July 28, 2012

healing at Voodoo Donuts

in Portland, everybody knows Voodoo Donuts and since I kept hearing about it, I wanted to go there for 1) donuts and 2) to see a miracle.  not bad motivations.

since the line was so long, we decided to approach a woman and her adult daughter who had a large pink box (Voodoo's signature) of their donuts about 50 yards from Voodoo's front door.

I offered healing to these women - we identified ourselves as followers of Christ.  One of them had a long-term knee problem.  The woman laid her hands on her affected knee and as I released God's Kingdom in Jesus' Name, the Lord began to touch her.  After a short prayer, she got up to test it out - and guess what?  All pain gone!  Guess who they wanted to talk about??

highly recommended - approach strangers, in Jesus' Name destroy any pain they might have and watch who is interested to talk about the Man who heals "all manners of sickness and disease".

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