March 31, 2007

Pakistani woman receives more healing as she hears the Gospel

Last week we posted two testimonies about a Pakistani woman who was touched by the Lord. She had turned to an occult healer before and received a measure of healing when we prayed for her last week.

At a meeting last night, she was brought by her son for more prayer. The Lord again showed Himself strong to this Muslim woman and left the meeting with little to no pain in both her knees and ankles. I saw her walk out of the meeting much differently than she walked in.

What became clear as she was being prayed for is that the direct source of her pain is demonic. Desert Princess shared boldly with her about having a friendship with Jesus. She explained how His Death and Resurrection made that friendship possible.

We heard back today that some of the pain is again returning to her body that was all but gone last night. Unless this woman really turns to Christ and is filled with the Holy Spirit, we will not see her problems leave and not come back.

March 28, 2007

they came and were healed & one was 'shaken'

In a renewal meeting a few nights ago, I was praying for the sick and a man came to me - as he was approaching I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem. He was rather surprised because that was why he was coming forward. His neck had been bothering him for quite some time. We prayed and God completely healed his neck.

A woman came to me after that who had pain in both of her knees. I prayed once and we saw about 30% improvement. I explained that 30% didn't meet "Kingdom Standards" and so we prayed again. After the 2nd prayer time, all the pain was gone. We had reached God's standard!!

Finally, a man battling with homosexuality approached me for prayer - he wanted deliverance and to be free from that lifestyle. As I prayed, the Holy Spirit began to shake him from within - he testified to something deep within him being shaken. Even after I took my hands off of him, the shaking continued. I don't know what it looks like (or feels like) when God sets a person free from homosexuality - but shaking deep within sounds pretty good to me! Of course, we will have to hear what happens in the coming weeks and months before we could say he is free - but if God is going to "shake everything that can be shaken", I guess homosexuality will be shaken too!

What modern medicine and magic couldn’t do, God could!

Sojourner related this story in some detail, but I wanted to share my own thoughts as well about this encounter. I was initially quite amazed that a Gulf Arab Muslim wanted to come and join in our time of worship as Christians. I knew God must have something very special for this man. Right in the middle of a teaching time, Sojourner asked if I could come into the kitchen to answer some questions that this Muslim man had. Basically his questions were related to the much bigger problem of evil in the world – a philosophical question that Islam has a very poor answer for.

While we were talking, I received a word of knowledge for a problem in the lower right abdomen. I knew he had some health problems, but I didn’t really know what they were. He looked rather surprised because that was exactly where he had had a couple of surgeries and had even seen an Islamic folk healer who had performed a horrendous treatment wherein he was badly burned and scarred. A bit later, I also got a word of knowledge about a problem in his left shoulder area, which he also had. We turned to prayer.

As I prayed, I could sense the Lord’s presence in a powerful way and I knew that the Kingdom was coming on this man. I asked him what he was feeling in the affected areas, and he testified that there was definitely something happening. When we finished, he testified that the pain in his abdomen was completely gone – at the time, I had been led to believe the shoulder pain was gone as well. He looked at Sojourner at that point and asked why he hadn’t told him before that Christians could heal the sick.

We came out of the kitchen to interrupt the other 20+ people who were in the meeting and this man testified to the healing that the Lord had just done. He explained that he had spent more than $50,000 on the most advanced diagnostic procedures and surgeries with Western specialists – nothing happened and they couldn’t determine what was causing the problem. In desperation he had turned to an Islamic folk treatment, which did nothing but scar his body. Last week, he was able to get an appointment with the GREAT PHYSICIAN who was willing and able to help this desperate man.

and the Lord reveals to us a name!

A few days ago Isaac of N. and I were meeting with a young new Gulf Arab believer from a Muslim background. We were talking about God’s power and the miraculous things that the Holy Spirit does. He had really only ‘heard’ about such things, but hadn’t seen it personally. While discussing these matters, he told us that his family had given him a ‘nickname’. Isaac and I threw out a couple of guesses, but then I said, “Why don’t we ask the Holy Spirit and see if He will tell us”? I bowed my head for a moment and I turned my thoughts towards the Lord and a name popped into my mind. When I uttered the name, a look of shock came over the new believer’s face. The Lord had revealed the name and this young disciple got to see God’s power instead of hearing about.

March 27, 2007

The Magic Man

Last night, two friends and I visited a family where the uncle had an ongoing alcohol problem. In fact, he had had this problem over 20 years. One could sense the hopelessness that pervaded his family. We, as carriers of Christ's presence, were his last hope. I wish I could say that we left that house that night with a victory over such an addiction, but we didn't. We were able to pray for this man and bless him. We will see what comes of it later on, but we must still contend for this man. The greater a person's destiny, the greater Satan seeks to destroy him/her.

On a more positive note, we were able to pray and prophesy over the nephew. I had also written down a word of knowledge for a left knee, so I asked him if his knee was hurting. He replied that it only really hurt when he ran on it and that he would know more today (then, tomorrow.) I am rejoicing that today he called Sojourner and said, "My knee is much better. Your friend is a magic man."

Praise Jesus, the Healer.

Anybody Can Do the Stuff!

About two weeks ago, two friends and I were taking a God walk. We had prayed beforehand and received lots of words about what the Lord wanted to do and where he wanted to do it. We ultimately ended up in one place and right off the bat we started giving words to the people that we encountered. A few of them looked at us suspiciously and others allowed us to pray for them. But by 10:30 or so, we hadn't really seen a lot of breakthrough/breathtaking things. I was feeling a little discouraged when we decided to break for some tea. One of my friends is from Africa and I really wanted him to be able to go back with some good testimonies about how good God is. So, I encouraged our little group with, "Nothing much happens before 11 anyway," and we went on our way to another part of the area.

As we went, we reviewed the words that we had received and had written down. We then stopped at a place to grab a bite to eat and as we were standing there this guy with a broken right arm comes up to the counter and plops his arm down. I didn't even notice it! My friend leaned over and says, "Don't we have a broken right arm written down on our list?" So, we turned to the man and told him, "Do you want to hear something really crazy?" He agreed so I told him that we had been led by God to come to the area and pray for a man with a broken right arm. At first, he didn't believe it, preferring to think it referred to someone else, but later on, he allowed us to pray for him.

We sat down and my friends and I started praying for this guy. After a moment or two, we asked him to move his fingers, which he did and added, "But I could do that before." So, we asked him to move his arm. He began twisting it side to side and halfway through the rotation, his jaw dropped and face froze: there wasn't any more pain.

Just before heading to bed that night, my friend said, "I'll never forget the look on that guy's face when his arm didn't hurt."

That's normal Christianity and going back to anything else is not an option.