July 29, 2012

a healing that reveals how radical grace truly is

while waiting to head back out with a new group, I noticed a young man (early 20's) who was standing nearby.  I got a word of knowledge that he had a problem in his hand/fingers.  I approached him with my "strange question" and sure enough his hand/fingers were injured.  he appeared very nervous and apologized as he was waiting for the police to come.  then I discover how he was injured - he was a mixed martial arts fighter and had just assaulted a man!  he was about to be arrested for assault by the police as soon as they arrived.  so then I waded into the water.  I told him that in spite of what had just happened, I believed God wanted to heal him right then and there.  he was willing to let me pray and sure enough the Lord healed this man.  I was reminded of the Scripture, "that God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  This man had just committed a crime and Jesus reached out and healed him!  Powerful stuff.  This man was a backslidden Christian and I am sure that this encounter was something that was going to bring him back as it's "God's kindness that leads us to repentance".

God is just way kinder than I ever imagined!

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