July 29, 2012

Me - "I want to see a miracle in the Timberline Lodge" - Jesus - "Done"

for some crazy reason, I just wanted to see a miracle happen in the Timberline Lodge - it was the hotel featured in the classic horror film The Shining.  So after skiing, we walked into the hotel and asked to see the manager.  We found the man in charge and I told him what was in my heart to see and asked if he could help us.  He said, "I just came from the hospital; I have strep throat and you can start with me".  Wow!!!  We go back into his office and ask him to put his hand on his throat.  We pray a quick prayer releasing the power of Jesus and after saying "Amen", I ask if he can go and drink some water to test it out.  He says he doesn't need to - it was already healed!!!  I guess it hurt even when he wasn't drinking.  We found out he was a believer - and I am sure that his testimony was going to spread all throughout his hotel.  God is good and gives us what our heart desires!

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