May 22, 2009

arm healed after woman responds to word of knowledge

during worship this morning, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a problem in the upper right arm (not the bicep, but close to it). I called it out at the end of the service and a first-time visitor to the Church comes up to me to say she had fallen and that she had pain in the same place in her right arm. She was probably in her 70's.

We prayed once and it got about 30% better. We prayed again and it jumped up about 30% more. We prayed a 3rd time and at the end she said, "now it's MUCH better". She had had limited mobility in the arm and by the end she was moving it all around without pain. I don't know if it was 100% healed when we were done, but I told her to check with me the following week so we could see what the end result was.

hearing loss restored

a couple of weeks a couple brought me their daughter who had a 3 year wrist condition, I had gotten a word of knowledge which I wrote down before they came for a wrist problem and she was healed. (see blog post). I had also prayed for the father's hearing loss. He was losing range in his hearing and so we prayed that God would restore it completely. As I was relaying the testimony of his daughter again to the pastor of the Church, he mentioned that the man's healing had been totally restored and that he was hearing all sorts of things he couldn't hear before.

there also happens to be another woman in this Church who has lost a significant part of her hearing (it's hereditary and she wears hearing aids). Both my wife and I have prayed for this woman at different times and until now, no breakthroughs. However, the idea the Lord gave me was to have the guy whose hearing was restored pray for this woman. we are setting it up, but it should happen next week. keep you posted!

May 20, 2009

gulf arab muslim "sees" the Kingdom in demonstration

the other night, Texas Ranger and I headed out to visit some old muslim friends. our first stop was uneventful, but it was good to reconnect with some guys I hadn't seen in over 10 years. I told them that when I visited them next week (they meet together once a week) that I wanted to give them "treatment" for any who have pain or who are sick. I am quite sure we'll have some stories to post next week.

after that we went to visit another Gulf Arab friend who may be one of the most unique guys we've ever met - he's a bedouin, which generally means he'd be more conservative - not this friend! basically he is a socialist/communist who knows that the religion of his forefathers is completely false. he asked us if we knew that the prophet of islam has 53 wives! I had heard as many as 23, but he dropped 20 extra on us. however, just because our friend is unconvinced about islam, which is an important step towards Christ, he is also completely secular and is as skeptical of supernatural stuff as any westerner would be.

I told him some testimonies and he needed a miracle in his left eye. he'd lost almost all of the vision and so we had a chance to pray. we got to pray a couple of times and just ask the Holy Spirit to come and touch him. of course we ALWAYS pray for more than just a physical healing - we prayed he'd have an encounter with God, that he would have dreams and visions and basically FEEL God's Presence.

As far as we could tell, after praying for him his eye condition hadn't changed, but he said he felt more peaceful and relaxed. I told him I wanted him to call me the next day because I was expecting a change in the eye (note: I just don't believe that Spirit-filled Christians can ever lay hands on an unbeliever and nothing happens!).

However, to be honest, I was just not satisfied. He hadn't "seen" the Kingdom. Jesus was so clear - if He didn't do "the works of the Father", people were free NOT to believe Him. if we who follow Christ, do not also demonstrate God's Kingdom in POWER, then we too shouldn't expect people to believe our words. As Jack Deere asks, "if miracles were needed in the physical presence of the Son of God on earth, HOW MUCH MORE are they needed in His physical absence"?

At this point, I asked the Filipino maids if either of them needed healing. One of them had been having a problem with kidney pain. It was hurting at that very time. She came over and let me pray. I prayed once - the pain decreased. I prayed twice - it decreased more. After the third time, ALL the pain had gone.

Our Gulf Arab friend had just "seen" the Kingdom come in His house - he even said to her, "now you won't need surgery"!

Obviously our friend is still needing to have his own personal visitation and touch from the Lord. That is what I will be contending for with him now.

May 17, 2009

"power spilling" at a Middle Eastern mall

yesterday my son and a friend headed out to a local mall to do some "power spilling". you never know what will happen, but we knew it was going to be a good time when literally 30 seconds after leaving our car in the parking lot, a word of knowledge comes to me for the guy walking towards us - a Pakstani muslim. we stopped him and asked if he had a neck problem. he did - we prayed for him. it got better. we prayed again. he was healed. I told him as we parted that "Jesus loves you".

a few minutes later as we walked into the mall, another word of knowledge came for a back problem. there were two security guards, both Nepali hindus - a man and a woman. I asked which one of them had the problem. language was a problem so I pointed to the exact spot where the Lord has shown me, and it was for the woman. we prayed for her. don't really know what happened because they didn't understand us well enough to tell us what had happened.

right after that, I ask a Filipino woman employee if she had an arm problem after I thought I had gotten another word - it was a wrong word, but she said she had a foot problem. her foot was bandaged, she had sprained it the day before. I had my son kneel down and pray quickly - she was quite nervous at this point. she said it "felt better". we told her we would follow up with her before we left the mall. as we were leaving, we came back and I this time I asked her manager, an Arab muslim man, if we could help her. I told him we only needed 5 minutes. he said, "take 15 minutes if you need it". she came with us to a place where she could sit down. I got to lay hands on her foot and we prayed once - she felt something happening and then she got up to test it out. It was considerably better. we prayed a 2nd time. this time I felt something happen and when she checked it out, there was no pain. she was completely healed. I encouraged her to give testimony in her Church as to what Jesus did for her!

a while later we were in a nut shop. I got a couple of words of knowledge (for a headache and a wrist problem), but we waited because the two employees were serving other customers in this small shop. I asked my friend to see if the Lord would give him any words of knowledge. a minute later he said, "left ear". I said that I had gotten some different ones but would ask the Lord for confirmation. sure enough I got the same word for a left ear problem and when we asked the 1st employee he said, "no we don't have that problem". I asked if the other employee, an Egyptian muslim man, had that particular problem and to both their surprise, he did. They wanted to know how we knew and so I told him that God has revealed it and wanted to heal him. My friend prayed for the man and I told him it wasn't going to be a problem any more. Then I asked him if he had a wrist problem (one of my original words) and he pointed to his friend who had that problem. we then got to pray for him.

we had a few other encounters with people - one guy was scared when the word of knowledge was accurate and wouldn't let us pray (a Gulf Arab muslim man), and other words we gave weren't right. we left so encouraged though just to have seen God work and reveal things we couldn't know (words of knowledge) and do things we couldn't do (heal people). not a bad day of shopping - btw, I bought some macadamia nuts in the nut shop. they were awesome!!!