July 29, 2012

"common sense" words of knowledge

"common sense" words of knowledge is a term I just made up - kind of like the way we've been talking about "visual words of knowledge" for years now (when someone has a cast or a bandage that is visible).  I often will ask guys who drive taxis if they have back problems or others whose employment/hobby/sport might lead to a particular type of pain/injury (just ask skateboarders if they have any pain).  anyway, I went up to a security guard who spends all day on his feet if he had any pain ("common sense" for his job) that he might want to get rid of.  I'm not sure how I introduced myself (sometimes I mention that I'm a pastor) but anyway, this guy had a knee problem and was willing to let us pray.  he laid hands on his own knee and we prayed in Jesus' Name - he was healed and as you can imagine quite thankful for the encounter.  we saw him hours later and guess what?  he was still pain free and doing well.

pretty much anybody who spends all day on their feet (like nurses and some security guards) or who drive vehicles for a living (taxis, police officers, drivers) will have some kind of pain - go in with a "common sense" word of knowledge!  ask and see.  Guess who will back you up if you get a chance to pray??  

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