September 23, 2012

long distance word of knowledge & healing (2500 miles apart)

This morning I was Skype chatting from here in the Middle East with a buddy who had been stranded in the Nairobi airport.  I began to "see" someone he was supposed to minister to.  I wrote to him,

Telling him that "I "saw" a guy cleaner in the airport that has some lower back pain (right side) - I see him wearing a blue uniform. [He] might have mop with him and one of those rolling mob/water things."

He writes back, "I might know of just the guy, I just gave him some money. I'll go back and ask about the back pain."

Then I get this message, "Hey DJ, as i was one my way to my gate i found your boy... he was bent over wiping the walls near the floor with a wrag wearing a blue worker suit. I told him that I was a healer, at first he didn't understand then another guy helped me and sure enough - he had back pain. Put my hand on his back and immediately I felt his back start heating up. A 20 secound prayer and he was all good!!! thanks for the WOK!!!"

Cleaner in Blue suit – back pain – healed – 2500 miles apart.  Sounds like the Kingdom to me!