November 02, 2006

Nepali men "tasting" of the Kingdom

Two months ago, Isaac of Ninevah had a dream. As is his habit, he wrote it down and forgot about it. It wasn’t until one of our new Nepali friends had almost exactly the same dream that its significance became clear to us.

In Isaac’s dream, he was being chased and was shot by a gun. Our Nepali friend also was being chased in his dream, but escaped unhurt.

What makes the Nepali’s dream interesting is that we had prophesied to him that he would have a dream the first night we met them. I had initially said the dream would come to him within a week, but then felt impressed to change that to “within two weeks”. Sure enough, on about the 9th or 10th day he had this dream.

We met with 3 Nepalis the other night to discuss the significance of his dream. I told him that Isaac represented Jesus, who “took a bullet” and he “was rescued” in his dream and didn’t have to die. This Nepali Hindu has the New Testament in his own language that Isaac gave him.

God has so many weapons that He uses – first it was words of knowledge and healing for these Nepalis, then it was some prophetic words and then a dream. After the dream, we were able to interpret his dream.

Also the other night, God continued to release words of knowledge while we were with these men. While sitting there, I got a word for a left ear. One of them had a problem and we prayed for it. Another strong word came about a problem in the upper middle back. The 3rd guy had this problem. We prayed and he was healed.

One day the Lord opens the door amongst Muslims, then He brings Hindus and even last week we got to minister to Buddhists. Although these people don’t have a lot in common the means by which the Lord is touching their lives is much the same – through healing, through dreams and the prophetic gifts He is showing them that all power, all honor and all glory belongs to Him as He is establishing His Kingdom amongst the peoples of the earth.

October 30, 2006

Malaysian Miracles

On a trip to Malaysia, we saw God move in power on several different occasions.

While eating one night in a Chinese restaurant, I walked past a waiter and got a word of knowledge for a jaw. I inquired and the waiter in fact had a problem with his jaw. I prayed for him and he was healed.

On another day we were visiting a prayer retreat center and the Lord gave us a number of prophetic words and other words of knowledge for healing while there. While sitting around a table, the Lord just began to give us revelation for the people sitting around us. One word of knowledge was for an upper arm and shoulder problem. One lady had this problem and we prayed for her and she was healed. That night I saw her at a revival meeting and she was waving her hand at me indicating that everything was fine - It is always great to hear that someone stays healed!

A couple of other words and prophetic pictures were given around the table that afternoon. After that, as we were touring around the prayer retreat center I got a word of knowledge for someone with a neck problem. Neither of the two giving us the tour had a problem, but one noticed that I got the word just as we were passing one of the caretakers living quarters. She said, that the person living there has a neck problem. That was a first for me - to get a word for someone as I passed their residence when they weren't home. More Lord.

Finally, one afternoon we walked into a beauty salon and as we were about to leave, I got a word about an arm problem. I asked one of the two ladies working there if they had that problem and one did. She was Buddhist. We prayed for her and she was healed.

As we tried to leave, I got another word of knowledge for a lower back. She also had that problem. We prayed again and she was healed of that too.

We tried to leave again and I got another word for a forearm. This was for the other woman (God doesn't leave anybody out). We prayed for her and she was healed.

Finally, she asked if we would pray for her back too. We prayed yet again and she said that it felt fine.