July 28, 2012

Divine appointment with agnostic Scientist

over the past couple of months, I have immersed myself in the most recent developments in Cosmology and Astrophysics as it relates to creation and the existence of God (don't ask why, but this is what I have been doing).  so should it surprise me that I run into a Cosmologist/Research Scientist and begin talking to him about a "testable creation model" that is being worked on by one of the world's leading (and most brilliant) Apologists, Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe, and his research team.  To my astonishment, this man had some exposure to Christian arguments for the existence of God and the theistic implications of Big Bang Cosmology (sorry if this is getting technical).  This guy was way smarter than I am and so it wasn't about trying to impress him with my limited, layman's understanding. Rather I offered to pray for him for some pain he had - he was willing to let me.  Don't know if anything really changed, BUT I asked him if he would honestly assess the model that Dr. Ross and his team are developing and he AGREED!  I'll bet this guy becomes a Christ follower in a matter of days once he begins to interact with Astrophysicist Ross and the others.

What a divine appointment!  I considered the entire interaction miraculous!

word of knowledge for woodworker = miracle

while walking by some stalls, I was drawn to one where a woodworker was selling his creations (mostly salad tongs and kitchen stuff).  I have always been impressed by those who can work with wood!  as I spoke with him, I got a word of knowledge for a hand and wrist condition.  i took the risk and asked him if his hand/wrist hurt - it did and rather than asking him if I could pray, I simply asked him to put his other hand on it as I said, "watch this!"  all the pain left as we prayed for him in Jesus' Name.  this new age influenced man has a lot to think about.  namely that no new agers have ever come up to him and revealed his pain - much less heal it!

healing at Voodoo Donuts

in Portland, everybody knows Voodoo Donuts and since I kept hearing about it, I wanted to go there for 1) donuts and 2) to see a miracle.  not bad motivations.

since the line was so long, we decided to approach a woman and her adult daughter who had a large pink box (Voodoo's signature) of their donuts about 50 yards from Voodoo's front door.

I offered healing to these women - we identified ourselves as followers of Christ.  One of them had a long-term knee problem.  The woman laid her hands on her affected knee and as I released God's Kingdom in Jesus' Name, the Lord began to touch her.  After a short prayer, she got up to test it out - and guess what?  All pain gone!  Guess who they wanted to talk about??

highly recommended - approach strangers, in Jesus' Name destroy any pain they might have and watch who is interested to talk about the Man who heals "all manners of sickness and disease".

healing DURING a Hare Krishna worship service - seriously!

in the Pacific Northwest, you will see EVERYTHING.  on a Saturday afternoon we came upon a full-blown Hare Krishna worship service - an altar, sacrifices of food before images (including two deified Yogis) and a group of about 15 or so devotees chanting expressions of worship to Krishna!  just seemed like the kind of place that Jesus would want to invade with His power and goodness.

we walked up to one of the western converts and I told her I was "a healer" and asked if she needed any healing.  she said she was good from head to toe (I doubt it, but oh well).  Anyway, an Indian woman came up offering me a banana, and as I politely declined, I told her that I was a healer and asked if she had any pain.  she had neck and shoulder pain.  I instructed her to put her own hand on the affected area - I prayed clearly in the Name of the Lord Jesus and guess what?  Yes, SHE WAS HEALED!  I just love the fact that Jesus invaded a worship service of a false god!!!

I think an Indian Hare Krishna follower is currently assessing her worship options!!!  pray for her.

homeless teenager's feet healed

walked up to a young homeless couple and asked if they had any pain that they didn't want anymore.  the girl said she had pain in the hips.  I told her I was "a healer" and she put her hands on her hips and I prayed in the Name of Jesus.  since she wouldn't know if it was healed until she had checked it out over the course of a couple of days, I asked if she had any other pain.  she had her feet bandaged and told us her feet were hurting and so she let me pray again.  after a short prayer, she began using the most expletive language I have ever heard! (can't repeat it).  she was shocked as all the pain left!  we left them with a whole new perspective on what Christ will do as He loves on people!