check it out. He started moving his legs and laughing in disbelief. He said to let him wait a few minutes to make sure I wasn't messing with his mind. As I left the mall, I went by the same place and motioned to him. He smiled and nodded his head.

All of this took less than 2 minutes. Do we have the time for healing?

July 21, 2008

word of knowledge in airport for cancer (part 1)

While walking into an airport shop, I got a clear word of knowledge for a problem in the throat on the left side. I asked the woman working there and a customer if that meant anything to them. The woman said that her father had a tumor in that very spot. I shared with her a couple of testimonies of cancer being healed. She was willing to give me her father's number and we will now follow up this man on the phone.

Why would God show me that? Because He HATES cancer and loves to destroy it. Sometimes we just need to keep these things simple.

I'll give a follow-up after we have contacted this man and prayed for him.